How to heat your home in a cost-effective and stylish manner

Firewood is the most effective and efficient way of heating your home today. Ordinarily, it seems too much of a hustle to fetch for firewood then lighting it up. It is not. In fact, it is the easiest way of heating your home courtesy of wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts. Wood burning stoves are not only efficient in terms of quick fires but also economical. Even if you do not have firewood in your backyard and you have to buy or source them from somewhere else, you cannot compare to the other non-renewable sources of energy in home heating. The economic trend dictates increasingly hard financial times thus the need for all of us to cut costs. If necessary, be self-sufficient.

Home heating is usually a point of concern especially for people living in 2 story houses. You do not have to move with your blanket to the living room and spend the night in a wooden chair because upstairs is cold. Wood burning stoves have the ability to generate heat that spreads in your whole house. If you get a suitable stove, there is no need to sit around the fireplace. Everyone in the house can get on with their chores and feel the warmth. However, there are factors to consider and some adjustments to achieve this. Here are some tips:


Stoves should always be installed on the ground floor. Although you have the liberty to take it up, the ground floor will remain cold. Heated air is light thus rises up as cold air remains down. Be sure to install your wood burning stove on the lowest floor to get heat levels rising to the top floor. Besides, you can cut through somewhere near the stove to as an air duct to the top floor. Also, you can install a fan facing upwards to blow the hot air. While on the top floor, you will feel the heat while walking on bare feet.

Wood type

The type of wood you use in a stove determines the amount of heat emitted. The durability of wood in the stove is also dependent on its type. Typically, wood from deciduous trees is the most efficient in terms of longevity and high heat levels. However, they are a bit costly as compared to conifers. Conifers offer significant heat levels and are readily available thus less costly.


Besides the type of wood, the type of stove also matters. Contemporary wood burning stoves vary in size and functions. If you are to heat a two-story house, be sure to purchase or construct at least 2,000 square feet. During the burn, allow the wood to burn to coals then add bigger sizes of firewood. Also, close the valves that supply air to the stove, this generates high-temperature levels that will reach the top floor.


Before you install a wood burning stove, be sure to check with the authorities on any relating policies. Some buildings are fitted with sensitive gas pipes on the top floor, and any significant heat can be detrimental.