What Do the Colors in Bisexual Flag Mean?

A rainbow holds different memories and meanings for every individual. Many people recognize it as a connection between earth and heaven. Few others believe that leprechauns hide huge gold behind rainbow ends. On the other side, Prophet Joeseph Smith often stated that he was told that Messiah’s second coming would not happen in any of those years when rainbow will be seen. Many people in Bulgarian lore also believe that passing under a rainbow can lead to an instant gender switch. However, in the recent times of global pandemic, the rainbow was declared as a sign of hope that the world will fight and win the battle against crises.

The first rainbow flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in the year 1978 as a symbol of gay pride in San Francisco. It took very little time for the flag to receive international acceptance and people started celebrating the integrity of the gay community under the same flag.

bisexual community

It is important to mention that the first bisexual movement started in the 1960s with Stonewall Riots. After that, people started gathering for parades every year to celebrate gay pride. They decided to use the rainbow flag as a symbol of transgender, bisexual, gay, and lesbian social movement; but the bisexual community started feeling shadowed under this. Later in the 1990s, the Bi Visibility concept became more common with a potential focus on three main goals:

  • Increased awareness and recognition for the LGTB family as well as movement.
  • Eliminate the notion that bisexuality is simply a phase on a journey to exclusive homosexuality.
  • Elimination of the common misidentification of bisexuals depending upon their current partners.

With the burning desire to have own recognition and respect in the community, Michael Page, the famous bisexual activist ultimately introduced Bi-flag in the year 1998. The main aim of Page was to develop a memorable and easily recognizable flag that could fly with the gay pride flag. The inspiration for the bisexual flag was taken from the lesser-known bi-symbol which is named Biangles. This symbol was used by Bi Women’s Community in Boston for the first time and the symbol holds a blue and pink triangle in it while creating a lavender color in the middle where both triangles overlap.

The lesbian flag depicts a unique color scheme and Page believed that the combination has to be notable and striking. As per Page, the pink color in the bisexual flag depicts sexual attraction to only lesbian or gay; the blue color on the other side represents opposite-sex attraction whereas the resultant purple overlap represents attraction to both. The symbolism was explained in detail by Page while stating that purple pixels in the flag blend into blue and pink unnoticeably; same as real-world where people with bisexual orientation blend perfectly well into both straight and lesbian/gay communities. The bi flag was modified and redesigned by several bisexual activists over the years; however, the rainbow-like color combinations and appearance continued. The pattern is now accepted worldwide and bisexual communities use bi-flags to represent their unity to the world.

Incredible Benefits of CBD Muscle Balms

So, you are interested to know more about CBD muscle balms or rubs. Well, your search results helped you to land on the right page. Here we are going to discuss various impressive benefits of CBD muscle balms to boost your knowledge base. 

We all know that nerve or muscle pain is a very discomforting experience, and it can leave a considerable impact overall productivity and performance of individuals. When not treated on time, it can further cause anxiety and insomnia to the patients. Although you may find several treatments to deal with muscle pains but not all of them are equally reliable. When you need permanent relief from existing pain conditions, the best recommendation is to use muscle balms. 

CBD muscle balms are topic ointments that can have thick, solid, or even waxy textures. They can be used easily on different parts of the body to reverse pain symptoms. Both CBD salves and balms use the same CBD fatty oil as the main ingredient; however, the creams and lotions, on the other side use water. Human skin is capable enough to absorb oily substances in a more effective manner, and they blend instantly with the sebum. Therefore, muscle balms can be highly effective in comparison to other forms of CBD. 

Benefits of using CBD muscle balms:

CBD balms can be directly applied to the muscle or joint that is experiencing pain or inflammation. CBD balms can be used to treat several health problems; a few of them are listed below:

Pain relief

CBD muscle balms contain several pain-relieving ingredients such as capsaicin, camphor, and menthol. They make the ideal choice for muscle aches, pain, and cramping. Muscle-related complaints among individuals can also cause sleep disorders, headaches, and anxiety. However, the topical application of CBD muscle balms can reduce the painful condition by a considerable level. It is a trusted solution for relieving joint pain, nerve pain, and arthritis-related pain. People have even noticed fast relief from itchy, cold, severe, and sharp feelings associated with nerve pain. 

Skin conditions

Along with pain relief, CBD muscle balms can treat various skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis. As per a recent study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology, it is possible to use CBD balms for reducing inflammation associated with various skin problems. The idea is to apply balm carefully and regularly on the affected area, and you will experience great improvements within a few weeks. 

