How African American Family Services are improving community wellness?

The African American community are facing lot of mental and addiction issues as compared to other communities. 

Problems faced by African American Community:

  1. Lack of Education

Lack of education can lead to many socio-economic problems which ultimately going the affect the mental health of a community. 

  1. Poor economic condition

Economic crisis can lead to depression, addiction to drug or alcohol and mental stress.

  1. Importance given to health

Only about 50% of the community believes that health is a high priority, rest believes that it is a matter of fate or destiny. 

Problems faced by African American Community

  1. Social discrimination:

The social racism that they face ultimately leads them to unemployment, poor education, poor access to health services, unavailability of healthy food, violent neighbourhoods, addiction to illicit drug and alcohol etc.

  1. Violence:

It is also a major issue among African Americans. Black male adolescents are six times more likely to die in homicide than their white counterparts. Firearms are also a major area of concern among them. 

All these issues are definitely affecting the mental health of the African American Community.

We the AAFS or African American Family Services are here to give support to your community in case of any kind of addiction or mental illness related issues. Our service is based on the cultural values of your community, we have professionals who knows and can handle the issues without hurting the sentiment of your community. We take the holistic approach while addressing any issues. We not only provide the treatment to the person concerned but we also provide support to the family or community so that the problem can be solved in all possible ways. As we are dealing specially with African American Community only, we know all the area of concerns that we should be taking care of while giving the support to the person in need.

We are experienced in this field for more than 35 years and thus have a thorough knowledge about your community.

The drug addiction, violence, keeping firearms are some of the major areas of concern in the African American Society. All these are leading to serious mental health disorders. Thus, it is very important to address these issues and give the proper treatment to uplift the community. People should open up and accept the mental health disorders as a serious issue so that they approach for treatment in due course of time. We are working on this and gaining the confidence of the community and thus getting more and more response from the people with some kind of concern or problem.

A sound mental health is very important for any community to grow. The AAFS is exactly in path of doing this for African American community. The support provided by us will help to solve the issues like addiction, mental illness and thus ultimately will reduce the problems like violence, drug addiction etc. So, don’t think twice, if you are concerned about some issues related to mental health or addiction, reach AAFS immediately to get the best possible support you need for your problem.