The history and future of self-storage


There are items that people own that they at times outgrow. Some of the items that were used 10 years ago are not in use today. These items end up filling the house and either need to be disposed through family auctions or stored away. Also, at times people can need to store goods in a single place especially when they are not sure of when next to settle. In a divorce, some of the things gained as settlement may need to be stored someplace else before being moved back to the house. This brought about the rise of the self storage industry.


There are many records of how self-storage units came to be. Some sources claim that China is one of the oldest cultures to use storage units. They used to store their items in a common storage place. Towards the middle of the 19th century, there were a lot of voyages and conquests by British sailors and explorers. Due to security issues, they left their wealth with the available bank institutions. However, with time, these banks became overwhelmed and sought another option which led them to set up one of the first storage warehouses in order to store these items. Recently, about 50 years ago, the very first modern storage unit was built in Texas. So optimal was this facility that other countries picked the idea and currently there are hundreds of thousands of self-storage units.

Development today

The continued demand for the use of self-storage units over the years has led to the creation of the Self Storage industry. It is now legal to have a self-storage unit and to either become a tenant or an owner to one. This is to say that it has developed into a booming business. Contractors construct them as chains of multiple units which they sell to real estate owners who can then rent them out. This is attributed to the increased demand for storage spaces around the globe. It has been discovered that a lot of households especially in developed nations have a self-storage facility where they store the excesses from their homes. There is a global quest to live a minimalist life. In order to do so, less stuff is encouraged in homes. Most of this stuff such as old sofa sets, obsolete electronics and others are stored up in self-storage units.


  1. Increase in value in the market

There is an ever increasing demand for self-storage facilities especially in urban centres. This is warranting more construction and more sales leading to a growth in the global market. In addition, firms have rapidly emerged to see the delivery of these products and this is set to continue for a while.

  1. Increase in market competition

There is set to be increased players in the market due to the strong demand of units. As such, in the future, there will be more players in the market then that there are now, translating to more competition.

  1. Increased service provision

In order to beat competition, future firms will be forced to provide optimal service and product provision to clients in order to retain them and gain others in the process. This will ensure quality provision in the self-storage industry.

Who pays for the news? – Find out more about inside secrets

Have you ever thought about why/how the news is free? When you listen to the radio, have you ever thought that if you are not paying for it then why is it freely provided for you? How does MSNBC live stream is easily accessible for us. This is a very interesting matter that has so many different aspects to it. When you watch the news or listen to the radio you do not have to pay for any of the programs.

Event newspapers are offered to people at a very cheap cost although it takes a large amount of money for companies to produce those newspapers. The answer is advertisements. When you are broadcasting any sort of TV/ Radio program you need to buy “time” from the media to broadcast your shows. But who owns the media? Advertisements in between the shows you watch or listen to are the reason that those programs are free. The reason why companies do this is that what they get in return is far greater for them than the programs that they give you.

The interesting part is that people think that TV or radio is for their benefits but in fact, TV and radio is the medium that advertisers use to reach to people and the programs and TV shows in between are just there to keep you watching or listening.

How advertisements work

Have you ever watched a news channel and an advertisement kept popping up? This is the simplest way of advertisement that they keep replaying an ad for you. The first times you see it you do not pay attention. The second and the third time you get pissed off because it is interrupting you. After the third time automatically you start to listen to the ads.

Most of the time after a couple of times when we see an advertisement we would go and purchase that product or service. And if we didn’t do that, the next time we are in a shop and we see the brand that kept popping up on our screen is the brand we would like to go to. We all know the feeling of hating an advertisement but keep singing or knowing the words. This is a way of marketing for many different companies. Some think and believe that the TV is not programs interrupted by advertisements, TV or any other media is advertisements interrupted by programs. So channels like MSNBC live must buy time for their programs and mostly the advertisements will provide the budget.

It is more complicated than this as so many other factors are included in this matter. Some news channel use funds that they receive from the people and some of them are run by the government.

Serving the audience or profits

Knowing who is paying for a news channel tells a lot about the company. For example, in MSNBC live streaming the content that they create or the news they talk about can show you if the channel is serving the audience by giving them the news or this channel is just trying to keep their advertisers satisfied for their own sake.