Should you outsource your SEO efforts to an agency or not

Are you doing SEO yourself or looking forward to starting on your own? A common question that might bother you day and night would be: Should you outsource your SEO efforts to an agency or not? 

Should you outsource your SEO efforts to an agency or not


Self-control and monetary issues may be why you don’t want to look for an SEO agency, but in reality, outsourcing your SEO work to an agency can help you become more efficient. Many people Google over the SEO work and look for tips to get it done naturally without paying any extra sum of money from their pocket, but they waste their time and see no results in the longer run. If you are still confused and thinking about whether you should hire Boston SEO agency or not, don’t worry! We have got you covered!

Here are some of the benefits of hiring an SEO agency that would encourage you to engage from Day 1 you begin your SEO work. 


Hiring an SEO agency saves a considerable amount of your time otherwise spent searching for quick tips and applying them inefficiently. Time and money are valuable for one and all. Time is one of the biggest day-savers. Most Managers and company owners have no time for planning SEO strategies for work. 

SEO is a continuous process, and it needs hours of knowledge and expertise to maintain your site. When you hire an SEO agency, you get sufficient time to focus on other essential things of your business. Your SEO agent can look after all of your SEO-related tasks. This is one of the potential reasons many people look for hiring an SEO agency these days. 

SEO agencies specialize in managing search marketing campaigns 24/7. An agency can save your time and do tasks like

  • Do the Keyword research job for you
  • Optimize Meta Descriptions
  • Adjust Keyword density
  • Content optimization
  • Link-building 
  • Update your site as per running trends
  • Run the Marketing Campaigns
  • Monitor indexing problems and 
  • Handle all issues related to smooth SEO performances


As we said, Time and Money are valuable. It is expensive to build an in-house team of experts dealing with SEO-related work. Another benefit of hiring an SEO agency is that you don’t have to worry about making any team or paying the salaries of any in-house employees who are fully trained in SEO work. When you hire an SEO agency, their team does the entire SEO-related work, and you don’t need to worry about anything. Hiring an SEO agency is much cheaper than in-house SEO professionals. 

Take advantage of their team of SEO Experts.

Well, hiring an SEO agency indeed gives you an edge over others. SEO agencies have years of experience, and above all, they have a team of experts who are the best in their industry and can assure you the best results. SEO agencies have people who specialize in one of the other aspects of SEO, ensuring positive results. SEO agencies have significant resources and can help you take your website to the top in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO agencies have experts who can help you improve your ranking on Google by advising you on tricks and ways to improve your site to get a good order. They allow you to optimize your content as per the needs and requirements of the reader. That helps get good views, likes, subscribers, and comments, increasing revenue. All this is possible only when you hire an experienced SEO company.

Take advantage of their like-minded Brand Experience.

SEO agencies work with clients that have different niches. When you hire an SEO agency, the company might have already worked with any organization offering a similar brand as yours. Each brand has a specific marketing plan, and when your agency has prior experience, it becomes easier for them to work depending on the type of company. Most Professional SEO agencies have reviews showing that they can help you take your company to unimaginable heights of success when ranking on Google. 

Improves Efficiency at work 

SEO Agencies have a designated team of professionals who diligently work to optimize your site as per SEO. With SEO agencies, you get access to website technicians and content writers; agencies have proper tools to make updates on your site. Since agencies work on your site, you can shift your attention to other jobs in your company. 

Wrap Up

SEO is essential to stay ahead in this competitive world. It is so critical that the benefits of hiring an SEO agency can’t be overruled. Most SEO agencies have proven that they can take your sites to the top level in the Google ranking. Most importantly, SEO agencies use legitimate tools and resources, so you can expect to get positive results once you outsource your SEO work.

How mobile apps and voice apps are different from each other?

IOS and Android are the two fastest-growing ecosystems that consist of millions of applications in their system. In 2019, over 4.5 million mobile apps were split between these ecosystems.

You will be surprised to know; that an all-new platform shift is happening right now. Like when mobiles were introduced, they didn’t replace the old systems but added a new case to the previous one; the new shift will also add an all-new issue to the old methods to interact with the latest technology.

By this time, you might have guessed what we will talk about! Yes, your assumption is correct! We are going to talk about AI assistants or voice assistants here. At the ground level, they use a voice interfacing system. These voice assistants are unique not because they are driven by voice but because they have a sound-enabling interface like your iPhone’s touch screen.

How mobile apps and voice apps are different from each other? 

When working with the technology for Voice apps, we are often asked what the first app that brought a voice app or what was the life-changing app for the voice was? Here, by voice, we mean assistant. It made us think about the difference between voice platforms and voice apps. Are they identical, or are they not? We aim to present the significant difference between mobile and voice apps. We must mention here is that the no-single platform is complete in itself. No one is superior to others. But yes, they work in a very different ways and solve different purposes. Let’s see the difference between mobile apps and voice apps. 

Mobile apps are learned by humans Vs. Voice Apps computers learn to talk to humans.

One of the most significant differences between mobile apps and Voice apps is that in the case of Mobile apps, Mobile interfaces are designed by engineers for computers, and humans need to learn to interact with the app. For example, when you buy a new phone, you need to know to use it, explore its functions, and over time, you learn everything about it. This is why the best mobile User Interfaces (UI) keep their general structure the same and bring some uniqueness, or we can say add a new feature so that the humans don’t feel that the system is complex. If Your UI changes every time, you may find it hard to communicate with your phone. This forces many renowned mobile companies to follow suit. 

Voice User Interfaces (VUI), in the case of Voice apps, are different from mobile interfaces because it doesn’t teach humans but computers instead. Computers learn to interact with humans, which is a significant change in the technology world. Can you think of the last time you greeted your loved ones with the exact wordings that are used today- it is impossible? There are high chances that you welcome your friends and loved ones differently each time you meet them. This is why VUI can be anything but not uniform all the time. You can never expect a human to answer the same question all the time or greet someone in the same way. VUIs act fast and talk freely, just like humans with their ability to control themselves on the asked topics only. 

Mobile apps are complex Vs. Voice apps are easier to design

It takes a lot of money to design and develop mobile apps. There are a lot of complexities and technicalities involved while creating a mobile app. This complexity forces engineers to design mobile apps, and the entire task becomes tougher. 

Voice Apps, on the other hand, do not contain visuals or any complex front-end exposure, so making voice apps is a more straightforward affair. The platforms do all heavy tasks like the transition of languages and answering questions.

Mobile apps consume space Vs. Voice apps are cloud-based

Mobile apps accumulate a lot of space in your mobile phone. Every mobile app has features, graphics, images, and another attributes-all of this consumes a lot of space in your phone. Because of this, people prefer having only fewer apps on their mobiles. 

Voice apps, on the other hand, do not occupy much space. The main advantage of voice apps is that they are cloud-based. They don’t entertain any physical space in your phone but can be easily accessed from the cloud. This technology saves a lot of freedom when a user is trying to use a service. 

Mobile apps keep you engaged Vs. Voice apps are functional and fast. 

Generally speaking, People living in North America spend at least 45-minutes a day on their mobile phones. This reason is mobile apps are designed to keep users engaged all the time. 

On the other hand, voice apps are not designed to engage users but to solve some queries of the user. Voice apps are more of a functional app. For example, while ordering a pizza from Dominos, you don’t need to involve in a conversation with the seller. Just place your order via voice app, and you are good to go.