Where to get the best stock research?


These days many people have started to invest in stocks. Stock is one of the most simple methods to double your wealth if the investment is done correctly. Thus one needs to have good and accurate information about all stocks before investing.

For the best advice related to stocks, one must refer to the stock research websites which full information about almost all stocks. The information provided on these websites is reliable and correct.

Here are some of the best stock research websites:-

1.Yahoo finance


For all the seasoned investors out there, Yahoo finances the most trusted websites which provide full. information about stocks. The information is easily accessible and it can be used by everyone. The platform is a great source for stores who want to get full financial news. The websites also provide the option of premium subscriptions through which you will get expert advice, trading ideas, and other premium features.

Advantages of using the yahoo finance website are:-

  • The website can be easily accessible through a mobile phone browser.
  • Almost all the features are available at free cost and with zero subscriptions.

2.The Motley fool

This is among one of the best websites which provide the best information about stocks. The website is providing information about the stocks since the year 1933. This is a very well-known website for advice related to stocks, expert advice, and other stock-related news.

Advantages of using the Motely Fool website are:-

  • Has premium features related to information about the stock market and also a 30-day day money-back guarantee if you do not benefit from the expert advice


Money control is the most well-known stock research site among Indian Stock Investors. Data like the price of commercial shares, patterns, products, monetary forms, common assets, individual financing and IPOs, and so on can be found on this famous website. If you wish to get the nio stock forecast, download the Moneycontrol application now.

Money control is a one-stop arrangement This site makes accessible all the crucial and specialized information of the organization. Indeed, the site catches every one of the fundamental parts of the offer market. Money control application works on all stages like Android, IOS, and windows.

Advantages of using money control website are:-

  • Easy tracking of investments
  • Accessibility of website through android, Ios, and windows.

4. Economic times 

Economic times are among one of the well-known websites which are very popular among people interested in finance and investors. It is one of the oldest websites which provide information about stocks, and other news about different shares.

Different charts, e-portfolio are also available on the website which can be very helpful for the investors and companies as well. 

Advantages of Economic times application

  • Provides expert advice for regular investors.
  • Easy installation and smooth user interface.

5. Seeking alpha

This is another substance-rich website for a wide range of financial investors. Beginning as a giver fueled local area, Seeking Alpha changed into that gives solid and top to bottom news about the stock market and other related information. It has content for those that are new to the stock market world and other lots of its great stuff for the investors.

Advantages of Seeking Alpha

  • Best website for investors who are new to investing in a stock.
  • No extra charge or any kind of payment.


These were some of the websites which you can refer to for the best stock research work. Before you start to invest, it can be a good idea if you get good knowledge about the stocks so that you can invest wisely.

The best trading strategies every trader should know

Like other small or big businesses, successful trading requires lots of strategies and planning in the backend. We would look at the best trading strategies that every trader should know to get fruitful results on this page. 

When trading in the stock market, you might have seen many styles of traders. Your success from one style may not work for someone else’s success.

So, you must come up with your trading strategy. If you need any help in developing your trading strategy, do not hesitate to log on to cfdeksperten.no.

Here, we would like to mention the 6 most common trading strategies that you can use to test your trading techniques:

stock market

Trading as per news and market expectations: Trading as per news and market expectations before and during news releases is one of the common trading strategies used these days. Stock market news travel, a big thanks to social media. You need to develop a skilled mindset to find out the difference between genuine and fake news. Treat each news and market rumors individually and take action accordingly. Every day, we see so much news that can generate ample trading opportunities. So, you need to keep your eyes and ears open. 

  1. EOD Trading strategy

Most smart traders wait for the end of the day (EOD) for the market to settle down before closure for the day. This strategy may require less time but need lots of techniques to win the race. This trick works for most beginners, and they don’t end up investing much money. 

  1. Buy or sell strategy

Most traders buy a security when it is expected that the market will rise. Likewise, they sell a security when they predict that the market is expected to fall. Again, this strategy needs skills and thorough knowledge of the market trend. The trader must be active all the time and aware of the situation when the market will rise or fall. 

  1. Day Trading

Day Trading is one of the best for traders who invest in securities one time in a day or multiple times in the same day. Most day traders take advantage of times when the market opens or closes. They can invest in multiple securities in a day but have to close their action the same day. It is advised that day traders check the market 24×7, stay alert, and adapt to fast-changing market values. Some traders prefer day trading because there is no overnight risk.

  1. Trend Trading Strategy

As the name suggests, traders study the technical trend and enter the trader market following the pre-analyzed trend only. Traders following trend trading do not have their fixed point of view. They analyze the market trend and follow it. However, it is quite difficult to follow a trend. The market changes at a faster pace. Traders need to keep an eye on the market at the time. There are tools like equities, currencies, treasuries, and commodities to help traders study the trend. 

