weed seeds use

Everything you are required to know medical weed seeds

Using of medical weed seeds has really become a popular trend among people. There are plenty of reasons behind the usage of this thing. First of all, one can always use it for addiction purpose or to get high. On the other hand, these seeds come with various medicinal values and health benefits. Weed is also known to be cannabis or marijuana. Various diseases could be cured if you use it in proper amount on a regular basis. Before you proceed to buy it, you need to know about weed seeds as much as possible.

weed seeds use

Types of Weed Seeds

There are different kinds of weed seeds available out there. You can go for any of these types as per your needs and requirements. Some of the different types are described below.

  • Regular seeds: Plants from the regular seeds can be both female and male. In case you order 10 weed seeds, you won’t be able to know if plants will become female or male.
  • Feminised seeds: These seeds are known to be genetically altered to be able to produce the feminine plants in most of the cases. Feminine plants comparatively produce more working substances like CBN, CBD and THC than that of a male weed plant. These seeds are thoroughly tested and cultivated to make it consistent and stable.
  • Autoflowering seeds: These seeds basically come from the sativa or indica plants. These kinds of plants generally found in the areas with very short summer. The ruderalis plants start blooming in a very short of time. It is likely to have comparatively less THC than that of sativa or indica plants.

Fastbuds Seeds

FastBuds is known to be an American breeder which has created their own seed bank after years of research, effort, co-operation and effort. Their main goal is to present people with most superior, trendy and fashionable Autoflowering genetics out there. FastBuds has their presence both in Europe and United States. They are known to be a popular name in the field of cannabis seeds. They will surely continue to putting real effort to a breakthrough in the cannabis genetics and industry for all the right reasons.

More on seeds

Skywalker Kush is known to be such genetically improved weed strain which has become a sensation in a very short period of time. It is considered to be quite similar to the OG Kush but only with an increased yield. Overall Skywalker Kush is there to offer you an average yield along with a complex flavour.

This product comes with comparatively high THC that eventually produces big flower along with resin. It basically flowers in around 9 months that provides you a good opportunity to have many high yielding crops every year.

As per the reviews and feedback of the users of this strain, it has a satisfying yield along with a vigorous growth. On the other hand, it is likely to grow in the medium humidity and the germination can easily be achieved. Hence, even you can grow these seeds with relative ease.