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Pros of using free WordPress themes

It pretty easy to find free SEO themes for WordPress after installing WordPress on your web host. The best place to get free WordPress themes is the WordPress repository. There are thousands of free WordPress themes available and so the ones you find on the WordPress official theme directory are not the only ones. The main advantage of choosing a theme from the theme directory of WordPress is that the themes there are approved after a strict review. There are many reasons why a person will choose a free WordPress theme from the repository

seo themes

  • The WordPress themes are free

Who doesn’t like free things? Don’t we? The good thing about these free WordPress themes is that there are a lot of quality themes out there that you won’t even believe they are free. For those website owners who always feel like making a change now and then or those who love experimenting things, the free WordPress themes are a good choice for you. The premium WordPress themes require you to pay and actually most of the premium themes don’t come cheap. The average cost of a premium WordPress theme is around 58 dollars and some sellers don’t offer money back even if you don’t love the theme or the theme is not even compatible with your plugin. So if you buy a premium WordPress theme and it ends up being incompatible with your plugin, you will end up being stuck with a WordPress theme you can’t use.

  • WordPress themes on the official directory are approved

If you decide to get your theme from the theme directory of WordPress then you can be sure that the theme has everything to make you happy. The themes usually go through a lot of scrutiny and for a theme to be found on the theme directory of WordPress it is one of the best. The best way to be assured of the theme you are choosing is to opt for one of the popular themes seen under the Popular tab in the directory. This tab will show you themes like Twenty Nineteen, OceanWP, Astra, Hestia and more that are being used by a number of users. Themes that are getting a higher response from users with good ratings are surely trustworthy.

  • Free WordPress themes have fairly minimalist design

Since the free WordPress themes don’t have a lot of premium widgets and features, they tend to have a fairly minimalist design. If you don’t make the use of plugins on your website, then this may contribute positively to the speed of your website and if your website has good speeds, it will improve your technical SEO. Speaking of SEO, you can actually get free SEO themes for WordPress at your convenience.

Pick a FREE theme today!

So, are you ready to begin with a free WordPress theme to build your website? Make sure to scan the popular themes tab and pick a theme that suits your needs and eases the process of website designing.