  1. Scalping-small winning strategy

Scalping refers to getting small profits from each trade and accumulating small profits to make big. Scalpers operate in a 1:1 risk/reward ratio. They may not be able to make huge money, but they feel contented with small profits. There is less risk in this strategy as scalpers do not wait overnight. They try to close their offer within a few minutes only.

Successful traders keep track of their profits and losses to maintain their balance across all trades. Consult our professionals Copytrade that could help you to build your trading strategy. 

Following These Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

As you make your financial plans, you have to factor in the place of a good credit score. You can have an excellent credit score, a good credit score, a bad credit score, or a poor credit score. You can either move up or down this credit score ratings depending on the knowledge you have. Whether you work as a private individual or a corporate body, there are several opportunities that you can leverage to increase your credit score.

If you are here to find out ways to improve your credit score, then you are in the right place. At Velocifin, we work to help our clients improve their credit score and stand a better chance at improving their credit score. In this article, we shall be providing you with helpful tips that can help you improve your credit score from a bad one to an excellent one.


Source: Bank of the Lowcountry

  1. Determine What Your Credit Score Is

You cannot work on improving your credit score if you don’t know what your credit report is. Request for a copy of your credit report and carefully analyze it. If you are a beginner at this, you may need to seek the services of a professional to help you analyze the report and ensure the figures are correct. Your credit report lets you know what your credit score is and if you need to take steps to improve it.

  1. Find Out If There Are Any Errors

Do not just look at your credit report for the credit score alone, also check to see if there are any errors with the information provided it. Errors can harm your credit score and limit your access to loans and other services. Where an error is detected in your credit report that affects your credit score, take steps to immediately report such error. Not reporting this error on time can affect its correction and make it take longer time than expected.

  1. Do Not Make New Credit Card Purchases

Credit utilization is very important in improving your credit score. You have to take steps to drastically reduce your credit utilization rate. A high credit utilization rate negatively affects your credit score while a low credit utilization rate improves your credit score. While it may be difficult to do away with credit card purchases in its entirety, you must take reasonable steps to limit it as much as you can. Always refer back to your credit score to determine the current state of your credit utilization rate. This will help you know whether or not it is safe to make new credit card purchases.

  1. Offset Your Debts

You cannot improve your credit score by accumulating more debts. The more debts you accumulate, the more it becomes difficult for you to pay up the debts at the specified time. Instead of taking more debts, you should work towards offsetting your existing debts. The more you can offset your debts, the faster you can improve your credit score. When lenders look at your credit score and see how well you offset debts, it gives them confidence in your ability to pay your loan back if granted one.

  1. Do Not Apply For New Credit Cards

When you are working to improve your credit score, you are in a credit repair mode and you shouldn’t be applying for new credit at that point. Lenders always perform a hard inquiry on your credit report when you apply for new credit cards. Hard inquiry causes a review of your credit report and can harm your overall credit score. The number of accounts you have to your name and the number of hard inquiries that have been conducted on your account make up a percentage of your credit score.

  1. Talk To a Professional

Many individuals find it difficult to improve their credit score because they want to do it alone. With the right understanding, you can improve your credit score yourself. However, what happens if after you do all you know to do the results aren’t forthcoming? There is no point being hard on yourself trying to do this when you can speak to a professional.

Seeking professional help to improve your credit score makes the process faster and better. You will not only be guided on what to do, but you will also know what to avoid. At Velocifin, we have a team of professionals who can provide you with the best advice and guide to improving your credit score.

  1. Speak To Your Creditors

Your creditors can be of tremendous help to you at improving your credit score. They do not always seem like the best option, but some of them have temporary programs that you can subscribe too. If there is a possibility of missing a payment, you can discuss with your creditors to reach an agreement on making progress. These agreements can help you sort out outstanding balances and improve your credit score.

  1. You Need To Exercise Patience

Improving your credit score might take a lot of time even if you have engaged all the helpful tips you know. With all of these, patience is also very important to calculate and increase your credit rating. You will have to monitor your credit report every week and month to be sure the changes you are making is reflecting on the report. Do not just exercise patience on your report, you should also stay consistent at paying your debts, avoiding new credit cards application, and keeping unused cards open.

You should be in a constant state of repairing your credit score and proving to lenders that you can pay back loans if your application is granted. This is not a one-time activity but a process that involves a mix of activities many of which have come as tips above. Some of these tips might not immediately improve your credit score to the tune you want it to get to. You will have to exercise a lot of patience and keep engaging these tips because sooner or later, they will yield positive effects.

5 Factors That Affect Your Credit Scores

Many people feel that they need an advanced degree to analyze and maintain their credit scores. Well, the true fact is that the process is actually very simple. 

