Where to get the best stock research?


These days many people have started to invest in stocks. Stock is one of the most simple methods to double your wealth if the investment is done correctly. Thus one needs to have good and accurate information about all stocks before investing.

For the best advice related to stocks, one must refer to the stock research websites which full information about almost all stocks. The information provided on these websites is reliable and correct.

Here are some of the best stock research websites:-

1.Yahoo finance


For all the seasoned investors out there, Yahoo finances the most trusted websites which provide full. information about stocks. The information is easily accessible and it can be used by everyone. The platform is a great source for stores who want to get full financial news. The websites also provide the option of premium subscriptions through which you will get expert advice, trading ideas, and other premium features.

Advantages of using the yahoo finance website are:-

  • The website can be easily accessible through a mobile phone browser.
  • Almost all the features are available at free cost and with zero subscriptions.

2.The Motley fool

This is among one of the best websites which provide the best information about stocks. The website is providing information about the stocks since the year 1933. This is a very well-known website for advice related to stocks, expert advice, and other stock-related news.

Advantages of using the Motely Fool website are:-

  • Has premium features related to information about the stock market and also a 30-day day money-back guarantee if you do not benefit from the expert advice


Money control is the most well-known stock research site among Indian Stock Investors. Data like the price of commercial shares, patterns, products, monetary forms, common assets, individual financing and IPOs, and so on can be found on this famous website. If you wish to get the nio stock forecast, download the Moneycontrol application now.

Money control is a one-stop arrangement This site makes accessible all the crucial and specialized information of the organization. Indeed, the site catches every one of the fundamental parts of the offer market. Money control application works on all stages like Android, IOS, and windows.

Advantages of using money control website are:-

  • Easy tracking of investments
  • Accessibility of website through android, Ios, and windows.

4. Economic times 

Economic times are among one of the well-known websites which are very popular among people interested in finance and investors. It is one of the oldest websites which provide information about stocks, and other news about different shares.

Different charts, e-portfolio are also available on the website which can be very helpful for the investors and companies as well. 

Advantages of Economic times application

  • Provides expert advice for regular investors.
  • Easy installation and smooth user interface.

5. Seeking alpha

This is another substance-rich website for a wide range of financial investors. Beginning as a giver fueled local area, Seeking Alpha changed into that gives solid and top to bottom news about the stock market and other related information. It has content for those that are new to the stock market world and other lots of its great stuff for the investors.

Advantages of Seeking Alpha

  • Best website for investors who are new to investing in a stock.
  • No extra charge or any kind of payment.


These were some of the websites which you can refer to for the best stock research work. Before you start to invest, it can be a good idea if you get good knowledge about the stocks so that you can invest wisely.

The Best Online Classes and Schools for Developing Your Own Intuition

If you are looking for the best online classes and schools to master your intuition, you’re in the right place!

We have done research work and come with some of the best schools and classes that are taken by some of the leading psychological experts so you can understand your intuition and use your thoughts, imaginations, and feelings to change the perspective of your life. 

Online Classes

Many of these classes offer free trials, completion certification, downloadable study material, student forums, and tons more! Let’s get started!

  • Spiritual Psychic Development Online course. This course is designed for beginners to introduce them to intuition, this online intuition course is one of the best places to start your course. Students get hands-on exercises to polish their inner strengths and continue to learn how to understand thoughts, make better decisions, and empathy via meditation. 

The company offers you an experienced tutor, one of the leading spiritualists and teachers of Shamanism, and practical magic. They have helped 10,000s of students around the world understand their intuition powers from all their classes!

In a video of almost 1 hour long, we cover topics like meditation, shielding, empathy, clairvoyance, and telepathy. For beginners, the course includes downloadable resources, practical projects, and class discussions to improve learning.

This is a great introductory online class to sharpen your intuition! 

  • Tune In-Let your Intuition guide you from Udemy

According to Albert Einstein, intuition power is a sacred gift of humans. This course will teach you how to use it to the fullest? Candidates learn to tune in to their inner powers and achieve mastery in understanding the difference between intelligence and intuition

Taught by leading spiritualists with mastery in intuitive awakening, personal growth, and creativity, students get a hands-on learning experience with one of the best leaders believing in personal growth through spiritualism.

In the 2 hours of video content, the beginner-level course contains awakening, digging deep, taking the leap, entering the flow, and meditation, and much more. 

  • Duality with Jeffrey Allen

This is the next outstanding online course that is available on our list. The course teaches how to unlock the true inner self!

As the name of this course suggests, the mentor, the spiritual leader of this course is Jeffrey Allen, one of the top spiritualists and energy boosters, who is the master behind this program- Duality program-with its mission to upgrade global consciousness. Jeffery is a co-founder of Spirit Mind Living In. and Oneness Company, the company known to teach practical applications of energy awareness.

This 8-week self-paced course guide helps you to complete your course at your pace. More than 1 million students have enrolled in this course, and you could be one of them if you wish to join the list!

