Chatbots are a revolutionary creation. It has dramatically changed our interaction with the digital world, it has brought the physical and the virtual world much closer. In the pandemic stricken 2021 people experienced extreme seclusion, which broke our basic social structure. Thus, the need for chatbots has never been more real! You might be wondering what is a chatbot? How can it bridge the gap between human beings? Artificial intelligence (AI) is built to match, understand, and decode our natural intelligence and respond accordingly. Technicians build chatbots with computer programs to simulate human conversation through voice commands, texts, or both.


The whole concept of the chatbot has been build keeping the user experience in mind. It was built to smoothen the differences between two different worlds. Our modern life is moving fast, we all are running, reaching tops, but alone, in the way we are losing our friends. The chatbot is here to help you feel closer to them. Chatbots are our friend in need and as we say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. A friend who understands us better, who knows our likes and dislikes, and acts accordingly. Engineers build chatbots as they know the value of our time, they know how busy the world is, so they made it time-efficient. Now we don’t have to wait in line forever to complain, we can just call out the app, and chatbots are ready to respond recognizing our voice. While scrolling and checking out new blogs, we don’t have to suppress our queries anymore about anything as chatbots are there to take care of our needs. It popup with messages like “Let us know if we can help you with anything.” Chatbots can also analyze if you need any more support, if chatting doesn’t solve your problem, it will refer you to customer service executives. Chatbots thus transformed our whole customer service system.

Chatbots value you, your needs. This sense of empowerment has a huge impact on the users. It feels like, we the users are in control of our choices in a very well-organized way. We have found our personal assistant. We can find assistance whenever we like, wherever we want about EVERYTHING. It is there with us 24*7. We don’t have to stress about anything, say you are unprepared for your interview, you want to know more about the company you are applying and don’t even have the time to search and read. We got you! All you have to do is call out your chatbot and command it to describe the company, it will search various site, organize data, and dictate you everything. How easy was that? We even moved forward from texting and typing, now it’s our voice that does the trick.

Along with speed and efficiency, it has also made our life more interesting and fun. For example, we have seen that viral video, where a child was solving his mathematical problems with the help of a chatbot. I bet; you won’t have this fun with a calculator! Technicians thus build chatbots to make us, the users, happier and our life a little bit easier.