It is important to mention that the credit score usually falls somewhere between 300 to 850. But the account holder does not just need to play with the numbers for credit score. According to the Velocifin, there are a few other factors that demand your attention to calculate and improve your credit score. This score is used by lenders to know whether you will be able to pay back the debt on time or not. That is why it is considered as a deciding factor to get a loan for your new house or vehicle. 

Factors that affect your credit score:

If you are also interested in making a big investment with the help of a loan, it is good to understand the factors that affect your credit score. This knowledge may also give you a better opportunity to improve this score with time. 

Here we have listed the five most common factors that are directly linked to your credit score:

Payment history: 

The first important ingredient of your credit score is your payment history. Note that even one missed payment can have a negative impact on the credit score. Lenders are always interested in giving loans to one who can pay it back on time. That is why they consider your payment history before accepting the loan application. The payment history holds 35% accountability in the FICO score used by lenders. 

Credit utilization:

The credit utilization ratio is counted by dividing the revolving credit currently in use with the total revolving credit limits. This ratio helps lenders know about the credit that you are utilizing and give an idea about how reliant you are for the available non-cash funds. Credit utilization makes up 30% of the FICO score, and if you are using more than 30% of the available credits, it gives a negative indication to the creditors. 

Credit history length:

The credit history length makes up 15% of the portfolio. It gives information about the tenure of your oldest credit account, the age of the newest credit account and the average age of all the credit accounts. Longer credit history usually leads to a higher credit score. 

Credit mix:

People that have top credit scores are more likely to carry diverse credit account portfolios. It may include their mortgage loan, student loan, credit card and car loan etc. The credit mix presents a report on how well you are managing a wide range of credit products linked to your account. It accounts for 10% of the total FICO score. 

New credit:

The history of credit accounts that are recently opened and the number of hard enquiries made by you while applying for new credit accounts for remaining 10% of the FICO score. If you make too many inquiries, it may lead to higher risk and can hurt the credit score by a considerable level. 

Now you have gone through the detailed information on what affects your credit scores.  

The Best Trading Strategies on The Crypto Market

Are you worried about the plummeting prices and volatility of the crypto market? Well, such unpredictable times come in the investment sector repeatedly. The sad fact is that media often attract public attention towards negatives associated with this scenario. But only experienced investors know how to find out the great opportunities.

Studies reveal that many people lose money during a cryptocurrency crash just because they get panic about it. But those who stay stabilized with their powerful investment strategies can make considerable profits during such tough times as well.

Crypto Market

Here we are going to talk about some of the most trustworthy and reliable crypto market trading strategies that can boost your profits even during tough phases:

  1. Holding:

The strategy shows profits in the long run. The idea is quite simple; the investors can buy their desired cryptocurrency and hold it until the price goes higher than the amount on which they purchased it.

In order to ensure maximum profits with this strategy, one needs to study the market more carefully. It is important to do an in-depth analysis of currencies and choose the one that has a low price at the present time and is expected to grow. Invest in this currency and then be patient to wait for the growth.

It may be harder to maintain patience, especially when the currency shows sharp falls in the market. But you need to wait until the currency recovers all the falls and achieves a peak point to generate profits for your investment. For this, you must have deep knowledge about crypto signals as they can guide your decisions very well.

  1. Develop a crypto portfolio:

This strategy is inspired by the concept of balanced trading. It means the investor allocates his assets to a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Reports say that there are many cases in the market when some currencies can recover the falls made by other currencies. For example, the behavior of altcoins and bitcoins is like this. Some of the most important coins that can help you develop a solid strategy for balanced trading are Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, and Dogecoin.

  1. Scalping:

In the case of scalping, we basically take advantage of the tiny price movements in the market. The trades are places at quickly existing and entering positions to generate profits. The idea is to create maximum small trades that can help you avoid losses. It is not about maintaining higher returns for every trade; rather, the prime target is to maintain a higher ratio for win/loss. Generally, the size of losing and winning trades, in this case, is almost the same; but one needs to ensure more wins to develop a potential portfolio. Traders that follow scalping techniques do not invest in trades with higher volatility. They prefer a market with huge spreads so that a considerable level of profits can be generated through those gaps.

  1. Follow the Trend:

Following a trend can lead to some risky situations, especially when you don’t know the right time to open and close the trades. But once you know the tactics, it can help you earn more. Experts advise opening trades for a short time when the market is falling. However, if the market is trending up, you can open long trades to mark higher profits. The trend followers begin their trading only when a particular trend is established in the market and they exit out of the market when the trend is subjected to change. It is also named as position trading and you can use a variety of tools to maximize your profits in this case. The crypto signals can help you understand the trend better to make solid decisions at the right time.