Visiting Panarea: A Guide to the Most Exclusive of the Aeolian Islands

This article will give you information about everything you need to know to make the most out of your Panarea visit

There are so many things worth knowing, but as we usually say, it’s not important to know everything about staying in Sicily. You just need to focus on things that you MUST-DO rather than everything. 

Panarea visit

So, let’s focus on must-do things, shall we?

Let’s first read an overview of the Panarea island, then we can move to things to do, where to stay, what to eat, and much more. 

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Panarea may be the smallest of all Aeolian Islands, but still, it is the most famous island known for natural beauty and another reason is that this island is one of the most popular destinations for celebrities and millionaires. 

Some of the renowned personalities Giorgio Armani, Jeff Bezos, Will Smith, Orlando Bloom, Bradley Cooper, Katy Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna, have been to this island. 

This sounds exciting, isn’t it? 

Since celebrities come to stay here to spend their holidays, it has become one of the most expensive spots of the j Mediterranean.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be a billionaire to visit this island, but it can be a bit challenging financially if you are planning for a budget trip this season. 

The small island is a real fascination. There are so many beaches, natural beauty spots, historic attractions, and a dreamy nightlife. 

Planning your trip to Panarea can give you some days of fun combines with relaxation. It is the best place for families with children or young people. There is one or the other thing for people of all ages. 

It may be the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, it has magnetic sites like crystal water beaches, happening nightlife, and glamourous appeal.

Things to do during your visit to Panarea

This island may look small but there are so many things that you can do especially when you are a beach lover. 

Visit San Pietro District

When you rent a boat in Panarea to reach the island, you can stop by the main hub of all activities and tourism spots. San Pietro District is known for the architecture of the houses using white and blue doors/windows.

You can walk down the narrow streets and admire gardens and terraces fully covered with olive trees, bougainvillea, and palm groves. This town contains glamourous shops, clubhouses, and hosts sporting and cultural events on an annual basis. 

Panarea Museum is not so large but shares the culture back to the Bronze Age. 

Explore excellent Beaches

The beaches on this island are excellent for those who are looking for a relaxing place. Swimming lovers and adventurous scuba divers or snorkelers would love this place. 

To get the most of the sea, you should look for catamarans for charter in Panarea. Some of the best beaches of this island can be accessed easily.

Nightlife is fun-filled

This island is complete fun and adventure all day and night. We still feel this place is something where all services may not fit your budget. 

Here on this island, having fun means overspending your money. If you want to plan a budget-friendly trip to Panarea, look for low-cost options on Google. 

The center of all attractions and activities in San Pietro – this is where you will find most of the exciting places. 

Beach Punta Milazzese is a perfect place for parties and outdoor entertainment. 

You can also include Drautto in your trip. It is a separate district with several sites of attractions including amazing access to the fun nightlife.

Panarea is one of the most-sought destination spots especially for VIPs who want to spend their holiday at a fun and relaxing place. If you are looking for a unique experience and want to live life celebrity-style, work on your budget and must visit this place at least once in a lifetime. 

Getting to Panarea

Hydrofoils and ferries depart from the main ports in Southern Italy: Messina, Milazzo, Reggio Calabria, and Palermo. So, visitors can easily reach Panarea by taking the Liberty Suite hydrofoil in Palermo to the central port in just 4 and ½ hours. 

The Best Places to Go Trekking in Morocco

Few countries are known for their natural diversity and one of the top names on the list is Morocco. This mesmerizing place is known for the balmy coastline and beautiful remote landscapes. The country has everything ranging from relaxed beaches to wonderful mountain escapes.

Even after several memorable things to do, trekking has been the most preferred adventure activity for tourists in Morocco. Beginner trekkers usually prefer to enjoy the pleasant weather of the Atlas Mountains during the summer season; however, the experienced ones prefer visiting the toughest terrains of Africa during snow loaded winter months.


If you are planning to visit Morocco for the first time and are a little confused about which places to list for Trekking, this article may help you better. Here we are going to talk about the best places to enjoy trekking in Morocco:

Jebel Saghro

When climbing to the High Atlas gets difficult due to snow, people are advised to switch to the range of Jebel Saghro. This place has many wintery landscape treasures along with few wonderful challenges for intermediate trekkers. The slightly mild temperatures and beautiful trails can make your journey truly memorable without adding the extensive difficulty of snowy terrains. These low-risk peaks are the best choice for people that are suffering from some medical health problems. Moreover, the local cave painting can be a great bonus for your adventure vacations.

