Dorm Appliances

5 Essential Dorm Appliances for Every College Student

Stocking up to go back to school was no problem when you were a kid. All you needed was to walk down the convenient “back to school” aisle and pick up a binder, some pens and pencils, some notebooks, and maybe a new backpack. Things are a little different for college students though, especially first-year college students. On top of those basic school supplies, you should pick up some appliances to make dorm life easier.

As you sign up for classes and thinking about all the text books you need, here are five essential dorm appliances for every college student to keep in the back of your mind.

  • Mini-Fridge and Compact Fridge

A mini-fridge is the most obvious choice when it comes to essential appliances. Every college student could do with one in their room. Even if you’ve registered for a meal plan and won’t be making your own meals, you should still get a mini fridge to keep your snacks and drinks safe and cool.

A compact refrigerator has around 1-2.5 cubic feet of space. These compact appliances are small enough to stick in a corner or keep under a desk, but with the space to store all the basic essentials. Also, consider getting a mid-size refrigerator if the college allows it.

Dorm Appliances

These larger refrigerators are still small enough to fit into a dorm, but have more storage space. Most of them come with a small freezer compartment too where you can keep your frozen foods. They offer the best value for the price and all of their features.

  • Microwave

A reliable microwave is another great addition to any dorm. The dorm probably has a microwave already in the common area, but – more often than not – these are old school models. They aren’t as effective as one that you can get yourself. Not to mention that’s a shared microwave. Someone else will probably want it when you do. Better to have your own one.

A small countertop microwave doesn’t take up much room and they are simple to transport too. You’ll be able to make popcorn whenever you want and heat up leftovers without ever having to leave your room or stand around for the microwave to be free. It’s practically guaranteed that any microwave you take to college with you will be better than the one in the common room that is used all the time by every other student in the dorm.

Just make sure that the college allows for microwaves to be kept in dorms. Not every college allows you to keep your own microwave.

There’s also the option of combining the two most essential appliances into a single one. A combination refrigerator/microwave could be the ideal solution. These devices do exist, and they give you an all-in-one-kitchen in your dorm without taking up lots of room. Buying two appliances in one like this can also save money.

  • Humidifiers

Let’s face it; the average college dorm is dry and humid and stuffy. Taking a humidifier to college with you makes living in a dorm much more comfortable.

Having some extra moisture in the air helps you feel better by providing relief for dry and itchy skin. Humidifiers also help with allergy symptoms. As you’ll be living close to other students and interacting with more people, humidifiers can also possibly help to prevent you from catching communicable diseases such as colds. Nobody enjoys being sick, and that’s especially true when you’ve got a lot of homework or a big test you need to cram for.

Humidifiers are generally quiet, so they won’t bother your roommate. They are often small too, meaning they don’t take up a whole lot of space. That’s why they earn their spot as one of the very best dorm appliances to have.

  • Coffee Machine

What student doesn’t need coffee? Whether you’ve got an early morning class or a test, or are stuck up all night studying, every student requires access to a steady supply of great coffee. That’s why having a good coffee maker is another dorm essential for the modern college student.

Unlike other appliances like microwaves, dorms don’t generally have shared coffee machines for students to use. Even if they did, it would be a really old model that’s been in use for years and makes terrible coffee. Add a touch of class to your dorm with an espresso machine and become a hit with the rest of the dorm.

We recommend getting a single-cup coffee maker to cut down on waste. These coffee makers will make just enough coffee for you to get through the day without needing to brew an entire pot – most of which will be poured out and go to waste.

  • Iron

Having an iron for your dorm is another must have, no matter how many students are under the impression they don’t need one. There’s going to come a time where you have to put on a nice shirt, and no one enjoys looking like a slob. A steam iron is easy to carry around and is small enough to put away anywhere.

Some students will have no problem moving out and adjusting to college life, but not everyone will. At least, they’ll likely have some trouble with the initial change. Taking these appliances and having them with you makes it easier to make that change, allowing you to concentrate more on your studies.

Make college life easier, simpler, and more bearable with these five essential dorm appliances.