The nine states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington have legalized cannabis or marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Twenty other states have legalized the substance for medical purposes only, whilst across the Atlantic the Netherlands which was one of the first to completely legalize it was followed by other European nations.

This means that twenty nine states in the United States have completely legalized cannabis and marijuana which is more than half of the union.

Norway, Portugal and a few other countries have followed suit and are in the process of shedding the antisocial element in cannabis and thinking more prudently.

This spreading phenomenon did not digest well with the new United States, Attorney General Jeff Sessions who decided to overturn this new trend.

In a memo dated January 4, 2018 he instructed Federal prosecutors to come down hard cannabis and marijuana offenses and bring offenders before the law irrespective of what the state laws would be.

This has brought a sense of defiance and arrogance from the states concerned and what the final outcome would be is anybody’s guess.

This anomaly would be interesting to see, when it unfolds in the near future and when the issue heats up it would be similar to the soaps we see on television.

Which heads would roll would be interesting to observe but it could be a foregone conclusion that the people would prevail as the United States Attorney General is not an elected official.

In the meantime the states where cannabis and marijuana are legal, it is possible to purchase marijuana seeds and grow them for any citizen’s personal usage.

On the other hand, if a marijuana plant is found in any citizen’s backyard the federal authorities could prosecute such persons.

Oblivious to the rumblings in Washington DC, the respective states are rolling on and it would not be too long when the rest of the states in the union follow the others by legalizing cannabis or marijuana.

The cannabis plant is identified in two species, cannabis indica and cannabis sativa from which different strains are developed with a variety of properties.

The purple kush seeds that you would procure and plant, are rich in the psychoactive compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

It is rich taste and has a sweet berry flavor which lingers on you for a long time and purple kush seeds are a hybrid developed from Black Domina and Purple Kush.

How to heat your home in a cost-effective and stylish manner

Firewood is the most effective and efficient way of heating your home today. Ordinarily, it seems too much of a hustle to fetch for firewood then lighting it up. It is not. In fact, it is the easiest way of heating your home courtesy of wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts. Wood burning stoves are not only efficient in terms of quick fires but also economical. Even if you do not have firewood in your backyard and you have to buy or source them from somewhere else, you cannot compare to the other non-renewable sources of energy in home heating. The economic trend dictates increasingly hard financial times thus the need for all of us to cut costs. If necessary, be self-sufficient.

Home heating is usually a point of concern especially for people living in 2 story houses. You do not have to move with your blanket to the living room and spend the night in a wooden chair because upstairs is cold. Wood burning stoves have the ability to generate heat that spreads in your whole house. If you get a suitable stove, there is no need to sit around the fireplace. Everyone in the house can get on with their chores and feel the warmth. However, there are factors to consider and some adjustments to achieve this. Here are some tips:


Stoves should always be installed on the ground floor. Although you have the liberty to take it up, the ground floor will remain cold. Heated air is light thus rises up as cold air remains down. Be sure to install your wood burning stove on the lowest floor to get heat levels rising to the top floor. Besides, you can cut through somewhere near the stove to as an air duct to the top floor. Also, you can install a fan facing upwards to blow the hot air. While on the top floor, you will feel the heat while walking on bare feet.

Wood type

The type of wood you use in a stove determines the amount of heat emitted. The durability of wood in the stove is also dependent on its type. Typically, wood from deciduous trees is the most efficient in terms of longevity and high heat levels. However, they are a bit costly as compared to conifers. Conifers offer significant heat levels and are readily available thus less costly.


Besides the type of wood, the type of stove also matters. Contemporary wood burning stoves vary in size and functions. If you are to heat a two-story house, be sure to purchase or construct at least 2,000 square feet. During the burn, allow the wood to burn to coals then add bigger sizes of firewood. Also, close the valves that supply air to the stove, this generates high-temperature levels that will reach the top floor.


Before you install a wood burning stove, be sure to check with the authorities on any relating policies. Some buildings are fitted with sensitive gas pipes on the top floor, and any significant heat can be detrimental.

Find the best Workers Compensation lawyer in Virginia

Workers compensation cases are somewhat difficult to deal with. That’s because you will need to explain all negative consequences that you are dealing with in order to obtain the compensation that you deserve. If you are not in a position to explain it clearly, your chances of getting the claim you want will reduce. That’s why it is important to seek the assistance of a Virginia workers compensation lawyer, instead of making the decision to proceed with the claim on your own.


Several effective methods are available for the people who live in Virginia to obtain the services that are being offered by workers compensation lawyers. Taking a look at a lawyers directory can be considered as the most efficient method out of them.  You can find a large number of lawyers directories out there on the internet. You can simply access one of them and search for the lawyers who specialize for workers compensation lawsuits in Virginia. Then you will be provided with a list of the best recommendations. Once you have the recommendations, you just need to proceed with a reputed lawyer out of them.

