Some Of The Industries Which Drive Brooklyn



One of the most populated boroughs of the New York City is the Brooklyn. The climate of this region is usually the subtropical type of climate and it has been shown to develop economically because of some of the developments within and also due to bordering the New York City. The economy of Brooklyn has depended on the manufacturing industries for a very long time but nowadays it has been shown to show diversification whereby there are emerging good service industries. There are also industries that are concerned with the issue of food production while others are involved in other types of manufacturing. These have led to the growth of business in this borough and hence there has been an increase in the number of retailers. These have been facilitated more by the presence of storage units Brooklyn. They are able to store their goods at a small fee and this gives them a lot of advantages in that they are able to save on the cost of storage and also they get the proper protection and security of their goods and items. Also, other bigger organizations utilize these units before they sell they distribute their goods to the market.

Major factors driving Brooklyn

The economy of Brooklyn has been growing tremendously partly because of the activities within the borough and partly due to the influence of New York. The following are some of the driving forces to its economy:

Financial services

This is one of the lucrative businesses in this region. It has been shown to contribute a lot to the growth of the economy in this region. It has been shown to contribute a lot of revenue to the growth of this borough. Furthermore, people who work in the industry earn more income than the ones in the other industries. Financial workers have been shown to form a very big number of workers in the region.

Health care industry

There are many people who have been offered employment by this sector. According to statistics, the health industry is almost the leading number 1 employer in the region. People or organizations which have invested in this sector have been shown to make a significant amount of profit from their services. Therefore, the health sector cannot be underestimated as far as the growth of Brooklyn is concerned.

The technical industries

It has been shown that there are many people in the region who offer various technical services. These might be accountants, lawyers, and other people. These professionals are very important in that they contribute a lot to fueling the growth of other industries. They help to facilitate the other workers in various businesses to work efficiently. This group of people has been shown to have achieved the highest growth compared to the others.

Growth in retail trade

There is a high growth in retail trade which has been facilitated by the storage units, Brooklyn. It has been shown to contribute a lot to the growth of the economy in this region.


There has been rapid growth in the economy of Brooklyn which can be attributed to some of the factors above.