M’Goun Massif

If you are not interested to climb the high cliffs, it is good to enjoy a balanced journey on M’Goun Massif. This trek allows visitors to enjoy stunning views of the dramatic scenery and beautiful landscapes. This area is best to be visited during late spring when the surroundings look really amazing with carpets of wildflowers. You will definitely fall in love with the snowmelt rivers of this valley in the spring season. Other than this, there are many lower range valleys and slopes that you can visit during an extended vacation.

Jebel Sirwa

The anti-atlas is another beautiful trekking site in Morocco; however, it experiences a lesser crowd as compared to other sites. Sirwa is better recognized as a 3304 meters volcanic mountain that establishes a connection between two famous ranges. It is possible to climb Atougha Mount Sirwa in two ways; either you can have a direct trip from the starting point to the end of the terrain. Otherwise, you can enjoy your vacation in the Berber valleys while spending a memorable time at their steeply terraced fields.

Rif Mountains

Morocco’s Northern mountains are always loved by the local walkers, especially those traveling with families. You can set up your base at Chefchaouen and enjoy a myriad day trip with memorable experiences. This site can help you enjoy relaxing trekking along the banks of the Ras el-Maa river. Depending upon the time available, you can also catch a taxi to return from the final site. You will love the greenery loaded site on the way to the final destination of this trek.

Ifrane National Park

One of the best additions to your list during your vacations must be Infrane National Park. Nature lovers find the beautiful sites around this famous park of Morocco more like Switzerland. This place offers a visual feast with truly stunning sceneries all around. The Atlas Cedar trees look more beautiful during the autumn and spring season. There are many long and short walking trails where you can spend memorable time with family and friends during the spring and summer seasons.

Now you have gone through some of the best trekking sites for tourists in Morocco. It is the right time to book your flight to the most wonderful location and have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Baltics Launch Europe’s First Pandemic ‘Travel Bubble’

As widely reported, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have finally opened their common borders as the Baltic region starts getting back to its regular state after the economic meltdown caused by the coronavirus issue. This has created what can be referred to as the first “travel bubble” among the countries in the European Union.

Some Estonian border officers got rid of all the signs stopping cars and other automobiles from entering into the border. Afterward, the border officers took cake and coffee together at the end of the activities.

After the first vehicles passed through the borders of Baltics, Martin Maestule said that “We have the little celebration because the border is now open again.”

So, if you want to have Baltic tours to explore Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, you can start preparing to do so now.

Baltics travel

With this new development, citizens and residents of these three Baltic countries can now enjoy movement from one nation to another without any restriction. However, any individual coming from outside will need to observe self-isolation for 14 days.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis noted that “The Baltic Travel Bubble is an opportunity for businesses to reopen, and a glimmer of hope for the people that life is getting back to normal.”

The opening of the borders of these Baltic nations came at the time when the executive of the EU is persuading its 27 member nations to open their internal borders again and allow people to travel wider with strict adherence to safety measures like putting on face masks during flights.

The infection rate of COVID-19 has slowed down in the Baltic nations as none of them reported over 12 new cases on Thursday. Besides, lockdowns have been stopped by the authorities since the end of April.

Also, the total number of deaths recorded by these nations is less than 150. This is significantly lesser than Germany, Spain, Italy, France, or other larger countries in the EU.

According to officials, about 120 vehicles passed through the border between Lithuania and Latvia within the first hours of opening it on Friday.

Also, on Friday, foreign ministers of Estonia and Lithuania went to Riga for the signing of a 3-way memorandum on the plan of the three nations to operate the travel zone collectively. The officials didn’t shake hands and maintained a distance of 2 meters between each other. During the meeting, they signed three copies of the document.

It is worthwhile to note that these three countries are the poorest members of the EU zone. It is believed that their economies will go down by 7 to 8% this year. The drop could have been 10% or more if the economies of these nations are not opened before the summer comes.

Notably, people can now travel between Poland and Lithuania as well as Finland and Estonia as the restrictions were removed recently. However, neither Finland nor Poland is in haste to be a part of the full “travel union” proposed by the Baltic nations.

