Why Brexit Will Not Affect The Market Of Vapes

With the topsy-turvy the world is witnessing regarding Brexit, every one awaits the final result of the different business and trading deals that will be fixed in regard of the incident of divorce of UK from European Union. There will be massive changes in the policies of trading between the EU and Britain, which will affect a wide number of industries and sectors economically. But one industry that will show constancy in terms of sales and stature or even grow gradually is the nicotine industry. This includes the e-cigarettes and tobacco industry. Even in tumultuous times, this is one of the industries that promise not to falter but prosper instead.


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Vaping has shown a promising growth in sales since it has been considered by the PHE(Public Health England) as a successful cessation to smoking. Tobacco has been observed as an ultimate recession-proof product. The greater world has seen many ups and downs in the economy, the greatest falls in the US stocks but these mishaps could not affect tobacco shares. Tobacco products’ sales decrease with each year due to campaigns all over the world regarding the health issues and deaths caused by tobacco. But tobacco companies levy extra tax with the marginal rise in price of the products to do with the decreasing sales every year. The business plan is fool proof; hence the tobacco industry stays rigid in its profit margin. In UK, smoking costs the economy a ransom amount of money. Though UK has a target of making itself smoke-free by 2030, the recent intimacy of the PM with the tobacco firm will not affect the existence of the market.

The e-cigarette industry has shown to be prominent since the last decade when different clinical studies have declared vaping as much less harm causing and positive compared to tobacco. Many tobacco companies are shifting to production of vapes considering the reason that it is the next trending unbeatable product to sell. E-cigarettes regulation in Europe are governed by a body called Tobacco Products Directive and they have imposed many limitations like vape tank capacities, nicotine concentration, bottle sizes and even advertisements on vape products.

The UK vape industry on the other hand is a fully fledged safe industry which encourages smokers to shift from smoking tobacco to vaping. This industry is flourishing day by day giving the number of customers it is attracting. After Brexit happens finally, the UK government has considered looking over the policies of TPD and if they abolish them, the sales in the vaping industry will see growth on a global scale. UK has a thriving industry of vapes with consumers free to access different products. It comes second in the world just after USA, the first vaping industry in the world. The revision of the tobacco control and regulations is tending to be of great importance given the aim of ‘Smoke Free Britain’ by 2030. The government will try to persuade all the smokers into vaping. Tobacco or vape industry is an industry of much importance and will hold a strong policy when the Brexit finally comes out. The UK government will definitely amend the terms of TPD and relax it more, applying some limitations on the sale of products of vape.

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Athens City Center

Areas In Athens City Center

Athens is the capital city of Greece and it is also the biggest city in Greece. It is one of the oldest towns in the world. It is believed that Athens has been in existence for over 3400 years. Archaeologists say that the first human presence in Athens was found long time ago.

It is one of the biggest economic centers in the southern east Europe, global city. It also consists of a port Piraeus which is the largest passenger port in Europe and the second largest in the world. Athens being one of the oldest town it has cool places to visit where one can enjoy with their family. The best time to visit Athens is during the spring and fall, when the temperatures are warm and the tourist traffic is at minimum. While in Athens, it is good to take a tour to some places like presented below;

Athens City Center


Activities like clothing boutiques, souvenir shops, and specialty store are homed in this flea market. If you are into bargain shopping, this is a place for you to tour and carry some products with you back home. It is strategically located in a square which happens to be a host to the Church of the Pantanassa.


Plaka is like a small village in a huge city. It is strategically located on the slopes of acropolis, one of the biggest attraction site in Athens, and has antique buildings that beckon and command attention even when you are not interested. Plaka has several museum where one can visit such as; Jewish museum, Greek folk art museum, Athens university museum, Pavlos and Alexandra kaellopoulou museum, Frissiras museum. Plaka has very strict regulations when it comes to conservation because the social utilities like water are underground in custom-made tunnels.

Temple of Athena Nike

After its construction, this temple has been demolished three times and reconstructed. Nike is the ancient Greek word meaning victory. It was initially constructed due to the cult of Athena Nike, but was later on demolished by the Persians. The reason I find most ambiguous for destruction of the temple is when it was demolished by the Turks so that they could build defense using the stones. Were there no stones available at the moment?