  • Easily Align Your Intuition & Intention Online course by Kristen Becker

Next, comes a course called Easily Align Your Intuition & Intention Online course by Kristen Becker. This course will help candidates to deep deeper into intentionality, emotional regulation, and how to liberate their soul from external things or we can say external laws of attraction!

Kristen Becker is a great instructor, known for bringing 20years of experience in the fields of neurolinguistics, hypnotherapy, and meditation. In her 45 minutes beginner-level class, students get hands-on learning about intentions, unconditional love, how to follow your inner guidance, and master a self-help project.

  • Remote Viewing Basics- Turn Intuition into Super Psychic by Udemy

This is a tried-and-tested course specially designed for the US Army as a part of their remote viewing protocol to turn ordinary civilians into psychic spies. Join this course to learn to apply the same principles to your own life to uncover your intuitive abilities!

This course with 2.5 hours of on-demand video provides beginners instructions on the fundamentals of remote viewing, how to target it, multiple practice exercises, and much more. 

Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health During Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has become a matter of worry for the global population. The extended lockdown, typical measures of social distancing, spending lots of time in self-isolation has increased the fear of the disease. Without any doubt, this scenario has left a negative impact on the overall mental and behavioral health of individuals around the world.

Studies reveal that the behavioral health implications of these trying times may be different for everyone. Many people are not able to get healthy sleep at night; they are experiencing lots of stress and anxiety. A wide range of people are getting depressive thoughts all day long, and the impact can be seen in their behavioral health clearly. Well, taking some clinical advice may help you to understand how to manage and support your overall well-being.

Here we have listed a few details on how you can take care of your behavioral health during this pandemic:

Filter social media and news

The news channels these days are exaggerating the pandemic related news, and it is posing huge stress on people with existing mental health issues. Experts advise following a balanced schedule for watching the news and social media updates. Mute notifications and take a break from triggering social media updates. Spare some time to enjoy yourself with your family so that you all can feel the positive vibes together.

Talk openly about your stress

Some people find it difficult to talk openly about their anxiety and depression. They usually have a feeling of being judged by others. But suppressing your thoughts inside may increase the stress in your mind. Instead, it is better to talk about your feelings with some of your loved ones. Other than this, there are many helpline numbers available where you can share details about your mental health.

Follow anti-depressant diet

Anxiety can naturally increase during crises, but if your body is nourished well, it can handle the negative scenarios as well. Experts advise following an anti-depressant diet during these trying times that could supply enough anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory elements to your body. It is important to focus more on green vegetables, whole grains, berries, fruits, nuts, olive oil, and seeds to boost your mental and behavioral health.

Use social distancing wall signs

Experts advise following adequate social distancing and safety measures to the general public these days, but adopting these things for routines is not that easy. People may take time to settle with this new normal. Installing some social distancing wall signs at your home, workspace, and nearby areas may help to stay informed about healthy practices. These signs can encourage workers at the office to maintain adequate distance from each other and wash their hands from time to time. Other than this, these signs can provide essential information to your visitors so that spread of covid-19 can be under control.

Now you have gone through some of the best ideas and tips to manage your behavioral health during a pandemic. Start following these practices to enjoy a healthy life during these trying times.

Working with Different Versions of Windows on a P2P Network

A simple peer to peer network working on the Window’s desktop version can help you avoid the expense and complexity of using dedicated network operating systems. In general terms, Windows for workgroups acts more like an original “do it yourself” network, especially for the Intel-compatible personal computers. It was mainly designed to work with the Windows shell and Microsoft’s MS-DOS OS.

Over the past few years, several versions of Windows have been released with some advancements in technologies and features. The journey started from Windows 95, then came Windows 98 and then developers created Windows Millennium Editor that is suitable for home users. Furthermore, Windows NT and Windows 2000 are useful for business network users.

P2P Network

source: slock.it Blog

The most commonly preferred version of Windows in the market is Windows XP and it is currently available in two versions: Professional and Home. Windows Vista is the latest operating system that is being used by most of the users around the world.

The home version of Windows is usually designed for those who work from the small office or home only. They can easily connect to the workgroup by using peer to peer network of Microsoft. Furthermore, the Windows XP Professional provides easy access to many advanced features to ease the process for end-users. This OS is capable enough to serve clients on the server-based networks. Experts reveal that one should not use the Home edition if connecting to the client/server network is your first priority.

Generally, the peer to peer networking products of Microsoft are based on the workgroup idea. In this case, a set of computers are connected over a common group and they share resources with each other. The Microsoft based peer to peer networks are a versatile and reliable solution for workgroups as they allow connection with computers having any version of Windows.

At the same time, multiple workgroups can also exist over a given physical network. For instance, the members of the sales team can be associated with the SALES workgroup whereas the accounting team can share resources with the ACCOUNTS workgroup. There is always a single administrative user in all the workgroups, on all machines; hence, the central administration is restricted in these peer-to-peer network connections. But it is still considered a reliable administrative solution. Users can also use WhatsApp secure connection for information sharing between workgroups.

