Graduate School

Applying to Graduate School, What You Should Know

Whether you’re applying for an undergraduate or graduate degree, the application process is largely the same—with a few exceptions. If your goal is to get into a graduate school that is the perfect match for your academic goals, you need to understand those exceptions in order to tailor your essay so that graduate school admission counselors will want to read it.

No matter what you’re studying, graduate schools usually require a great deal of research which will eventually help students specialize in a certain field. It’s the difference between a more generic undergraduate degree and a field of study that is geared toward preparing students for eventual field work in a particular area of expertise.

That said, there are so many graduate programs that it’s hard to discuss them without generalizing. Nevertheless, the following information can help you as you embark on this next phase of your studies.

Graduate School

Graduate school admission counselors keep an eagle eye out for students who know what areas they want to specialize in. That’s important because it shows that, having exceeding professional and academic expectations, those students now want to apply what they’ve learned and go on to the next step. It’s the difference between studying something just for fun and studying something in order to apply it in a real-life work setting. Graduate schools want students who want to develop true expertise in their field.

In addition to needing outstanding grades, a fantastic résumé will show admission counselors what you’ve already done to begin working towards that aforementioned expertise. They want to know you’re both committed and driven. Only then will graduate schools know that you’re one of those students who will make the most of your studies and truly excel.

Fewer Applicants, But Way More Competition

When you applied to undergraduate school, you competed against roughly 20 million other student applicants. For graduate school, that number is significantly smaller—somewhere under five million—and the seats available are far fewer, so the competition is stringent.

Since there are fewer applicants, logically, graduate school applications get examined much more thoroughly than undergraduate school applications. Admissions counselors are concerned with creating classes of students that will be successful and which will reflect well upon their establishment. Thus, seeking help from a graduate school admissions consultant whose job entails helping students prepare outstanding applications, is always a good idea.

Your application is exceedingly important, and in particular, your personal statement is critical. You need to be able to make the case for why you want to earn your graduate degree. Graduate degrees are usually seen as optional—very few people get them because they’re not considered “necessary”—so you need to make it clear what is driving you to take this next academic step. Explain why you’re continuing your studies and why you want to do that at a particular school. How will that school help you fulfill your specific goals?

Unfortunately, It’s (At Least Partially) About the Money

Keep in mind, as you’re preparing your application, that graduate schools are businesses. An admission counselor’s job is to make sure not only that a university enrolls outstanding students but that there are enough of those students to pay the bills. Graduate schools are usually subdivisions of large universities and have fewer students than undergraduate schools as a whole, so every single one counts.

Of course, even though graduate schools are businesses, they differ in that their “product” is students rather than, say, cars—if they produce students who excel in their respective fields, that allows for bragging (read: marketing) rights and helps to attract more students which will help pay more bills … you get the idea.

How does this help you? Well, if you know graduate schools are constantly in a financial crunch and are watching every penny, it helps if you can afford not to ask them for scholarships or other forms of financial assistance. That doesn’t seem like helpful advice, of course, if you can’t pay for an entire degree on your own. However, you can always look for outside scholarships. Keep in mind, again, that this is generalized information, and some graduate schools have great endowments with which they can assist students. It’s a matter of researching your particular school of interest. The majority of schools with such financial acumen are Ivy League members, and the degrees are often geared toward areas such as public service and education.

Your Résumé is Key

As we noted earlier, a great résumé is absolutely critical when applying to graduate school. The more professional experience you can prove—specifically experience related to the academic discipline you want to pursue—the more chances your application will be successful. Why? In addition to demonstrating your commitment to your area of study, substantial work experience indicates that you already have some preparation that will stand you in good stead in the classroom.

Students with extensive, specific work experience can contribute a great deal to the classroom by bringing in their personal experiences and connecting them to everything they’re learning. They can pair that past experience with new research and, as a result, anchor academia in work-life reality (something that can be tricky) and take their studies that much further.

Also of importance is proving in your application that your degree will make a real difference as you move forward in your career. It could be that you’re in a job that requires a specific graduate degree before you can be promoted. If so, make sure you state that clearly. Admission counselors want to know that you’re really planning on using your degree and that it won’t just be a dusty, forgotten diploma on a wall somewhere.