A Top 10 list of What Not to Do on an African Safari

An African Safari trip is a life long dream of lots of people around the globe. Connecting with Mother Nature, seeing majestic views, knowing more about the wildlife, and being away from the havoc of the world for some time. Who doesn’t want that? All you need is to travel Safely. No matter the location, the African Safari trip always pays off with some breathtaking experiences. To make sure your responsible travel and that you get most out of your trip, here are the top 10 things not to do on an African Safari.

African Safari

  1. Acceccive Cell Phone Usage

While you travel across continents to get a chance to see the wildlife with your own eyes, make sure you don’t spoil once in a lifetime chance to see nature from so close. Be responsible, keep yourself away from any unimportant external contact or work. Only use your phone as a camera.

  1. Being Too Loud

A very common mistake by people going on African Safari. While you travel through the wild, don’t make loud sounds or shout towards animals as it may scare them away or maybe trigger an attack in the case of large animals(elephants mostly) and prevent you from amazing sightseeing.

  1. Not Listening to your Guide

Your guide is the most important person to ensure your best experience. Listen to his/her instructions very carefully and do accordingly. To get an eyeshot of all the animals, you have to be patient and silent. The instructions are given to you so that your behavior doesn’t make the animals uncomfortable and you can see them more closely.

  1. Unwise Packing

The weather change plays a vital role in responsible traveling. It can be very tricky in Africa as the most area is desert and the nights are quite cold in some parts. Keep a blend of clothes for both climates. Going on a Safari trip doesn’t mean you have to pack your whole closet, be wise, and pack accordingly so that you don’t have any distractions during the trip.

  1. Disrespecting Locals

As a traveler to another continent, you are a guest their so make sure you leave a good impression. Africa is full of different and colorful local cultures. Treat the locals politely and respect their traditions. Do not offend them in any way and try to greet them in their language. It is not whether you speak their language correctly but the effort you make matters. Your good gesture will be reflected by the locals in many ways and will make your travel even more fascinating.

  1. Not Keeping Distance

You are on a safari trip and there is no doubt you are excited. But don’t let that excitement compromise your safety. Some animals may seem very calm and polite but you never know when they might get triggered and attack you. The behavior of wild animals is very unpredictable so always keep your distance from them and don’t pet them or else your life long dream might turn into a regrettable nightmare.

  1. Not Preparing

Before your travel, make sure you do some research on the places you want to specifically visit. Choose your clothes according to the climate and make sure they are comfortable as the visit can be very tiring. If you are on medication, make sure you do bring some extra just in case. Do prepare yourself well as such trips are once in a lifetime experiences.

  1. Driving Off-Road

You may be an adventurer or a daring human but a Wildlife Safari is not a place to showcase such talents. Don’t go off-road as there are very rare chances of you not getting lost. Many animals get threatened very easily when you enter their territory. Especially elephants as they may directly charge on your vehicle when they see you on their territory or approaching one of their young ones.

  1. Exiting your Vehicle

This is probably the most unresponsible thing to do which can get you in lots of danger. No matter how strong or quick you are, remember you are in the wild and the animals have the advantage here. So never leave your vehicle.

  1. Not Staying Alert

Look carefully around you and don’t miss any breathtaking scene of Mother Nature. Keep your eyes and ears attentive in all directions. The wilderness is all around, you just have to look for it.


An African Safari trip is something not most people get. So make sure you avoid doing the above-listed things and be alert so that you can get the most out of your travel.

The Ultimate Guide to Santa Barbara in a Weekend

Lots of busy people forget that you can do a lot of quality traveling over a weekend. Of course, long road trips and overseas expeditions can be incredible, but a weekend getaway can sometimes be just as meaningful. 

For an amazing weekend vacation in Santa Barbara, we’ve put together a flexible itinerary including where to stay, things to do, and where to eat, even if you’ve only got from Friday night through sunset on Sunday.

Santa Barbara

Friday Night

Check into Your Hotel

There are so many gorgeous places to stay in Santa Barbara. From luxury resorts like San Ysidro Ranch and Four Seasons’ The Biltmore to quaint bed and breakfasts like The Simpson House, there are options for every personality and budget in Santa Barbara. 

Perhaps you’d rather book an Airbnb or try some “glamping” at El Capitan. Really, there’s no wrong way to stay in Santa Barbara.

