How artificial intelligence is changing cyber security

With over more than 15 percent of businesses using artificial intelligence, it has become a matter of discussion whether the use of AI is good or bad. The first use of artificial intelligence can be tracked back to 1950. In the recent years artificial intelligence has undergone a lot of growth and some people are fearing that it might affect human life negatively. But the fact is there is nothing like evil artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is all good and how you train it will determine how it performs.

Effect of artificial intelligence in cyber security positively

Artificial intelligence is now being used in healthcare, education, manufacturing and cybersecurity. In today’s world, cyber security is the main concern because every organization uses internet and anything that uses internet is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Governments of different countries are also adapting the use artificial intelligence especially in threat detection. There are a lot of insecurity in modern world and governments are using artificial intelligence to detect terrorist threats before they happen.

Many cyber attackers are using artificial intelligence and so every organization needs this powerful weapon to deal with trespassers and cyber attackers. The AI will detect the threat and deal with it without requiring any assistance from any human being. This makes your data safer than ever. That is why many companies are investing heavily for Artificial Intelligence.

artificial intelligence

An artificial intelligence can protect your data even when there is a series of attacks. Unlike use of traditional cybersecurity methods, artificial intelligence detects the threat very fast and make a decision on how to respond.

The other field of cybersecurity artificial intelligence has affected is password protection. Passwords are very vulnerable and most of the passwords are available in the dark web. Traditionally it was very easy for cyber attackers to crack your password and access your personal information. But with the use of artificial intelligence things have changed a lot. Artificial intelligence comes along with more secure ways of protecting your data like the use of biometric logins. An artificial intelligence can detect physical features like retina, palm, and fingerprint scans. This makes a lot of systems more secure because there is no cracking fingerprints or retina.

Effect of artificial intelligence in cyber security negatively

As we have already established, there is no evil artificial intelligence. Even though there is no evil AI it does not mean that artificial intelligence cannot be used to commit crimes. As much as artificial intelligence is meant to do good there are still some people who misuse it and commit crimes using artificial intelligence. People with bad intentions are using artificial intelligence to break through security systems of many organizations. If your organization is using traditional cyber security systems, then it will be a victim of these “black” hackers. Some of these hackers are too good that they can use artificial intelligence to break through your security even if you are also using an artificial intelligence.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in cyber security

  • Artificial intelligence boosts the scale of resistance. When you use AI for your cybersecurity it will increase the scale of resistance when there is an ongoing attack. If your organization uses traditional methods of cybersecurity the possibility of your engineers being defeated is very high. The cyber attackers will take whatever information they want, and your company will be left vulnerable. Artificial intelligence makes sure that you avoid all that.
  • Threat detection is easier. An artificial intelligence can go through large volumes of data in few minutes and list all the threats detected. After detecting the threats an artificial intelligence usually responds to it immediately.
  • Makes plotting an effective strategy against threats easier. Artificial intelligence is usually set-up in real-time response to any threats. It is designed to change the nature of the attack and this allows you to formulate an effective strategy to deal with the threat and plan for future attacks.


Artificial intelligence has added a lot of value to cybersecurity. It has made protection of data easy because of its advanced security measures like biometric logins and counter attacking threats as soon as they are detected. On the other hand, artificial intelligence on the wrong hands can be used to break in through any security system. Use of artificial intelligence has many benefits and every organization should use artificial intelligence for maximum protection of data.

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