How to Run a Successful Mobile Catering Business

Let’s face it, starting a restaurant is hectic; you have to integrate multiple elements including suitable location for a successful start. The initial capital is also high; renting a unit and acquiring kitchen equipment as well as furniture are unavoidable costs. This is why you should consider mobile catering, especially if capital is a concern. However, it should not sound as easy as driving a truck through town for deliveries, you have to engage in extensive research and accurate planning to avoid disappointments. While any business comes with a loss, don’t drive yourself to it. Do the best you can, in this case plan everything.

Successful Mobile Catering Business

Whether you are thinking of running a taco truck, an ice cream van, or a mobile chippy, consider the following and you are guaranteed of a successful startup.

Secure license and permits

Food is a sensitive commodity that should be handled with care. Irrespective of your location, there must be regulations governing production and supply of food. It is important to find out of such details and strive to fully abide by each before purchasing your tools. You might need to register your trailer not only as a motor vehicle but with the food industry. Local environmental health department have to check and confirm suitability of the track to food supply.

Although your business is mobile, local governments have restricted areas; it is important to find out a favorite support and consult with the authorities before setting up. You cannot park a food truck anywhere without a license. Also, you obviously need a hygiene certification; without these you will be on the wrong side of the law. Be sure to acquire a license as protection from hazards resulting from cooking equipment.

Buy a van

After you have settled with all the authorities and acquired necessary licenses for your business, you can step out to buy a van. A van should be attractive to the public; it should also have a suitable layout for food preparation and serving. Be sure to check condition and suitability of the trailer in handling food. In addition, the van should match with your business objectives; the type of food you intend to supply, which might require special units in a van.

Apart from a van, it is time to buy kitchen equipment and dishes for warming and safe storage of food. If you are limited with finances, you can check with storage units near you for available equipment. A storage company can link you to an owner with kitchen tools, which may be lying idle in a storage unit. You might just land a good deal.


When all things are set and you are confident enough, focus on advertising techniques. If your local town allows you to pitch anywhere, the better for you. Roadside locations are also suitable for mobile catering business because it is public land hence zero costs. Consider setting up in industrial estates and local outdoor markets.