Know Before You Go: The Best Tips for Study Abroad Uganda

Uganda is one of the most exotic places to travel. There are several natural aspects that may attract you to this place. It is a land of unique animals; the list includes gorillas and many unique species of birds. Moreover, the multi-cultural population in this country lives with harmony.

Those who are currently planning to study abroad can put Uganda on the top of the list. The country follows a favorable environment for abroad study programs. Students that are interested to lead international developments may find incredible opportunities on this land of beautiful borders.

Study Abroad Uganda

source: Cultural Difference and Social Change – Weebly

Those who are ready to move to Uganda for study are advised to go through the details below. These tips can help you ensure the best experience for study abroad:

  • Learn the local language:

Although you will be able to cover the courses in the English language. But as you are going to spend a long time in this area, it is good to find a way to the heart of the local people. Well, the best thing you can do is learn some native vocabulary so that you can easily break the cultural barricades. Note that people in Uganda follows more than 30 languages. So, depending upon in which area you are going to study, you can choose the language to learn so that you can adapt to the local environment.

  • Learn to live with slow internet:

When people plan to study abroad, one of the most common thought in their mind stays about fast internet facility. But when you will move to Uganda, you will see exactly the opposite of it. Reports reveal that it is really difficult to find a reliable and stable internet connection anywhere in Uganda. Your emails and messages may get stuck on their way. Hence, it is better to coordinate events and class schedules in advance so that you do not miss the opportunities.

  • Choose your clothes wisely:

So, you are ready to move to Uganda for higher education. Well, you may need to pack all the essentials to the new place. But while packing your stuff, it is important to be selective about your clothes. This country is known for rising cases of sexual assault against women. Although it is a terrible thing to know, the people at Uganda find shoulders, back of the knees and skin-tight cloths] more like an invitation to improper touch. So, it is important to maintain your modesty by wearing good clothes that cover your body well.

  • Get ready to adapt to a new culture:

It is not just about learning new concepts in your course work; while living in Uganda, you may also need to adapt to the local culture. Let us start with the food. People here are more addicted to starches; it means, you should get ready to eat posho, rice, matooke, sweet potatoes, chapati, plantains, and bread. Other than this, you have to tune to a simple lifestyle. The culture here doesn’t include night outs, club life, and musical events. Also, people here are more mindful of skin colors. It may sound awkward at the first instant, but the black and white people are treated differently in the country.

Now you have gone through a few basics about Uganda. This information may help you to prepare well for the study abroad experience. You can also stay connected to Uganda news to avail more details about lifestyle and education in this country. It is good to be careful while making a selection for the best university and course. Also, check out the fee structure and other facilities for a foreign student. It may help you to ensure a memorable experience in the long run.