After you get your coveted degree, graduate school admission counselors want to know that you’re going to take your education and run with it. It looks good for a school to be able to say “x number of graduates immediately obtained jobs in their specific fields of study.” Conversely, if you (and your fellow graduates) can’t get a job post-graduate degree, the school’s reputation takes a hit. Its degrees lose value. Of course, the job market is also responsible for anyone struggling to get work, but that doesn’t mitigate the fact that if many graduate students from a certain school can’t find jobs, it looks bad.

Graduate School

Unlike Undergraduate School, Professors Can (and do) Weigh in on Graduate School Admissions

Since, as we have said, graduate school involves research and practical application of skills learned, students will be working far more closely with their teachers than at the undergraduate level. Therefore, it makes sense that professors want to thoroughly vet the people who they will be collaborating with for year. This is why it’s important to specifically research what professors will be teaching classes for your field of study. Then, in your application, make the case for why you will be able to help further those specific professors’ goals (as well as your own.)

Whether you’re applying for graduate school right now or just considering it for down the road, it’s a good idea to get started with your research now. The more you look into specific fields of study, schools, and professors, the better prepared you’ll be when you do decide to apply. That will only help to better your application and improve your chances of being admitted.

When it comes down to it, applying for graduate school can be overwhelming. Seeking help from a graduate school admissions consultant, who is specifically trained in helping walk you through the process of crafting an outstanding application, can be a worthwhile investment of time and money. It’ll save you stress and make it that much easier to start down this next path in your academic journey.

Storage Units El Paso

Storage Units El Paso

Storage units are a great way and convenient way for those who are in need of storage or freeing their home or workplaces. Storage unit companies work in a way that. You deliver your belongings to the storage facility, and They kept your belongings safe and protected responsibly. Different storage units offer different size units, which are capable of storing everything from household belongings to larger items such as an RV or motorcycle and you can choose between them according to your need by paying some monthly charges.

Storage units provide a lot of convenience and ease at the time, where you need storage and want your items protected too. Storage units el paso is what you’re looking for. They are affordable and trustworthy where you can store your items for a short or long period of time while moving somewhere else or freeing up office space of unused items, whatever the circumstance of life, storage units avail you a temporary avenue to keep your possessions safe.

Storage Units El Paso

Which things do you need to consider before renting a Storage Unit in El Paso?

Identify the requirement for the storage unit

Before heading to any storage units, first, look upon the reason what you are storing and why. The next question is for how long will it be. People look to live a more minimalistic lifestyle in the US, Where storage units may help you with storing extra accessories. So when you determine the purpose, It will be easy enough to figure out what type of storage facility will be good enough for you.

Cheap and Easily Accessible Storage Units Are Helpful

Moving possession from one place to another can be costly, and this is a nightmare of any lower middle-class person or those with temporary job assignments. In this matter. A storage unit can be viable and a great alternative as there is a wide array of storage units El Paso available. The rent can be depending on the location though mostly Storage units provide introductory offer like 1-month free or a discount on the first three months. Introductory deals are great. However, if you’re planning to keep it for a long time. Then choose the right deal accordingly. Once items arrive at the storage, they stay for a while. If you find a great and affordable monthly price then ask them if they will match a competitor’s introductory offer. So you can ask for a discount when you pay several months upfront.

Choosing the right size is Important

Storage units can be sorted by ratings, price and distance from the home or can also be filtered by special features including climate control, drive-up access, 24-hour access, and storage offering. Many storage companies have featured on their website to help you determine what size you require and help you visualize the items. Storage unit rent is mostly determined by the time span your items are stored and the size of the storage unit. The bigger space, the more you pay. It could be worth it to invest in shelving to maximize the available space in a smaller unit.

Climate Control

So it depends on what you are storing, you will be required to pay extra for a climate-controlled unit to keep your possessions safe from extreme temperatures. If you are storing possessions like clothes, photos, artwork, antique, and other items that might get affected by the weather, then you should consider Climate-controlled storage units. Because it helps to maintain the temperature throughout the year and protects your belonging from humidity or extreme temperature.

The indoor or outdoor storage unit

An indoor storage unit provides you the convenience of entering through the interior hallway of a building, which gives your possessions more protection from the outside world but it also can hectic enough to get things out of the storage. However, outdoor self-storage units are much like a garage where you can pull right up to the door to load or unload but are less secure and safer than the indoor one. So, it is recommended when you are storing your possessions for a long time-span.


