Best SIM-Only Deals For 2021

Gone are the days when people used to get a fixed-mobile plan contract from M1, StarHub, or Singtel for an extended period of 12 to 24 months and there was no way out to this except paying extensive early termination penalty.

What was the main catch in those deals? Probably that latest attractive smartphone that was offered on an upfront discount. But the deal used to lock you again with them for another 12 to 24 months, with those hefty payments.

It is high time to realize that it was not really a discount. Basically, the cost of that smartphone was simply spread out to several months with installment-based deals.

SIM-Only Deals

Well, people have now understood the reality behind those traditional plans and they are now looking for some handsome offers to stay connected with their near and dear ones. The sudden change in these trends gave rise to new offers and deals around the world.

As many players have entered the mobile virtual network, SIM-Only deals are at its peak these days. They are ready to offer some flexible approach for connecting a higher number of consumers to their network and to make profits in the long run. This clearly means that consumers are now having several affordable and efficient mobile plans to meet their needs. Many of them have launched SIM-only plans to regain extended market share.

What are SIM-only plans?

A SIM-only package mainly offers a package with reliable talk-time, data, and SMSes at a fixed monthly plan. SIM-only plans are better recognized as postpaid plans that are more functional as compared to traditional mobile contracts. The main difference is that customer is not locked to any minimum contract period; rather, you are free to switch between different plans without worrying about any penalty.

The best SIM-only plan mainly depends upon how much data you need. Here we have listed some of the best offers for 2021 that you can think about depending upon your routine requirements:


The basic no-frills plan from redONE comes with a price tag of $8 and it offers easy access to 100 minutes of talk time, 3GB data, and 10SMSes. This plan is good if you don’t need so much data. Another perk of choosing this data plan is that users also get free data roaming to Malaysia. Moreover, there is no need to worry about additional charges for texting and calling on Malaysian numbers. This deal seems a great choice for people who visit Malaysia more often.


Although the name of the company sounds a little awkward, it is one of the recently launched MNVO in the market that makes use of Singtel’s infrastructure. If you are an extremely light user, the VIVIFI Lite Plan can serve you better at $8.80. It offers 500 minutes of talk time along with 3GB data and 20 SMS. In case if you need more than that, you can check out the VIVIFI Plus (6GB) and VIVIFI Plus (10GB) plan. Note that both these plans offer 100SMS, 350 minutes of talk time, and unlimited incoming calls.


Due to extended demands for unlimited data by the users, Zero1 has updated its $9.90 per month plan with new offers. This 6GB to Unlimited plan now allows users to surf 6GB data at the speed of 4G and after this, you will be able to access the internet on managed network speed. For now, the registration, delivery, and SIM card charges are waived off to new customers.

Other than this, you can check the latest plans from MyRepublic, SingTel, StarHub, and M1. You can place an order for the best Sim-only deals for 2021 at to enjoy fast delivery at your doorstep.