CBD muscle rubs can penetrate quickly into cellular membranes through the skin. The best thing to know about these products is that they do not enter the bloodstream; rather provide relief by acting on the surface only. Therefore, they are safe to use and are widely recommended to treat rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Note that the frequency of use for these balms must be decided by experts depending upon the ongoing health condition of the patient. It is usually better to start with a low dosage and then increase gradually as required. 

Involvement of Facilities Management Specialists in Building Design

Facilities Design, sometimes known as Facilities Planning and Facilities Engineering, is the process of developing and implementing a design for a building or other facility that meets requirements involving budget, schedule, user needs and environmental considerations.

Facilities Design professionals seek to help Facilities Managers of buildings improve their building’s appearance and functionality. Facilities Management Specialists might only be involved in the design and construction process of a project, or they might spearhead all phases from pre-design through post-occupancy.

Significance of Facilities Management in Building design

Facilities Management is essential for any organization that requires more than simply occupying space – it involves all the activities and projects that ensure a building, business or campus is properly outfitted and maintained. Facilities Management can consist of anything from workplace design to security systems to pest control. Facilities Management Experts are responsible for ensuring their facilities are not only aesthetically pleasing color but also functional and secure.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management Experts are invaluable members of Facilities Design teams, helping to ensure any building they are involved in is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Facilities Management is essential for any organization that requires more than simply occupying space – it involves all the activities and projects that ensure a building, business or campus is properly outfitted and maintained Facilities Management can consist of anything from workplace design to security systems to pest control.

Facilities Design takes into consideration many factors related to individual users, such as follows:

  • age and ethnic background
  • lighting
  • acoustics
  • colour
  • texture
  • visual cues

Facilities Design can also be applied to whole organizations or even cities, such as town planning and its influence on the built environment and human behavior.

Facilities Management Experts can help ensure that facilities work well for their users, employees and occupants. Facilities Management should always consider the first phase of a project: pre-design. Facilities Design should also consider the usability and functionality of a building, as well as its aesthetic value.

Facilities Management can bring art to architecture and improve not only how the surroundings look but the people who use them. Facilities Management is all about creating spaces that work: spaces that contribute to productivity and well-being and enable users to work smoothly and efficiently.

Facilities Management can mean arranging furniture; designing space; implementing equipment; and ensuring that everything is in its proper place for maximum functionality. Facilities Management should also take into consideration every aspect of the building’s surroundings, from climate control to lighting design to signage.

Facilities Management can be integral in ensuring that a building is compliant with regulations, codes and standards. Facilities Management should also consider the experience of each individual user. Facilities Management ensures that design elements are practical, communicative, efficient, safe, appropriate to the location and without unnecessary frills or distractions.

Facilities Design professionals should be involved in all phases of a project, from pre-design through post-occupancy: Facilities Management is integral to the design and construction process 

Facilities Management should also take into consideration every aspect of the building’s surroundings, from climate control to lighting design.

The Facility Manager should be involved in the development of Facilities Design to ensure that this process considers all relevant FM concerns such as:

  • The Facilities Design will determine the amount of space required for a project. Facilities Managers should ensure that they have been involved in this process to understand requirements and that the Facilities Design team has considered alternative solutions to minimize the amount of space used.
  • Facilities Management concerns such as maintenance, operation and renovation schedules may be overlooked when Facilities Design does not take these into consideration from the outset or Facilities Design is conducted by Facilities Management personnel]. In order to avoid ‘surprises’ later in the Facilities Design process, Facilities Managers should ensure that Facilities Design has considered these factors from the beginning of a project.
  • Facilities Design will determine any technologies that need to be integrated into a building or facility. Facilities Managers should have been involved in this process so they can identify potential FM concerns. In order to avoid delays later in the Facilities Design process, Facilities Managers should ensure that Facilities Design has considered all relevant FM concerns from the outset.
  • Facilities Management must be involved early enough in Facilities Design to provide input into design parameters that are critical for FM needs. Facilities Managers should ensure they have been involved in Facilities Design early enough for Facilities Management concerns and requirements to be considered and approved by Facilities Management.
  • Facilities Design may lead Facilities Managers to adopt Facilities Design standards that do not align with the organization’s enterprise standards, FM software or other technology tools. Facilities Managers should ensure that all Facilities Design standards are congruent with existing enterprise standards, FM software and other technology tools.

6 Ways That Learning Supervisor Skills Will Help You Manage Your Family and Friends

Managers and leaders need to develop a special skill set to succeed in their careers. But it is important to mention that these skills will also help you to empower your personal relationships too.

Learning how to manage and supervise people is a sure way to boost your relationships in many ways, enabling you to offer helpful feedback, empathy, and open-mindedness in all your relationships. Taking a supervisor skills course is a great way to learn the basics, and will also improve your confidence.

