Top High-Quality Diving Masks

Choosing a mask is key to having the best dive experience possible. There are a number of great dive masks available on the market today so let’s take a closer look at a few.

Let’s explore the high-quality masks and their benefits along with other interesting facts.



Dive masks from Scubapro to suit all your scuba needs, whether you want low-volume, full face, single or double lens or even prescription lens masks we have them all. Allowing you to see clearly underwater with ease & provide eye protection when diving.

The Crystal Vu mask by Scubapro is a three panel design which allows for maximum light absorbtion and field of vision. The Crystal Vu is perfect when diving in a group and you need to be aware of other divers around you. It’s essential to look after your eyes and Scubapro are well renowned for making some of the best masks on the market. With the Crystal Vu you make best use of this key human sense.

Available in multiple colour options to suit all your other gear. The silicone skirt comes in either solid black or transparent. This high quality skirt tapers at its edges to a fine layer which sits snugly against your face. This high level of comfort will keep you fresh for as long as you can dive. The Scubapro Crystal Vu diving mask is made to Scubapro’s exacting high standards and is a perfect choice for those looking for a wide field of vision whilst diving.

Mares i3 Mask

Designed to be comfortable and practical, the Mares i3 mask is a great all-rounder. Crafted with comfort in mind, the mask has a silicone skirt which works well to create an effective seal around the face while being flexible enough to not be too restricting. The X-shaped silicone strap on the mask helps add to this comfort, providing a strap which fits on the head well and is easily adjustable thanks to its silicone composition.

The mask is also built with practicality in mind. Coming with small ribs around the nose, these work to relieve the pressure on the face to make sure the mask never feels too tight. The single window design is curved to allow for a great peripheral vision as well as all round field of view. This mask also comes in a sunrise version which is designed to fit more comfortably for those with wider faces.

TUSA Freedom Ceos Mask

The Tusa Freedom Ceos Dive Mask is Tusa’s most popular scuba diving mask here at Deep Blue Dive and with such a full feature list it’s not hard to see why. The Freedom Ceos Mask has the Freedom Technology that sets Tusa masks apart when it comes to comfortable fitting on your face – the combination of a dimpled skirt, varied silicone thickness and stability ridges on the cheek area makes a massive difference compared to many traditional dive masks.

The Freedom Ceos also accepts Tusa’s MC-7500 Corrective Lenses so if you wear glasses of a fairly standard prescription then you can have the corrective lenses fitted so you don’t suffer any lack of clarity when you’re diving. At Deep Blue this is our most popular Tusa dive mask and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a supremely comfortable low profile dive mask.