How to Help Your Kids with Homework

Doing homework is something that you want your kids to do themselves with little help. You want them to focus on what they are doing and finish homework on time. As a parent you should help them in doing their homework and see to it that they don’t feel left alone or confused while doing their homework. The article can help you learn the tips on how to help your kids with homework.


Create a plan

You can discuss with your kids how you want them to complete their homework every day throughout the year. You can make plan right at the beginning of the academic session and do not wait until problems occur. Set a plan that is simple and teach your child how to follow the plan. Determine the old habits that ended up finishing homework late or not concentrating on reading etc. Try to figure out the issues that your child had last year and try to make him understand that why those things shouldn’t be repeated this year.


Follow the study routine

Now once you set a plan encourage your child to follow it regularly. Do not rush to get everything perfect. Do not rush them into completing homework right after they come back from school. Let them snack and watch TV or do what they love doing. You can then ask them to follow the study routine and make sure homework is completed as per the study routine.


Help them when your child needs you

In case your child is stuck on a subject or assignment, you can help him/her and clarify the doubts. Do not make them feel that they should know this instead help them so that they try to understand the concept well and carry on with the rest of homework. Make sure your child enjoys studies and not stressed out.


Select the ideal spot for homework

You need to figure out where you child enjoys doing homework at home. Some children love doing their homework in peace on a table and desk set up in their bedroom while others prefer dining area near kitchen where they feel close to you while you are working in the kitchen. Do not force them to sit where you decide them to instead let them enjoy doing their homework at a spot of their choice.


Do not make them dependent on you completely

Do not help your kids to such an extent in homework that they are completely dependent on you. This happens in kids of age 5-6 years. Just help them where they need and check if they are doing it correctly. Sometimes spoon feeding makes them reluctant to self study which in later stages creates a lot of problems.


The bottom line that homework help should be given to the kids but do not just spoon feed them. Let them understand the importance of self study and understanding the concepts. This certainly doesn’t mean kids should be over stressed. They should enjoy the subjects they learn.