Unveiling La Liga’s Glitterati: An In-depth Look at the League’s All-Time Top Scorers

Introduction to La Liga: The Battlefield of the Giants

Welcome, football lovers! Today we’re going to travel through time and space to the heart of Spanish football – La Liga. A league renowned for its technique, style, and legendary players, La Liga has always been a top-tier attraction for football enthusiasts worldwide.

Overview of La Liga

Founded in 1929, La Liga, or the Primera División, boasts a rich history filled with mesmerizing performances and awe-inspiring moments. Its clubs have been the breeding ground for some of the world’s greatest players, many of whom have engraved their names in the annals of football history.

Origin of the Golden Boot Award

Golden Boot Award

Speaking of greatness, let’s delve into the prestigious Golden Boot Award. The European Golden Shoe, as it’s officially known, is presented each season to the leading goalscorer in league matches from the top division of every European national league.Golden Boot Winners from Manchester United Interesting fact: a couple of Golden Boot winners originated from Manchester United, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Dimitar Berbatov. Their scoring prowess in the Premier League earned them a move to La Liga, where they continued to impress.

The Importance of the Golden Boot Award

Winning the Golden Boot is not just about personal glory. It symbolizes a player’s significant contribution to the team’s offensive effort, often leading to trophy-laden seasons. Isn’t it fascinating how a single player’s achievement can uplift the whole team?

Legends of La Liga: Top Scorers Unveiled

Now, let’s look at some legends who ruled the scoring charts in La Liga.

Lionel Messi: The Unparalleled Scorer

The first name that springs to mind is Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest player of his generation. With over 450 goals, Messi is La Liga’s all-time leading scorer.

Messi’s Records in La Liga

Messi’s La Liga records are just staggering. He is the only player to score 50 goals in a single season and has won the Pichichi Trophy (awarded to La Liga’s top scorer) a record number of times.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The Phenomenal Finisher

The second name is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi’s eternal rival. Ronaldo displayed his exceptional scoring skills while at Real Madrid, netting over 300 goals.

Ronaldo’s La Liga Journey

During his nine-year stint with Madrid, Ronaldo became a prolific scorer, setting numerous records. He also won the Golden Boot award twice in La Liga, solidifying his status as one of the game’s greats.

Raul Gonzalez: The King of Madrid

The next name on our list is Raul Gonzalez. With 228 goals in his kitty, Raul was once Real Madrid’s all-time top scorer before Ronaldo surpassed him.

Raul’s Accomplishments

Throughout his illustrious career, Raul won numerous accolades, including La Liga titles and the UEFA Champions League. He embodied the spirit and values of Real Madrid and was a fan favorite.

Telmo Zarra: The Basque Bomber

We can’t forget about Telmo Zarra, the Basque Bomber. Zarra, an Athletic Bilbao legend, was La Liga’s top scorer until Messi broke his record.

Zarra’s Impact on La Liga

Zarra’s impact on La Liga and Bilbao was profound. His goal-scoring prowess was unmatched in his era, and his legacy continues to inspire future generations.

Hugo Sanchez: Mexico’s Pride in La Liga

Lastly, let’s talk about Hugo Sanchez. The Mexican superstar shined bright in La Liga, scoring a whopping 234 goals, primarily for Real Madrid.

Sanchez’s Scoring Spree

Sanchez’s acrobatic volleys and penalty kicks were a treat for the eyes. His goal-scoring exploits led Real Madrid to multiple La Liga titles, etching his name in the club’s folklore.

The Future of La Liga: Rising Stars

While we cherish these legends, let’s not forget the emerging stars in La Liga. Their potential and talent suggest a bright future for the league. We might soon be adding more names to this list of legends!

Conclusion: The Legacy Lives On

In conclusion, La Liga has been graced by extraordinary talent. The top scorers have not only contributed to their teams but also shaped the league’s legacy. As we relish their extraordinary feats, we also eagerly await the next generation of stars who’ll take La Liga to even greater heights.


Top High-Quality Diving Masks

Choosing a mask is key to having the best dive experience possible. There are a number of great dive masks available on the market today so let’s take a closer look at a few.

Let’s explore the high-quality masks and their benefits along with other interesting facts.



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The Crystal Vu mask by Scubapro is a three panel design which allows for maximum light absorbtion and field of vision. The Crystal Vu is perfect when diving in a group and you need to be aware of other divers around you. It’s essential to look after your eyes and Scubapro are well renowned for making some of the best masks on the market. With the Crystal Vu you make best use of this key human sense.

Available in multiple colour options to suit all your other gear. The silicone skirt comes in either solid black or transparent. This high quality skirt tapers at its edges to a fine layer which sits snugly against your face. This high level of comfort will keep you fresh for as long as you can dive. The Scubapro Crystal Vu diving mask is made to Scubapro’s exacting high standards and is a perfect choice for those looking for a wide field of vision whilst diving.

Mares i3 Mask

Designed to be comfortable and practical, the Mares i3 mask is a great all-rounder. Crafted with comfort in mind, the mask has a silicone skirt which works well to create an effective seal around the face while being flexible enough to not be too restricting. The X-shaped silicone strap on the mask helps add to this comfort, providing a strap which fits on the head well and is easily adjustable thanks to its silicone composition.

