Good Habits are the Key to Keeping a Clean House

Making lasting change is about having good habits. According to Tasteful Space, good habits are the key to keeping a clean house. The best thing about forming a good habit is that you do not feel like you are making too much effort to do something at all. It does take time to establish a good habit.

On the other hand, if you commit yourself to do them regularly, sooner or later they’ll start to feel habitual. That’s what you want. And while you are reprogramming your habits, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day because you pick right back up where you left off. As long as you don’t get down about little failures, you’ll find with perseverance, you will get hooked on the good feeling, and the old ways will be the one which begins to feel uncomfortable.

good habits

Here are a range of good habits you can adopt for a cleaner as well as better looking home:

Put Your Clothes Away

If you take off your clothes, no matter what you are wearing must be put in the laundry. Avoid throwing your clothes over a bed or chair or on the floor. Rather, put your clothes back in the place. It takes no time to carry this out each night than it does to run around searching for the other match to a pair of sock or preferred jeans.

If the current setting is not working, you need to be creative. Studies have shown that clothes which aren’t put away normally mean your wardrobe is too full, storage spaces are packed, and laundry baskets aren’t close by. Create structures that support you in putting clothes away and effectively getting clothes to the laundry.

Keep Paper Document Organized

If you have lots of papers in your home., creating good habits around paperwork is important. It takes less hard work to file papers right away rather than keeping them hanging around your home. When electric or water bills come in, put these receipts in one area, and after paying your bills, file them right away. Keep coupons, menus as well as other letters you may need in one safe place. This allows you to find them quickly when needed.

Put Your Dishes Away After Eating

Starting your day full of yesterdays mess is a recipe for a messy life. When you go to bed, try and leave a clean slate for your next day. If your preferred TV shows are about to start, record them, or do dishes in the ads, remember that pile of dishes in the kitchen sink will put you behind the curve the next morning. Take time to wash your dishes immediately, or if something important is happening after dinner before you go to bed. Start the day clean and you’ll find an easier morning creates a more productive day.

Avoid Cluttering The Doorway

You just walked in after a hard day. The temptation is to drop everything and retreat to your favorite pastime. Hold on a minute. Think about what good habits can you create at this moment that will support better organization and less clutter.  A messy and cluttered door or entryway makes your entire home like a disorganized disaster. Assign a place to store coats, bags and shoes, and anything else you want to unload after your day. Make it a daily habit to unburden yourself from the day in a tidy way.


Good habits make your home a better place to live. Don’t make life harder than it needs to be? Start forming your good habits now.