The peer to peer networking on the Windows platform is pretty straightforward. The computers that are using Windows XP OS are configured in such a manner that they can all connect to the same workgroup. Other than this, users can also use manual configuration to adjust the network setup as per the specific requirements of the teams. The wizard follows simple and convenient configuration options where you can easily add a few other windows computers as well. It is even possible to tune to the computers using earlier versions of windows as well.

The configuration can be started by opening the Windows Control Panel. First of all, you need to select the Network and Internet Connection Icon from the control panel and then change your small office or home network. The wizard screen can guide you better to choose the connection method. Once the workgroup is created, any user on the system can browse the workgroup to access shared printers and folders. This peer-to-peer network connection allows users to collaborate with other users in a friendly manner while sharing valuable data more safely.

The sharing task becomes easier with the Window p2p network workgroups. Users can even set passwords for some secure files to ensure authorized access only. Workgroups can easily administer the activities over these networks.

Following These Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

As you make your financial plans, you have to factor in the place of a good credit score. You can have an excellent credit score, a good credit score, a bad credit score, or a poor credit score. You can either move up or down this credit score ratings depending on the knowledge you have. Whether you work as a private individual or a corporate body, there are several opportunities that you can leverage to increase your credit score.

If you are here to find out ways to improve your credit score, then you are in the right place. At Velocifin, we work to help our clients improve their credit score and stand a better chance at improving their credit score. In this article, we shall be providing you with helpful tips that can help you improve your credit score from a bad one to an excellent one.


Source: Bank of the Lowcountry

  1. Determine What Your Credit Score Is

You cannot work on improving your credit score if you don’t know what your credit report is. Request for a copy of your credit report and carefully analyze it. If you are a beginner at this, you may need to seek the services of a professional to help you analyze the report and ensure the figures are correct. Your credit report lets you know what your credit score is and if you need to take steps to improve it.

  1. Find Out If There Are Any Errors

Do not just look at your credit report for the credit score alone, also check to see if there are any errors with the information provided it. Errors can harm your credit score and limit your access to loans and other services. Where an error is detected in your credit report that affects your credit score, take steps to immediately report such error. Not reporting this error on time can affect its correction and make it take longer time than expected.

  1. Do Not Make New Credit Card Purchases

Credit utilization is very important in improving your credit score. You have to take steps to drastically reduce your credit utilization rate. A high credit utilization rate negatively affects your credit score while a low credit utilization rate improves your credit score. While it may be difficult to do away with credit card purchases in its entirety, you must take reasonable steps to limit it as much as you can. Always refer back to your credit score to determine the current state of your credit utilization rate. This will help you know whether or not it is safe to make new credit card purchases.

  1. Offset Your Debts

You cannot improve your credit score by accumulating more debts. The more debts you accumulate, the more it becomes difficult for you to pay up the debts at the specified time. Instead of taking more debts, you should work towards offsetting your existing debts. The more you can offset your debts, the faster you can improve your credit score. When lenders look at your credit score and see how well you offset debts, it gives them confidence in your ability to pay your loan back if granted one.

  1. Do Not Apply For New Credit Cards

When you are working to improve your credit score, you are in a credit repair mode and you shouldn’t be applying for new credit at that point. Lenders always perform a hard inquiry on your credit report when you apply for new credit cards. Hard inquiry causes a review of your credit report and can harm your overall credit score. The number of accounts you have to your name and the number of hard inquiries that have been conducted on your account make up a percentage of your credit score.

  1. Talk To a Professional

Many individuals find it difficult to improve their credit score because they want to do it alone. With the right understanding, you can improve your credit score yourself. However, what happens if after you do all you know to do the results aren’t forthcoming? There is no point being hard on yourself trying to do this when you can speak to a professional.

Seeking professional help to improve your credit score makes the process faster and better. You will not only be guided on what to do, but you will also know what to avoid. At Velocifin, we have a team of professionals who can provide you with the best advice and guide to improving your credit score.

  1. Speak To Your Creditors

Your creditors can be of tremendous help to you at improving your credit score. They do not always seem like the best option, but some of them have temporary programs that you can subscribe too. If there is a possibility of missing a payment, you can discuss with your creditors to reach an agreement on making progress. These agreements can help you sort out outstanding balances and improve your credit score.

  1. You Need To Exercise Patience

Improving your credit score might take a lot of time even if you have engaged all the helpful tips you know. With all of these, patience is also very important to calculate and increase your credit rating. You will have to monitor your credit report every week and month to be sure the changes you are making is reflecting on the report. Do not just exercise patience on your report, you should also stay consistent at paying your debts, avoiding new credit cards application, and keeping unused cards open.

You should be in a constant state of repairing your credit score and proving to lenders that you can pay back loans if your application is granted. This is not a one-time activity but a process that involves a mix of activities many of which have come as tips above. Some of these tips might not immediately improve your credit score to the tune you want it to get to. You will have to exercise a lot of patience and keep engaging these tips because sooner or later, they will yield positive effects.