Personal Injury Could Be Devastating

Don’t let any personal injury that you have sustained due to the negligence of others or even by your own misjudgment dampen your spirits and put you down mentally. That should be the last thing that happens to you, as your whole life would get twisted in a knot if your emotions get the better of you. If your personal injury is due to an act of God but you have a personal insurance policy to cover it the insurance company would be liable to pay you adequate compensation.

They need to strictly follow the clauses written into the insurance policy and make the payment but we know that most insurance companies misconduct themselves. When the time comes to pay they may bring out vague clauses or try to read between the lines and misconstrue the insurance policy to their own benefit. On the other hand if you are placed in a situation where your personal injury is due to the fault of a third party they too would hassle you without paying up as desired. Whether you find yourself at the receiving end of the stick on the latter or the former with a personal injury to contend with it may be awkward for you to take either of them to task.

Personal injury

This is where we at Goodrich & Geist PC, could help you out as we are experienced and battle hardened to know how to tackle such unscrupulous institutions. Our expertise stems from a combined 50 years of experience which holds us in good stead to know how those who are liable to fork out compensation back off giving flimsy reasons. We are the leading Personal Injury Lawyers in Pittsburgh, and have a reputation to uphold, which we would strive to endeavor at any cost. We could run the jitters through the spine of our opposing legal teams on the basis of our overwhelming reputation, having brought solace to many of our litigants. If you have any queries as to how to get about your predicament we are just a phone call away and would be glad to help and assure you that your interests would be our primary concern.

Our services extend all over Western Pennsylvania, covering the counties of Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Westmoreland, Washington and Erie. We cover a wide range of personal injury litigation which would have been sustained due to automobile accidents, medical malpractices, construction mishaps, dog bites, fires and explosions. We would also take up and initiate litigation on civil rights matters, institutional sexual abuse and assault, employment ill treatment and salary anomalies, including injury due to defective products. Our portfolio extends to every aspect even those not mentioned in our long list of possible accidents if you are injured and a payment of compensation is due to you.

If the persons or institution that is liable to pay declines to take the responsibility we would initiate litigation on your behalf and ensure that they pay what is due to you. We do all this without any initial cost to you, for a percentage of the compensation that we would manage to get for you, legally or amicably.