Why People Love Dogs

If you do research in your neighborhood or class, you will find that many people love dogs compared to cats or any other pets. Dogs often have the befit of doubt even when they cause harm or behave in an undesired way; why do people favor dogs? You must be one of the people that get attracted to dogs more than any other pet. Some people even prefer these pets to people because they believe dogs are true friends. Nothing is further from the truth but what is the reason for the unbeatable favor accorded to dogs?


It is a common belief that a dog won’t leave your side irrespective of the situation. am not sure to what extend this theory applies but it is partly true. Am not sure if you mistreat your dog and forget to give it food while kicking it occasionally when you are stressed from work is considered in the assumption. A dog is still an animal that has instincts and may not withstand everything; while dogs are not as independent and “stubborn” as cats, they can leave on their own if you treat them unfairly. However, they are widely known to be loyal. It is difficult for a dog to shift allegiance to another master and this is why you buy puppies and not adult dogs.


While a dog can have favorite dishes, they quickly adapt to the environment. change their dishes and location and they can easily shift their routine and places of eating. Besides, you can train a dog to respond to your reactions and instructions. Dogs learn easily and faster compared to cats among other pets. If you are staying alone and would like a companion without many questions or attitudes, then a dog can adapt to your calm lifestyle and lie quietly when you need the quietness.


A dog easily picks up your mood. When the environment at home changes, it changes its behavior to match the mood. If you come home sad, it will come lay by your side and spread its fur around your legs. A dog will behave differently if you come in high spirits; it won’t disappoint you and be clam; if you are psyched up you will realize it is all running up and down and jumping to you like its asking for attention. Basically, it is compatible with your daily lifestyle. It has the ability to pick up the environment and mood of the day and act accordingly. What more would you want in a partner?


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