National archaeological museum of Athens

This museum was founded a couple of centuries ago and it houses various archaeological and historical collections including, Mycenean gold cups from Grave IV and V, The Mask of Agamemnon, a gold funeral mask, sculptures, and The Mask of Agamemnon, a gold funeral mask, among others. It was first known as the central museum, before being renamed by Charilaos Trikoupis in 1881, the then prime minister of Greece. The museum managed to stand the Second World War by sealing the antiquities in special boxes and burying them to avoid destruction and theft. To this day, this museum stand in Patission Street, and is worth paying a visit.

Agora: ruins of the ancient market place

Agora is a Greek word meaning gather and orate. From Agora, a short hike is available to the top of the Agora hill from where you get a beautiful view of the Temple of Hephaistos and the ancient Library of Hadrian. At Agora, citizens gathered for sports, politics and any other social activity that brought them together.

Acropolis museum

Most archaeological findings from the Acropolis of Athens are stored in this museum, a good reason you should not leave Athens without setting your feet here. It is an award winning museum with at least six awards. Even though the museum was founded in 2003, it did not open to the public until June 2009.

As part of the top news from Greece, I found this information to be educative so that as you plan to visit Athens, you do not wonder where to start from.

Heathrow Express

Train to Heathrow – Heathrow Express

If you are looking for a comfortable yet lightening fast commute option from London Paddington to Heathrow Central, then the Heathrow Express is your ideal choice. Mostly known for the amount of time it saves of the passengers, there are several other feathers attached to its cap considering the convenience and universality of its services. The primary slogan of the Heathrow Express is “15 minutes, every 15 minutes”. This means that the train takes only 15 minutes to travel from the origin to its destination including Heathrow terminals 2 and 3 and another 6 minutes to reach terminal 5. Apart from this, a passenger can also a avail a free transfer to terminal 4.

Heathrow Express

Most of the localites and visitors prefer the Heathrow Express over any other means of transport and rifghtfully so. Not only does it respect people’s need to be at places on time but is also accompanied by superior services that make Heathrow Express one of the most preferred means of transport. The list of advantages associated with one’s travel in this train seems unending; the authorities haven’t limited the amount of luggage that you are allowed to carry inside it. Rather, sturdy racks have been constructed all around the train to accommodate luggage of varying sizes. If you are traveling and have big suitcases with you for the airport, place them in the bigger racks; while the smaller bags can be stacked inside the overhead shelves to enjoy a stress-free ride.

There is no exception when it comes to the originating point of all the Heathrow expresses; they all start their ride from the Terminal 5 station and makes a halt only at terminal 2 and 3 of Heathrow Central. The authorities have come up with strapping plans to suit their passengers who travel in the Heathrow Express regularly; meaning, you can look up to the Heathrow Express price and subscribe to their daily plans which requires the passenger to pay only a certain amount each day irrespective of the number of times he will travel through the day. Once this bar us reached, the rest of the travel conducted across of the day is free of cost.

If you get down at either terminal 2 or 3, you will have to walk your way upto the Central Station; but keeping the general public in mind, moving sideways have been installed in these paths to conserve energy and time. The luxury travel experience granted by Heathrow Express is at par with any other business class transport system. Starting from the centrally air-conditioned compartments to the flexible chairs and from the free WiFi connectivity to news TV, the Heathrow Express is sufficed with all the essentials that form an indispensable part of a memorable journey. However, if you are looking for enhanced comfort, you can opt for the First Class tickets that bear with it tables in front of each chair, more room to spread your legs, complimentary copies of the Financial Times and magazines from various genres to choose from.

After having analyzed all the above-mentioned details and characteristics of the Heathrow Express, we can safely conclude that this means of transport is nothing but a boon to the inhabitants of the country. Not only does it excel in speed and premium services for all the passengers alike, the authorities aim at furnishing the passengers with an all-round experience even in that tiny window of 15 minutes. From delineating schemes of benefit for the daily passengers to surfacing means of advance booking to steer away from the unavoidable hustle on the weekdays, the Heathrow connect has got you all covered.

Sleeping Better

The Student’s Guide to Sleeping Better

Do you want to sleep better at night? How much sleep are you getting on average? The experts say that young adults need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each day. If you get around 6 hours (or worse, less) then your brain isn’t going to work at its best. That’s going to put you in some embarrassing situations. Should the sleep deprivation continue though, it can lead to more serious problems including weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and reduced cognitive performance. There are several potential causes of your inability to sleep properly at night;

Sleep Apps

It’s true that technology can make it harder to sleep at night, however, it can also help improve sleep quality when used properly. Apps such as SleepCycle and SleepTime can help a lot. They aren’t the most accurate measure, but they can still help you to determine if you have a troubled sleep cycle. Understand your sleep cycle and improve it so you wake up feeling more refreshed and alert.