Learning these skills will help you to manage family and friends. Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Building trust

Effective leadership ability will foster trust among everyone. When you are able to listen to others attentively and can present valuable points of view, people automatically find it easier to trust you. Making decisions based on what people have told you will further help you to prosper amongst your nearest and dearest.

  • Resolving problems

Communication skills play an enormous role in preventing conflicts from arising. Any supervisor skills course will show you how to enhance your communication abilities with ease. You’ll learn how to stay calm and ensure that everyone is happy with outcomes. As a result, your leadership skills will help you find great solutions in many situations.

  • Clarity and direction

Effective supervisor skills make people able to set clear objectives and expectations. This includes finding constructive ways to get things done, and also to provide helpful feedback when things are not working well. This doesn’t just apply to work situations: it also helps to bring friends, and family members back on track. In this way, everyone will understand their responsibilities and tasks while eliminating confusion and avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

  • Boost engagement

When people feel confident in handling their work and understand what they need to do, they automatically enjoy the enhanced engagement. So, leaders can apply this to the psychology of friends and family members in the same manner. With this in mind, they can tailor their communication with friends and family members to increase satisfaction at all levels.

  • Enhance productivity

When people understand their roles as well as the roles of others, they will have realistic expectations. Leaders can easily prevent issues between different parties while making communications and relationships more engaging and fruitful. They can direct their family and friends in matters of shared goals, workloads and even conflict, with minimal distractions. These benefits can further ensure enhanced productivity for your team.

  • Promotes healthy relationships

With transparency, trust, effective communication, and enhanced engagement between all your team members at work, you inevitably promote healthy relationships in the long run. These efforts can be applied with similar effect at home or in social situations. It is the best way to get sustainable results at all levels, in all situations.

So you can see that the benefits of good leadership skills will inevitably develop and maintain enhanced relationships among your friends and family, too. And joining a professional course for development of supervisor skills the quickest way to acquire the necessary skills.

Skin Care Products: What Do They Promise, What Do They Deliver?

Our skin provides details about our age, lifestyle, origin, and state of health as well. There are several natural signs that can display skin health; the list includes evenness, tone, skin color, and pigmentation. The pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry has already developed an extensive range of skincare products to soothe, clean, reinforce, restore, treat and protect the skin.

Several studies reveal that the demands for skincare products are increasing worldwide as they play a crucial role in nursing and health care management. You may find a huge collection of promotional content related to skincare products on TV channels and the internet. The marketing experts make several claims regarding their skincare performance. However, many debates are still going on what skincare products promise and what do they actually deliver.

Concept of skincare and protection


Skincare can be defined as an umbrella term that covers changing body odor, changing appearance, perfuming, cleaning, protecting, and keeping skin in a healthy condition. However, the perception of the skincare concept has changed over the past few decades. People these days are more concerned about soothing skin conditions, restoration of the skin barrier, and enhancing integrity in the system. People get more conscious about their skin health with increasing age. At this stage of life, the skin restoring, soothing, cleaning, and reinforcing methods must be executed carefully.

Skincare products and procedures

It is possible to find plenty of articles and reports published on healthy skin care procedures. Furthermore, you may also receive recommendations regarding a wide range of products that can be used for cleansing, restoring, soothing, protecting, and reinforcing. When the skincare procedures are followed regularly, they can help to remove sebum, dirt, microorganisms, and other unwanted substances from skin layers. Proper care also reduces the symptoms of unpleasant skin and restores the damaged layers fast.

In order to receive desired results with skincare procedures, it is necessary to start with the right set of skincare products. Experts recommend dividing skincare products into three important categories with regulatory conditions: cosmetics, medical devices, and medicinal products. For medical devices and medicinal products, it must be important to deliver health promises, whereas, for cosmetic products, health promises must be prohibited.

These medicinal products perform their set action on the human body via metabolic, immunological, or pharmacological ways. On the other side, medical devices use non-metabolic, non-immunological and non-pharmacological means to perform an intended action. In a similar manner, cosmetics are designed to clean, change appearance, perform, protect, or correct body odors. Most of the skincare products available in the market these days are cosmetics; they should not be mistaken with medical and medicinal products.

Furthermore, experts advise using adequate labels on the product that provide all essential details about their functionalities, ingredients, and manufacturer details. It is advised to use products that are enriched with natural ingredients to achieve the best results while avoiding harmful side effects. When manufacturers follow quality standards and regulations for cosmetic product manufacturing, the end-users can naturally develop more trust in brands. You can try natural and organic products available at the Healing-bark.com platform to achieve desired results.