Pregnancy brings a new dimension in life for women as they know that they are nurturing a new life within them. During your pregnancy, you will be covered from all aspects as well. For example, if you go through any complication during childbirth, you can simply get in touch with a birth injury attorney Pittsburgh and receive the compensation you need.

To look at this new beginning we spoke to some very pregnant women and this is what they had to say about this special experience that only women could ever have.


1) Conceiving to childbirth

“You are creating a human being and this is something that happens every day, but it’s definitely something that many people kind of take for granted without really considering what an incredible thing making a baby actually is”.


2) Eat what you want, enjoy the variety

“One of the great things about being pregnant is that you don’t have to worry about an extra little treat here and there. I made a point of indulging in some of my favorite treats”.

“Trust me you’ve got the whole rest of your life to make up for it”.


3) Those extra perks and all obliging

“There’s nothing like a pregnant belly to get a few extra benefits here and there. Just say “yes” when people want to give up their seat to you in the waiting room or on the bus”.

“You know, milk it with the hubby just a little bit if you’ve got a late-night craving for something”.


4) Enjoying the sex

 “Before that belly gets too big to be a hindrance, pregnant sex can actually be a lot of fun”.

“No more worries about birth control — hey! You’re already there. And lots of women experience increased desire during their second trimester. Enjoy it!”


5) The Glow of pregnancy

“It’s true that pregnant women have a certain glow to them”.

“For me, my skin cleared up and my hair was thicker and shinier. I had plenty of days when I looked in the mirror and thought, Damn girl!”


6) Shop till you drop

“For those of us who love to shop, outgrowing your clothes every few weeks provides the perfect opportunity”.

“Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you need to stop looking your best”.


7) The Boobies

“In terms of appearance, my pregnant boobs were only ever rivaled by my breastfeeding boobs”

“Enjoy that nice rack while you’ve got it and before they become way too utilitarian for those of you who plan on nursing after the baby is born”.


8) Dress what you want

“Needing to buy bigger pants is something that most people feel pretty rotten about”.

“When you’re pregnant, it’s just par for the course and nothing to be embarrassed about — it means that your baby is healthy and growing!”


9) Napping when you need

“Napping, you don’t need to feel guilty about when you’re with child”.

“Rest up now — those naps will be a lot tougher to come by when the baby arrives”.


10) Stretchy pants

“No worries about needing to look respectable when you go out in public, pregnant ladies operate under their own rules”.

“Fortunately, those rules include wearing stretchy pants whenever and wherever you like. And no one is allowed to give you a hard time about it”.