Hit the Town

Santa Barbara has an incredible nightlife. It is a college town after all, so there are countless bars and wineries that can show you a good time. Head to The Red Piano and dance the night away or taste a flight of local wine at Municipal Winemakers

Saturday in Santa Barbara

Quick Breakfast

To start your first full day in Santa Barbara, grab a quick bite to eat before commencing on your jam-packed weekend. Enjoy an incredible latte and some avocado toast at Handlebar Coffee Roasters or simply indulge in breakfast at your hotel.

Hike Inspiration Point

Before the weather warms up too much, strap on your boots and hit the trail. Hiking is something you just have to do in California and Inspiration Point is one of those iconic peaks that’s not to be missed.

From start to finish, the hike is only three and a half miles round trip. So you’ll be able to enjoy the view, get some exercise, and breathe some fresh air while still having plenty of time for the rest of your day.

Hit the Beach

After the hike, you’re probably in the mood to relax. Santa Barbara has some of the most beautiful beaches in California. They’re perfect for rinsing off, cooling down, and basking in the sun. 

The best beaches in Santa Barbara include:

  • Ledbetter Beach
  • Hendry’s Beach
  • Butterfly Beach
  • East and West Beaches

Best Places to Get Lunch

By this point, you’ll be ready for lunch. No matter where you go, you’re likely to find some delicious grub. Try Lily’s Taqueria for cheap tacos or Brophy Brothers for classic fish and chips on the water.

Goat Tree, Savoy, State & Fig, and Mony’s Mexican Food are some other fantastic choices for lunch in Santa Barbara.

Explore the Funk Zone

Yes, the Funk Zone is a real place. In fact, it’s the trendiest neighborhood in all of Santa Barbara and it should definitely be on your list of things to do while visiting. 

Spend the afternoon biking through the area where you’ll stumble upon art studios and galleries, bohemian boutiques, and the hippest cafes and restaurants around. 

The Funk Zone is also considered Santa Barbara’s urban wine trail with everything from tasting rooms, wine bars, and breweries. It’s definitely a great place to get lost in the area.

Sunday in Santa Barbara

Check out a Farmer’s Market

There’s nothing quite like a slow Sunday morning stroll. Check out of your hotel, drop your bags off with a luggage storage service in Los Angeles, and start your day at the farmers market.

With fresh produce at every turn, food vendors serving coffee and artisanal snacks, and craftsman offering handmade jewelry and art, there’s lots to see at the markets. It’s a wonderful and relaxing way to begin your final day in Santa Barbara.


After walking through the market, it’s time for brunch. Make a reservation and stay awhile. Some of the hottest brunch spots in Santa Barbara include:

From bottomless mimosas to spiked milkshakes, a nice, long brunch in Santa Barbara gives Los Angeles a run for its money.

Shop State Street

Nestled in downtown Santa Barbara you’ll find State Street. Spend the early afternoon wandering through its cobblestone streets while window shopping and doing your best not to max out the credit card.

State Street has both well-known stores and indie boutiques. It’s the perfect way to walk off your brunch while you grab some souvenirs and gifts. 

El Presidio Historic Park and Mission Santa Barbara

You’ll notice white stucco walls and red tile rooves all throughout Santa Barbara. The region has deep ties with the Spanish and you can see it in this architecture. It’s even been called the Spanish Riveria of America.

Dive deeper into Santa Barbara’s Spanish roots by visiting El Presidio Historic Park. Built way back in 1782, El Presidio is the last-standing Spanish military site on the California coast. It’s such an interesting place that they’ve turned it into a museum for visitors to brush up on their history.

Then, explore Mission Santa Barbara, founded in 1786. You’ll see artwork and architecture that will only add to your appreciation for the city. They’re both spots you definitely won’t want to miss on your weekend in Santa Barbara. 

Dinner the Santa Barbara Way

Your weekend trip to Santa Barbara is drawing to a close, so make the most of it with dinner at a local spot.

For top-rated Mexican food, better go to Los Agaves. For steak, check out Lucky’s. Great seafood can be found at The Lark and The Nook serves up all your BBQ favorites. Take it back in time with Santa Barbara’s Spanish roots and enjoy tapas at Loquita. Or, if you’re vegetarian, Olivers will be a treat.

Is there anything better than ending a trip with some amazing food? We think not.