Comparing 5 Types of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server and is the best web hosting option for those that need more things on their hosting like processor power, hard drive space, and more memory for their hosting. 

There are multiple users that will be on the hosting service, but you will not be sharing a web server with hundreds or thousands of people as you would without VPS. 

If it’s your first time using VPS, you might be confused about which one to choose as there are many different kinds depending on the operating system and server you want to use. You will want to compare vps hosting types to figure out which is best for you.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect from different kinds of VPS hosting so you can ensure you are getting the best ones for your needs.


Do I Need a VPS? 

Before comparing the different types of VPS, you might be wondering if you need one in the first place. Here are some main reasons why a VPS might be ideal for you:

  • You have online tools and an online team that you need to collaborate with regularly
  • You live stream 
  • You’re running a medium size eCommerce store 
  • You want to encrypt your wireless connection 
  • You have a game server that you run and operate 
  • You host many different applications at the same time 
  • You host teleconferences or other online hosting where you need to live-stream videos 
  • You plan to run and develop different codes 

Windows VPS 

Not all websites offer Windows VPS so you will first need to check and see if this option is available to you or not. Websites need a license to offer it which is why it’s less common and more costly than some of the other VPS options around. 

Windows VPS is best for those who only want to run Windows-based applications or those who want to do a lot of online gaming. 

Windows VPS is extremely easy to use so is often best for those who have never used a VPS as most people can figure it out pretty easily. 

Windows VPS is also known as having very good customer support so help is just a phone call or message away. 

You might also need to use Windows VPS if you are using certain applications as they only work on Windows. This includes MS products and all .NET apps as well. 

Should I use Windows VPS? 

Windows VPS is the top recommended VPS for those that want to:

  • Run a VPN
  • Host online stores or run their own website 
  • Play on a private game server 
  • Run different applications or develop their own games 

Linux VPS 

Another very popular option for VPS hosting is Linux VPS. It’s one of the most popular and most commonly used VPS systems. Most people know it as the system that supports common things like Plesk, SPanel, and cPanel. 

One of the reasons it’s so common is because you don’t have to purchase a license to use it so anyone can put it on their VPS machine. It also supports all website hosting and website platforms including those needed for WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. 

However, there are unfortunately many websites and software that only want to operate on Windows which means Linux is not an option for everyone. 

Linux is very cost-effective though for those who want to use it and can be used on virtually all software unless there are some programs or platforms that only want to operate on Windows. 

Linux VPS is also the best option for those who have many different settings that they want to consider because Linux gives you a lot of freedom to run your own settings and ensures that you can customize everything. 

Should I Use Linux VPS? 

If you are not sure whether Linux VPS is right for you or not, here are some of the main reasons why Linux is the best:

  • You plan to host many different websites and web applications 
  • You have different gaming projects you want to do 
  • You use email servers
  • You own reseller businesses 
  • You want to operate and use VOIP services 

Keep in mind that there is a large learning curve with Linux VPS since it’s not similar to Windows or other software that you might be used to using. It also does not have good gaming performance so if your sole purpose for using a VPS is because of gaming, Linux is probably not the best option for you. 

Choosing the Right VPS

When it comes to trying to choose the right VPS, one of the main things to consider is if you are opting for managed, unmanaged, or semi-managed. 

Managed VPS is the most expensive of all the three because it offers the most security features. Managed VPS is the best one to opt for if you want to have peace of mind because you never need to worry about cybersecurity attacks or hackers. 

Unmanaged VPS usually has a very low price and allows you a lot of flexibility because you don’t have someone over your head telling you what you can and cannot do with your VPS. 

Semi-managed VPS sits right in between the other two options. These kinds of VPS pans offer certain kinds of maintenance services such as support when you want to install a new operating system or when you want to get a new application. 

Most semi-managed VPS plans also give you some security tools to help you manage the security, but they are not as tight as with fully managed VPS systems. 

The Bottom Line 

VPS hosting is very important for those who want to have a secure virtual private network service. VPS hosting is also needed for those who want to do online gaming or for those who have an eCommerce store. 

If you are hosting many different websites and online applications, VPS is a must because it allows you better security and also ensures your run times are good and your lag times are minimal.