Appealing Features Of Private Storage Facilities

Businesses and individuals always have the pressing need to keep their property safe, hence most people keep their valuables in banks and regular property at home and in the office. However, situations may arise that would make keeping of personal and business property at home and in the office grossly impracticable, and the need for an alternative storage solution immediately arises. Several kinds of storage solutions exist for different kind of uses and situations like underground bunkers and safe deposit boxes, but an amazing solution that’s applicable for all kinds of items from the biggest to the smallest and the most valuable to the least valuable is the use of private storage units. These units are holding compartments for private property and are usually leased out to individuals and businesses at a pre-agreed rate for a specified period. An amazing benefit of using a private storage unit is the fact that it affords people and businesses the flexibility to be mobile while their property is kept safe and protected.


Before choosing a private storage facility for any purpose whatsoever, it is necessary to keep a couple of determining factors in mind. First and foremost, what are you planning to keep in the private storage facility? Specific facilities are designed to keep different specialized kinds of items, while general-purpose facilities are just simple, empty compartments for keeping regular items that do not require any special conditions or equipment. So, before finalizing on a specific storage unit to be used for storing your assets, ascertain that such an asset does not require special storage conditions. Some special items like chemicals, inflammables and perishable food products that need to be stored temporarily require special storage conditions in terms of temperature, lighting, humidity and other factors. Therefore, to make sure that your property or business asset remains usable and safe throughout the period of holding, you need to use a storage facility that provides all required conditions necessary for storage. Security is another important concern when it comes to choosing a storage facility. You need to consider how well-protected the storage facility is in relation to the item that you want to store. If you desire to store extremely valuable possessions, it is advisable to use storage facilities with sophisticated security features to ensure maximum protection of your precious belongings. For less expensive assets, on the other hand, you can utilize a less-protected storage facility to cut down on costs, as more security entails more money.

You also need to keep the cost of leasing the storage facility for the required period in mind. If you keep possession in a storage unit, and the time you paid for has lapsed, your items may be seized, and you might have to pay huge fees to reclaim your property. Therefore, to avoid complications and stress, evaluate the amount you would need to keep your assets in a storage unit for a period and make sure you have that amount ready. Finally, it is important to consider the location of the storage unit, especially if you want to store business assets like machinery and stock items. It is usually advisable to choose a storage unit near your business site if you desire to use an external storage unit for storing your business assets.

Now that we have reviewed the factors that you need to consider before choosing a storage facility, we would be examining some of the amazing features of storage facilities.

Reasonable Pricing

Most private storage facilities are extremely affordable and easy to secure. This makes storage units extremely appealing. The cost of renting a huge dedicated warehouse to store your business’s products and assets might increase your cost of production considerably, thereby reducing your business’s chances of profitability. Leaving your valuable items unprotected might lead to them being stolen from your house while you go on a business trip, hence instead of incurring the huge costs of replacing valuable items, it is simply cheaper and a lot more reasonable to utilize private storage units instead. Renting a huge apartment in a new city just to store your property and then having to move those properties again would cost you thousands of dollars as you keep moving from city to city if you are the mobile type. Hence, to avoid all these unnecessary costs, it is simply advisable to go for the affordable option of utilizing private storage units.

Aids Movement and Relocation

When you are personally trying to relocate or trying to move your business to a new location, private holding facilities like storage units los angeles can come in handy as a very reliable short-term storage solution. Instead of going to the stress of having to move all your assets and property out all at once when your lease at the old place expires, you can simply move your stuff first to a private storage facility, and they set up your new business site or home conveniently, a day at a time. This will also help a lot to prevent loss of your property as you move your belongings.

self storage

Ensures Safety Of Property

In your absence, it is necessary to be sure of the safety of your valuables. To help ensure your peace of mind and prevent theft, secure private storage facilities can be utilized to keep belongings that are dear to you that you wouldn’t be taking along with you when traveling for a long time. Business property can also be stored temporarily in facilities such as storage units Los Angeles in the absence of adequate space to facilitate growth and development while the entrepreneur is assured of the safety of his business’s assets.

Considering all the amazing benefits that private storage units provide, it is highly recommended for you to choose this amazing storage solution to protect your assets, help you save money and facilitate relocation and movement of your business or home.

Travel Insurance

A Complete Guide to Get the Best Travel Insurance in 2019

If you plan to travel across the world, see to it that you already get travel insurance. When people go on a trip, expect that they have travel insurance.

