When To Use Yards or Miles for Distances? What Unit to Use for Areas?

Do you know that the measurement systems keep on changing from country to country? In some countries, people use centimeters for measuring clothing sizes whereas, in others, they prefer inches. In a similar manner, distance is measured in kilometers at some places, whereas miles at others. The main difference between measurement units occurs in the United States and the rest of the world. Although the English language is accepted in most countries across the world, the measurement systems keep on changing. 

Yard vs. Miles – Units of Distance Measurement:

Distance Measurement

Feet and yards are better recognized as linear systems of measurement. They are used to measure the distance from one point to another across a straight line. Experts recommend using these measurement units to measure room sizes, objects, heights, and road distances. Some of you might be interested to know how many yards in a mile. Well, 1760 yards make up one mile, whereas one yard is equivalent to three feet and one mile is measured as 5280 feet. The major difference between miles and yards is the magnitude of length represented by these units. In general, miles are used to measure larger distances that can be traveled by train, truck, car, or plane; whereas yards are used to measure smaller dimensions such as a house, or sports fields. Both these popular units are an integral part of the imperial unit system which is widely used in America and a few other countries. 

If you are interested to know about metrics used for area measurements, they are also described below in detail:

Square Yards:

A square yard is the most widely used unit for measuring area or land in India and many other countries. It can be also recognized as an imperial measurement unit that has gained huge popularity in all those countries that stayed under British rule for some years. This is the main reason why square yards is a popularly used unit for measuring urban zone lands in India as well as Pakistan; it has even substituted old unit square meters considerably now. 

Square Miles:

Square Mile can be better defined as an area when measured along a square and the abbreviation used to represent this is sq mi. The area is usually measured in the form of a square while considering a determinant unit for length along all sides. It is one of the several units that is derived from the area of the square while considering sides of one mile. 


Hectare in short form is also written as ha and it is the main unit for measuring the area under the International System of Units. This unit is preferably used to measure land area. When compared to square meters, one hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters; however, it turns out to be 2.471 acres. The term hectare was first introduced in the year 1795 and it was derived from the hector that defines a factor of 100. Presently, this unit has become a legal unit for measurement in European Union and Australia to handle real estate planning. 


Acres represent the oldest measuring units that are widely used under the imperial system for values. It is possible to measure land units with acres while considering different shapes such as circles, pentagons, and rectangles. One acre can be measured by any width or length as long as the sum of land acres doesn’t go above 43,560 square feet. 

One can choose any of these measurement units as per the requirements and the preferences followed in the specific geographical areas.