Asking for referrals can be considered as another efficient method available for the people to look for a workers compensation lawyer. This will provide you with the opportunity to overcome most of the challenges that are associated with locating the reputed workers compensation lawyers in your area. When you don’t have a valuable case, the things would become even more difficult. In such instances, your friends, family members or colleagues will be able to refer you to a reputed lawyer. Or else, you can think about seeking the assistance of the local and state bar associations. They will be able to guide you in the process of locating a workers comp attorney, who will be in a position to provide the service that you want.

If you are still facing difficulties in getting touch with a lawyer to proceed with the case, you are encouraged to connect to one of the legal aid organizations that can be found in the area. They are non profit organizations, which are in a position to provide assistance to individuals like you. You just need to explain the difficulties that you are going through in order to locate a workers compensation lawyer. Then you will be provided with a list of recommendations to try out.

Don’t Waste Those Cardboard Boxes – Turn Them Into Usable Storage Units

Everybody today is so conscious about reusing and recycling boxes, paper and plastic. It is possibly the best thing that a responsible citizen could think of doing. In fact, it should be a voluntary effort that everyone undertakes to contribute to the greening of the planet. So, let’s think of doing something quite innovative with those cardboard boxes – can we turn them into operational storage units? Of course, we can – if we know how to go about the whole process.

storage units

Storing Cardboard Boxes

This is the first step that one takes while reusing cardboard boxes. Let us imagine that you have access to a whole lot of boxes from a friend who has discarded them. It is possible that your friend is a trader and hence gets a lot of these boxes as packing material. The first thing to do before you think of making a storage unit is to ensure that all the boxes are first flattened out, cleaned and kept away. When you have decided to make the unit to store your stuff, you can take the boxes out and fit them together in the best possible way.

Keeping The Storage Unit Clean

Since the storage units that you have put together are not very sturdy – remember they are made of cardboard – you need to ensure that they are always clean and free of moisture. Another problem that you are likely to face with such units is a mildew attack. You might find that the stuff that you have stored in these units get spoilt because the unit has become weak or mouldy. Please be careful when you use cardboard. Since you are trying to recycle a box, you could ensure that the same unit is not used for a great length of time; instead, keep changing the boxes that you use to make your storage unit. 

Stacking Of Units

This is sometimes an art – you need to stack your boxes so perfectly that nobody realizes that your storage units are just recycled material. In case you are not able to stack these boxes one upon another, you could think of using a metal or plastic frame. This is again a very inexpensive option that you could think of either at home or in the office. Also remember that if you are using boxes, the bathroom and kitchen might not be ideal places to house them.

I hope your storage unit becomes the envy of your friends and relatives. You are not only helping yourself and your family; you are helping the environment too. This is because you are using recycled material to its fullest possible advantage. Once you have finished assembling all these boxes, you could also think of painting your storage units or covering them up with some plasticky paper. This would give it a nice finish and make your living space very warm and welcoming.

How Should I Store My Boat?

storage units

Not very many people own a boat. It is one of the luxurious properties around the world. If you own one, you definitely love fun and outdoor activities. You can never get enough of summer holidays. The sad part about boat fun is the seasonal aspect. The beginning of winter is a halt on all the enjoyment and entertainment from summer. When winter strikes, you have to get a suitable place to store your boat and wait for the next summer holidays. Finding an appropriate and trustworthy storage company for your fun companion is not easy. You do not want any excuses of damage or loss of your boat. In such cases, storage units near you are not a priority. You need to be guaranteed of safety. Am sure if you had an option you would keep it in your garage, but a storage unit is the most ideal way to store a boat considering its size. Here are tips on how to ensure your boat is well maintained on storage:

Prepare the engine

Unlike automotive where engines are checked when planning for a trip a boat should be maintained when going for long term storage. Experts advise to change engine oil before taking your boat to storage. Letting your boat sit in a storage facility for months until the next summer can damage its engine if some parts and key components like oil are not checked.

Thorough Clean

It is important to get to every corner of your boat and clean before taking it to storage. Dirt and any form of debris can remove paint or cause rusting. As such, you should clean your boat from the top to the bottom including the deck. The canvas should not be left pinned on the boat. Be sure to remove it before locking it in storage.

Check the cooling system

This is important if your boat has a raw cooling system. In such scenarios, you should use pure water to flush out any form of debris that may have accumulated over time. Besides, you should regularly check the cooling system to ensure extreme conditions in winter do not interfere with its functionality.


This is a standard maintenance practice for any gears and machinery. Ensure every moving part in your boat including hinges on the doors are properly lubricated before storage. Oil/grease not only prevents damage but also preserves the gears. Some of the key components that should not forget are; push-pull swings, wheel bearings, bow rollers, ratchet mounts, and latches.

You will appreciate the time and effort put into maintenance when the summer season is back and you pull out your boat. The shinning paint, softly moving hinges and swings will motivate you to pack and head out for a longer holiday. How you enjoy the summer is fully dependent on maintenance practices during winter. Considering storage units near you will offer you a chance to properly maintain your boat.