Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser Offers Green Alternative

The pandemic coronavirus has introduced a new accessory to our lifestyle: Hand sanitizers. People these days don’t prefer to step out of their house without having a bottle of hand sanitizer in their bag. But at the same time, you might have a threat in your mind regarding the overuse of hand sanitizer.

Stats reveal that different versions of hand sanitizers have unique pros and cons. Many experts say that alcohol-based sanitizers are usually the best option for cleaning but they do not leave a good impact on your body and health. This is the main reason why it is recommended to switch to alcohol-free hand sanitizers that can act as a green alternative for your routines.

Why prefer alcohol-free hand sanitizers?

As many people are reporting for the past few months, the repeated use of alcohol-based sanitizers leads to dry and cracked skin. They make our hands sting so long after use while taking away the moisturizing oils from the skin. Therefore, you may find your skin peeling off in the winter months due to the overuse of alcoholic hand sanitizers. Some studies also reveal that alcohol tends to bond with the nerve receptors in the human body that can reduce our perception of hot things. However, the non-alcoholic hand sanitizers are usually softer on the skin and they do not sting as well.

The alcohol-based hand sanitizers can leave a positive impact on your skin layers and do not cause dryness even after repeated use. Moreover, many of them even contain aloe gel or some essential oils that can help to maintain your skin condition while moisturizing the dry hands. One of the most troublesome facts about alcohol-based hand sanitizers is that they can cause some serious accidents. As these sanitizers are flammable, they increase the dangers of burns when they come in contact with open flames. The non-alcoholic hand sanitizers on the other hand are non-inflammable and can be used safely in the patient rooms, public areas, hallways, and kitchen as well.

Many people report that they find the stinging and strong smell of alcohol-based hand sanitizers very offensive. These products often have plenty of harmful chemicals that can make the smell of sanitizer even unbearable. On the other side, non-alcoholic sanitizers do not use chemical-rich fragrances; instead, they contain natural ingredients that appear more attractive choice for the users. The presence of essential oils makes them the best choice for your routine needs.

Get your alcohol-free hand sanitizer now!

We have already discussed several potential benefits of non-alcoholic sanitizers with reasons why they are a more preferred choice over alcohol-based products. FulviSafe alcohol-free sanitizer is one of the best recommendations from experts to stay protected from germs and bacteria in your day-to-day life. This sanitizer is made up of all healthy natural ingredients that ensure a long-lasting and deep cleaning effect. The anti-bacterial properties make them worth for all age groups and patients as well. Moreover, you will love the natural fragrance that is free from harmful chemicals. These sanitizers are safe to use for all age groups including kids as well.

Whether you work at an office, are a college student, or need to visit fields outdoor; these sanitizers are safe to use in public settings. Experts reveal that all-natural ingredients make them a trusted solution for routine use. You can place an order for these alcohol-free sanitizers online and ensure fast delivery at your doorstep within a very less time. They can protect your family during this pandemic and you will be able to enjoy life in this new normal.