The Best Text to Speech Apps to Help You Multitask

The text to speech conversions are the requirements of the era – especially when people are already enjoying conversions with Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Earlier, this idea was used only for building some accessible apps and potential speech-powered chatbots. However, these applications have grown high within the last few years in the field of audiobooks. These advancements help people learn new things and enjoy stories while multitasking.

The software developers have now developed several text-to-speech converter software and apps. The users may even find it difficult to choose the best one among several options. Don’t worry! If you are also looking for the best text-to-speech apps that can help you multitask, the list below may guide you better. Here we have listed the best apps to serve your needs:

Natural Reader

This is the most efficient and user-friendly text-to-speech software that can handle a variety of text files with ease. It provides easy access to hundreds of useful natural-sounding voices, and they are available in 10 plus languages. The app also allows users to upload text files instantly from cloud storage such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. This document supports most of the popular document formats, including PPTX, DOCX, TXT, and PDF, etc. Users can access this tool online or download it on their system as per requirements.

Linguatec Voice Reader

Linguatec voice reader is one of the top-rated text-to-speech tools that can help you convert text files into useful audio streams instantly. It allows users to choose out of 60 plus natural sounding voices that are available in high-quality versions. You can choose any of the professional voices available in the library to turn your text into audio. Moreover, it supports all popular text file formats, including PDF, EPUB, HTM, DOC, TXT, and HTML. The app can support 45 different languages and is available at a reasonable price for commercial needs.


Here is another famous solution for converting text files into speech with ease. The best part is that this tool works online and offline as well. With this app, users can experience a natural-sounding listening experience, and it can be integrated into cloud platforms easily. It means users can upload text files instantly from OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, and that too in more than 20 different languages. Capti Voice is a top-rated platform for educators and students to remove barriers in learning. The voices available on this platform can easily narrate eBooks, articles, and web pages to boost the learning experience in online mode.

There are many such apps that can make text to speech conversion process convenient as per your unique needs. However, if you are interested in designing a new platform to serve the text-to-speech conversion needs, you can get started with Voicify. This platform allows users to build voice apps with an incredible set of features, as well as to manage and deploy them to serve end-users. This platform makes it easier to design voice apps to capture the attention of thousands of customers in the target market.