Commercial Cleaning

Difference Between Commercial and Domestic Cleaning: Which One Do You Need?

Cleanliness is one of the keys to staying healthy and safe in your home, and it’s a non negotiable in businesses where you invite in customers or have staff working. If you maintain a sanitary environment in your workplace or business establishment, you can be sure both of your customers and employees will be satisfied with your effort. For example, if you own a food business, you will not just focus on your food. You also need to prioritize the hygienic food preparation and cleanliness within your food preparation and dining areas.

But, what if you do not have time to do all the tasks required to stay on top of the cleaning you need?

The same goes with good housekeeping at home. You need to be able to protect the health of your family by maintaining a sanitary environment, especially in areas where disease can breed like in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

In ensuring that your home or business space maintains cleanliness, a cleaning service can help you. So, what is the difference between commercial and domestic cleaning? How do their services differ?

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

In commercial cleaning, a team of cleaners provide specialised cleaning services for different aspects of a business, including bars, restaurants, factories, shops, or offices. The services offered will vary depending on the business cleaning needs, and so too does the equipment, cleaning solutions and tools intended for cleaning in a business environment.

Commercial cleaners have a complete set of equipment to handle all your cleaning needs. Depending on your premises, you can be sure that they can provide you the proper cleaning materials and equipment, including floor polishers, water fed poles for cleaning your high windows, and carpet cleaning machines maintaining carpets.

Bottom line in business, if your premises isn’t clean, your customers will not be impressed! If you hire a commercial cleaning service, you can get on with your core business without being distracted with the essential, but not core to your value process of cleaning.

Usually commercial cleaning is done after hours, so you may want to get references or police checks done on cleaning staff, especially if they are working unsupervised, after hours.

Domestic Cleaning

Although most people can do residential cleaning, busy people often find they don’t have the time or energy to keep their home in order. This is especially so with those spring cleaning tasks that need to get done like cleaning your carpets, your oven, or surfaces that get greasy in your kitchen or places that go mouldy in the bathroom. Getting in a cleaner to do these jobs is just a must for some people who are too tired or just plain couldn’t be bothered with these tasks, because the work long hard hours.

Domestic cleaning is typically done in your personal space. Cleaners have more interactions with you where you can completely express your needs and expectations. It can include tidying things as well as cleaning, including placing your pillows on your couch or bed, hanging or folding your towels, dusting your furniture, or picking up your stuff at home.

Since you have more interactions with the domestic cleaners, you can be more familiar with them, their personality, how they deal with you as well as how they work. Also, you may want to have a cleaner do their work while you are at home because your personal and valuable possessions are kept at home, and you may prefer to be there when cleaning happens.