The mask is also built with practicality in mind. Coming with small ribs around the nose, these work to relieve the pressure on the face to make sure the mask never feels too tight. The single window design is curved to allow for a great peripheral vision as well as all round field of view. This mask also comes in a sunrise version which is designed to fit more comfortably for those with wider faces.

TUSA Freedom Ceos Mask

The Tusa Freedom Ceos Dive Mask is Tusa’s most popular scuba diving mask here at Deep Blue Dive and with such a full feature list it’s not hard to see why. The Freedom Ceos Mask has the Freedom Technology that sets Tusa masks apart when it comes to comfortable fitting on your face – the combination of a dimpled skirt, varied silicone thickness and stability ridges on the cheek area makes a massive difference compared to many traditional dive masks.

The Freedom Ceos also accepts Tusa’s MC-7500 Corrective Lenses so if you wear glasses of a fairly standard prescription then you can have the corrective lenses fitted so you don’t suffer any lack of clarity when you’re diving. At Deep Blue this is our most popular Tusa dive mask and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a supremely comfortable low profile dive mask.

betting online

How to Make More Successful Bets: Discovering Sports Betting Tips in 2018

Are enthusiastic about sports betting? For sure, you will not miss the chance to discover how you can successfully bet on your favorite sports and win overwhelming prizes. Thus, getting updates from SBO is one of your best advantages.

It’s already 2018, but before the year ends, make sure that you already have won fabulous prizes from your favorite sports. If not, the best solution for you is to determine the best ways on you can perform successful bets.

betting online

So, let’s start!


The truth is, sports betting does not guarantee a long-term win. However, if you are skillful in making accurate predictions, chances are you have more opportunities to win.

In order for you to prevent disappointments whenever you fail is to set achievable objectives. Never assume that on your first attempt, you will win. Thus, you need to determine whether you are betting for profit or for fun.


You will never be successful in any sport betting activities if you don’t know the basics. Learning the basics can bring you into a better position. This may not provide you overall profit, but at least you are on the right track. You need to get involved with fixed odds betting, sports wager components, sports wager types, sport betting alternatives and ways to bet with a bookmaker.


In sports betting, there is more chance for losing money rather than winning. So, setting a budget is essential. The easiest way for you to prevent spending too much is by setting a daily, weekly, monthly budget or even annual budget. Also, see to it that your budget is fixed and set in an  affordable amount.

Remember, sports betting will always put your money into risk. In avoiding losing a considerable amount of money, it is vital to stick to your budget.


Staking plan involves a set of rules that can help you determine the amount of money you should be staked in every wager. This is closely related to the size of your set budget. It is ideal to stake around 1 to 2% and not more than 5%. As a result, you can avoid some losses without completely affecting your budget.


One of the easiest and fastest ways to place a sports wager is betting online. Although placing your bet online can bring you a hard decision of which site is reputable. Before placing your bets, make sure that this site is trustworthy and already proved their efficient service the same way with SBO.


To obtain more successful bets, you need to make an effort in keeping your betting records. This helps you updated on how much you have spent and as a guide on how you are going to improve your betting activities. You can simply record the selection, selection odds, stake size, wager result, and payout received.

Now that you already know what the best ways to have more successful bets are, the big next thing for you is to trust SBO. This site can bring you into a more convenient  and satisfying sports betting.

Things to Know When Choosing a Reputable Trophy Supplier

Football is a strenuous sport. Players need to have enough stamina to last throughout every game. Before they can join any competition, they work hard. From hours of intense practice every day to discipline, they need to possess good qualities to succeed.

After all the sweats, tears, sleepless nights, criticisms, and failures, they need to be appropriately recognized for a job well done. And a beautiful and unique trophy is the only award that can make them happy. Nothing is fulfilling than a creative and special trophy with a detailed style and design.

At one point in time, the committee for a football competition wants to purchase an award for a function. These days, there are different types of options to choose from. The sizes and the shapes vary. It’s wise to research thoroughly to identify the right trophy for a sporting event like football. Of course, finding the right option is essential as a below-par item does not suit the competition.

Is the trophy of high quality?

Buying any item online or offline is tough. But there’s a way to make the process hassle-free. When buying a trophy, check whether it is of good quality or not. Work with a supplier that’s reputed for providing aesthetically creative and highly excellent trophies to give you the peace of mind.

Of course, all suppliers want their clients to think that they make the most outstanding solutions on the market. In reality, some can be relied on, and others cannot be trusted. As much as possible, ask where their products are made of. This would give you a concrete idea about the quality of your option.

Before adding the trophy to cart, see some samples of trophies from the company. Spend time to know the materials used in every product. Is it made from glass? Or does it have the integration of crystal objects? Always remember that the quality of these components won’t be the same among different suppliers.

Not only that, there’s more! Check out the grade of materials used on every trophy. Determine whether a supplier is the main source or an intermediary. For those who prefer items that are available at a reasonable time, trophies from a primary supplier are brilliant.

What are the Engravings of the Trophy?

The engravings in the trophy is another thing to take into account. With the advancement of technology, there are several ways that suppliers follow when engraving awards. As a consumer, choose the one that has a vast experience in all aspects of manufacturing trophies. Select the company that specializes in engraving different materials like metals.

Is your Supplier Credible?

Last but not the least, consider how trustworthy the supplier of your choice. A reputed company is worth the investment. Not only can you purchase a high-quality option, but you can also make people happy.

There you have it! Prepare your pocket and enjoy shopping! Seeing how the winners smile when they receive their football trophy is satisfying!