What are Medicare Advantage Plans?


Medicare had four distinct sections which were classified as, Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D. This has changed somewhat with both Part A and Part B, amalgamated and replaced by the new Medicare Advantage plan. This has resulted with the beneficiaries being offered everything in the former two parts plus some other additional benefits in most instances. Medicare Advantage plans are an improvement on the former and have been simplified with many different packages offered at varying costs.

One distinct different would be that Medicare Advantage plans are offered only through registered and approved insurance companies and not by Medicare. This has an advantage to the beneficiaries as competition among the insurance fraternity would filter down to them. The price advantage would be stacked in favor of not the companies but on the side of the beneficiaries.

Identifying the best coverage

Depending in the state you are domiciled the Medicare Advantage plans offered to you could vary but you could identify and select which of them would suit you best. Medicare does not offer these but have licensed them out to authorized insurance companies from where you could obtain them.

Most of these plans would be offered to you with many advantages and additional coverage but selecting which would be relevant to you would be your prerogative. The insurance companies offering them could quote prices at their own discretion. Hence shopping around for the best with the most affordable and relevant coverage would depend on how prudent you would be.

Where Medicare Advantage plans are offered

These are offered on many different networks but the most popular and common are the PPOs and the HMOs. The PPO network offers the required medical facilities only at the designated hospitals, clinics and doctor’s consultation offices on the insurance company’s list. You may avail some facilities beyond these parameters but it would not cover you fully. Hence being aware of what is on offer prior to availing it would hold you in good stead.

The HMO network does not offer such a facility and would strictly confine you to the set parameters which are where their registered doctor’s, clinics and hospitals are listed on. If you in need of emergency treatment and end up in a facility that is not within the purview of your HMO network, they would treat you. This is strictly for emergencies only and you could either avail full or partial coverage depending on the terms of your insurance policy.

Medicare Advantage plans for 2019

You may have to start early if you are contemplating of changing your Medicare coverage and identifying and selecting the best options that are available to you. It would take some prudent searching if you are to obtain the best medicare advantage plans 2019. Once you have selected the best option which would provide the most appropriate coverage you could relax and enjoy without much to think about. You would be assured that you have the best Medicare Advantage plan for the year 2019 a coverage to ride over any medical condition.