So, what are the reasons why travel insurance is necessary when traveling?

Travel insurance provides medical coverage in the case that you get injured or sick. Also, you can obtain a reimbursement when your favorite camera breaks, you lost your bag, some of your stuff is stolen, or your flight was canceled.

Travel insurance is considered to be the all-purpose coverage during an emergency while you are on a trip. Never leave your home without it because many people have already regretted having no travel insurance.

Furthermore, if you have travel insurance, you do not have to worry about losing money. You can use the insurance to protect yourself from unknown since some of the health insurance does not cover overseas journey while the credit cards have limited protection.

Things to Consider in Getting the Best Travel Insurance Plan

Travel Insurance

With so many companies claiming that their travel insurance is the best, it might be difficult for you to choose.


One of the best ways to ensure that you are putting your trust in the right travel insurance plan, you need to be provided with up to $100,000 medical care coverage. Having a high coverage limits means that you can be confident when you get injured or sick and you require for serious attention from a professional healthcare facility.


In the case that you an on hiking and you get injured, the policy needs to cover the evacuation to the hospital. Also, emergency care should be separate from medical coverage.

Good travel insurance should have the following provisions:

  • Cover most of the countries
  • Cover sudden illnesses and injury
  • Cover electronics
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Cover damaged, stolen, or lost possessions
  • Offer financial protection
  • Cover cancellations, including hotel reservations or flight in the case of emergency

What Are the Best Travel Insurance Companies?

In any country, you can find different travel insurance companies. But, make sure that you are working with a reputable and dependable one.

World Nomads

In just a matter of minutes, you can renew your insurance policy through online processing. They have responsive and friendly staff. Also, they offer plenty of coverage at a very fair price.

Clements Worldwide

This insurance company is known to be the best in electronics coverage. They provide up to five million in coverage. Also, they have affordable deductibles.


They offer high medical evacuation coverage as well as annual plans. If you use their plan, you can experience limited time to be spent in some foreign medical facilities.

STA Travel

They offer cost-effective plans and basic coverage choices. Their services are ideal for backpackers and students on a budget.

What are you waiting on? Buy travel insurance before processing your flight itinerary for a visa. This ensures that you are protected all the time.

research article

What is the Difference Between the Research Article and Research Paper?

Research is regarded as the movement that has gained a significant place in the world of academic, and that is why a lot of the homework requires dedicated exploration and working framework. Research articles and research papers are a bit of collection required for the basic examination, understanding, as well as exhibiting the outstanding abilities for the studies and research.

Research articles and research paper are pieces of writing which need vital analysis, inquiry, insight as well as a demonstration of some special knowledge from scientists and students. It’s nerve-wracking for learners when their lecturers instruct them to make a research paper as an assignment. Students stayed focused on a research article and a research paper due to their similarities. Read on to know if the research article and research are the same or there is any disparity between these two.

research article

What is a Research Article?

What do you do if you’re a scholar or a scientist and have arrived at a solution to an issue or have made an invention that you like to share globally? The best and perhaps the simplest way to let everyone know regarding your piece of knowledge or wisdom is using a research article. Research article as mentioned above is a piece of paper which has original research information with the pertinent data as well as findings. This is posted or published in a popular scientific journal which is involved with researches in the field to which the document pertain. A research article is writing or a paper that let people know of a way of breaking analysis as well as a finding with scientific information to back the conclusion.

What is a Research Paper?

Research refers to the activity which is given so much significance in the academic, and this is the reason why homework needing technical writing and research begin early in the school. Learners are requested to pass a research paper as first as in high-school. Through, the students become familiar with the concept when they’re pursuing college. On the other hand, a research paper isn’t just these homework papers made by learners as those prepared by scholars as well as a scientist and posted in journals are also known as a research paper.

Is there any difference between a research paper and a research articles?

  • There’s no disparity as such between a research paper and a research article, and both take account of original research that has findings.
  • There’s a style to refer to academic papers and term papers by college students as research paper whereas articles presented by scientists and scholars with their innovative research are called as research articles.
  • A research article is published in popular and trustworthy scientific journals on the other hand research paper written by learners doesn’t go to journals.
  • Research paper usually broad in scope while the research article highly focused on the query of the question. There is also a disparity when it comes to the data source as well as the way of doing research.