What is Macrophilia? | Everything you need to know

Macrophilia is a term used to define men who fantasize having sex with Giants. The term Macrophilia translates as ‘’the lover of large’’. It refers to people who get sexual arousal from thoughts of having sex with others who are larger than them. Some studies have found that it is vulnerability and domination that underlie the entire process.  Although it is impossible to fulfill the thoughts of having sex with giants, improvements in technology and the internet are giving men a gateway channel to pander their fantasy. The growth in technology has given them a vast collection of tools that can edit videos, images and enlarge the beings. The activity ranges from sloppy to profession of charging giant women in various aspects.

The community of macrophiles is very diverse. Some of them fantasize having sexual arousal with giants who are just few feet taller than them whereas others fantasize having sex with bigger giants who are hundreds of feet taller than them. The internet has played a crucial role in this paraphilia. Consequently, the paraphilia has increased massively since the internet has helped create and facilitate the paraphilia. Much of the materials that macrophiles use to gain their sexual gratification are placed and distributed online. The macrophiliacs have realized the use of virtual reality which can put you into another world.

While most of the people are familiar with the world ‘’Giants and Giantess’’ few of them have come across the world ‘’Macrophilia’’. The term was first used by the pseudonym Samuel Ramses. Although the specific groups of people who fall under this category are homosexual or heterosexual, male or female, the clear majority are heterosexual males attracted to female giantess.

In some cases, although rare, the macrophies can trace their offbeat attraction back when they were teenagers. Maybe when they were young, they felt overawed by an overriding mother or a cruel mother. What this means is that maybe someone was subjected to any kind of abuse. Although there is not enough scientific proof to support the claims, majority of scientists believe that dominance, brutality or abuse can have longer effects to babies.

For macrophiliacs, nothing seems good and appealing than a macrophile expressing their desire and ability to control them. Maybe being dominated by a giantess or being less in control helps the macrophiles to step in to the role of torture and abuse that they were used to. Macrophiles wish to feel fear, terror and feel like they no longer have control over the situation.

Macrophiles want to feel their heart racing as the giantess is destroying them. A giantess to them is like a Goddess and that is why macrophiles love to experience the way they exercise their powers over them. However, there is only one thing to make them fulfill their fantasy. Macrophilia is a base of fantasy and the only way to make it seem true is through the screen. The film industry has taught us that there’s no better way to create a fantasy world than through the film.

Along with macrophilia there is another term used called microphilia. This is a condition in which people are attracted towards tiny objects.

Final Words!

In simple words both conditions are not good. One must avoid watching adult programs and visit the doctor for the consultation.