Applying to university from overseas in the UK

Many overseas students want to study in UK universities and would like to know about the process of application. If you are one of those, then make sure to remember one word and that is UCAS. UCAS means Universities Colleges Admission Services. If you are planning to apply for a course in UK Universities then you must go through UCAS. So, be thorough about the procedure that UCAS follow and follow it while applying.

What I must know before applying to the Universities:

  1. Your course of selection:

Make a proper selection of the course that you are applying for which will be most suitable for your qualification, experience and more importantly, your interest. You can apply for five courses at the same university or in different universities. The courses that various universities are offering are also available in the UCAS website, so you can explore from there and decide about the course and university that you are going to opt for.

  1. Check the deadline:

Make sure to check the deadline before applying for a course. It is absolutely necessary to maintain the deadline while applying for a course.

  1. Check the fee structure:

Before applying for a course, be sure that you know the fee structure of your course. Sometimes, it becomes a vital factor while selecting your course of study.

Process of application through UCAS:

  1. Registration:

You can register independently or through your institution if they are registered with UCAS.

  1. Filling Up the Application Form:

Fill up all the detailed information of the application form after you complete your registration.

  1. Personal Statement:

Personal statement plays a vital role in your selection. The personal statement includes your educational background, you experience of work, your motivation for opting the course, a brief history of your life etc. This gives a detailed picture of yours to the universities you are applying to and thus they can easily decide whether the course will be suitable for you or not. As the personal statement plays a vital role in your selection, you can opt for Personal Statement Help from professional service providers to design the best personal statement for you.

  1. References:

You need to upload at least two references along with your application. It can be from your teacher, employer, somebody at higher ranking post who can write a letter of recommendation for you mentioning your strength and ability in the field of course that you are applying for.

  1. Submit the application:

After you fill up all the relevant details in your application, submit it and wait for the result. Remember one thing you need to disclose everything about you while applying for a course. Sometimes, It can be your criminal records also depending on the course of study that you are opting for.

So, if you are thinking about going to your dream university in UK and pursue your choice of course, don’t sit back, start the process now. It needs a lot of research work and good planning if you are really looking forward to get selected in your dream university.