Public Storage Employment Information

The Public Storage Employment Information

There is a career opportunity in Public Storage. This sector runs like an essential service that provides 365 days of service in a year. So, anyone that wants to make a career out of the sector should be prepared to work through a flexible schedule throughout the working career. The predominant criteria to get employed in the sector is hard work on the part of the employee and a strong communication skill which is needed to please the customers. Those that have previous experience will have the edge in an interview over those that do not have experience working in the sector.

Public Storage Employment Information

Must-Have Qualities For Candidates During Interview

For any candidate to get into public storage Portland as a staff; he has to pass through some fireworks during the interview process. Each applicant is expected to exhibit some exceptional communication skills. This is more so since the work to a large extent will involve communicating with each prospect and converting all of them to clients. The competition in the sector is stiff and only the tough gets all the customers at the expense of the rest. The candidate that will get the job ahead of others is the person with strong oratory skills. Taking it on, computer literacy is also a strong factor for anyone that wants to get the job ahead of others. Most of the openings will require advanced software skills. If you have competency in the areas so far mentioned, then you stand a high chance of getting the job ahead of other competitors.

Let us now look at the employment opportunities that every candidate will get from any of the public storage facilities scattered around town. This will prepare prospective applicant to get a feel of where they can possibly fit in before tending their application:

Customer Service Representative

This is the heart of the job in Public Storage. The customer care representative will relate with the customers. They are the image makers of the company. If they perform their duties well, the customers will be retained and business will be better. The walk-in customers will be assisted around the facility. All the terms and conditions of the leases will be explained in a way that will make the customer to have a lasting commitment to the location. All the details of the signing of the agreement; the fees will be given to the would-be customer. Merchandise needed to store property appropriately is expected to be introduced to the customer in a way that will make him patronize the property. Much is expected from the customer care representative; his roles can make or mar the facility.

Administrative Assistance

They are the staff that supports high-level management with the basic operations that concern the outfit. This position requires computer literacy. The position revolves around the computer, a sound knowledge of the computing system is a must. The successful candidate should be a good manager of time and resources. He should possess a smart memory and must be able to adjust to situations quickly. Ability in areas of copying, filing, and answering the phone is mandatory for successful candidates.

Call Center Sales Agent

This is the first point of contact for the customer. The first impression lasts long. Therefore, candidates that will fill this position should have the capacity to handle things in a professional manner. The communication should be one that will impress every customer that comes into the facility. Even after office hours, they will be found at their duty post dictating the pace that will give every customer an impression about the company in a positive light. The call quotas that is set by the production managers should be exceeded by the workers. There is much importance placed on this section. That is the reason why new employees are given on the job training for six weeks which involves one-on-one instruction from trained professionals.


If you want to take employment with public storage Portland, the categories that we have just given above are the areas where interested employees can have themselves fixed up.