Sleeping Better

Turn Electronics Off

Electronic screens give off blue lights that make us feel more alert and awake. You should turn off the TV and computer and avoid using your phone for at least half an hour before going to bed. Experts suggest the blue light from screens can trick the brain into thinking that you should be awake, which is going to make it harder to sleep at night. If you have absolutely no impulse control when it comes to watching Netflix or checking Instagram before bed, then take all of the technology out of your bedroom. Don’t give yourself the chance.

Be Active and Stick to a Routine

You should aim to stick to a regular schedule that sees you wake up at the same time in the morning. This synchronizes your body so you start getting tired at an appropriate time and have less trouble falling asleep. Exercising regularly can also help to improve sleep quality. Try to exercise at a similar time each day. If you like to work out in the evenings, then you should do your exercises with at least three hours to spare before going to bed. Exercising too close to bedtime is a stressful activity that can negatively affect your sleeping habits.

Create the Right Bedroom Environment

Getting to sleep requires the right light levels. Sleep schedules can be affected by light levels. Try to convert your bedroom into a place where you can rest and relax. Put up some softer lights like fairy lights that you can dim before hitting the hay. When the time comes to sleep, prevent light from getting into your room by closing curtains and blinds. On the other hand though, being exposed to natural light in the morning helps you to wake up slowly and naturally, and your body is sure to appreciate that.

If you’re looking to repaint your room then you want to avoid stimulating colors such as red. Instead, you should focus on warm neutral colors that make the room more relaxing.

Having trouble sleeping because of your neighbors or roommate? If that’s the case, you should try drowning them out with SleepPhones or earplugs to create the quiet, peaceful environment you need for sleep.

People sleep better in general when the temperature is a little cooler. Turn down the temperature in your bedroom to around 18 degrees Celsius. Not only will you sleep easier, but you’ll cut down your utilities bill too!

If you’ve tried these tips and you’re still having trouble sleeping at night then it could be time to contact a healthcare provider. How much sleep you get can be a major determining factor in your ability to live and function like a regular human being. Be sure to get enough of the good stuff!

Order in the Military

Disobeying an Order in the Military

Article 92 deals with violations of orders or regulations and failure of orders or regulations. This article covers different situations; violating regulations or general order, violation of other regulations or written orders, violation of the legal order or duty negligence.

What is Article 92?

Article 92, violation of the UCMJ, has many variances. These changes require slightly different elements of each charge to prove. Article 92 establishes three types of offenses: violations or non-compliance with general orders or regulations, non-compliance with other legal orders and negligence in the obligation. Article 92 leaders are common in many lawsuits. The government does not have to put much effort to find a claim under the article of 92 in most cases.

What Does Article 92 States?

Order in the Military

Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice states that a soldier does not comply with an order or regulation issued by an officer, officer or unauthorized person in a division or division. Article 92 is perhaps the most important article in the uniform law on military justice. Any member of the military personnel, be it the army, air force, navy, navy or coast guard, who does not obey the order of its superiors, risks serious consequences. Article 92 of the Uniform Law on Military Justice makes it an offense to disobey any legal order.

As a matter of threshold, the settlement must apply to the alleged and forbid the conduct they are alleged to have committed. In most cases, the order or regulation is intended to provide guidance. The regulation should specify that it is punitive. The agent should keep in mind that the specification may be defective if the appropriate regulations are not specified or if the request is a public request. The lawyer must also ensure that exceptions to the system or regulation are verified.

In case of negligence to duty, the question of the threshold is whether the defendant has a specific duty. The assignment can be applied by any number of sources, usually, the service included. The key, again, is that the accused must be aware of the exact obligation. The defense of incompetence will be largely determined by the facts. Examine the client’s duty, education, skills, and the context in which they are required to perform this duty.

What is the Maximum Punishment under Article 92? 

  • The maximum penalty for violation or violation of the general legal system or general regulations is dishonorable discharge, loss of all payments and appointments, and imprisonment for two years.
  • In case of violation of other legal orders, the maximum penalty is the discharge of bad conduct, the loss of all salaries, allowances, and imprisonment of six months.
  • In the event of negligence to duty or ineffectiveness of the offender, the maximum penalty is the loss of two-thirds of the amount per month for three months and a term of imprisonment of three months.
  • In the case of deliberate willful misconduct, the maximum penalty is the disqualification of misconduct, loss of all wages and benefits, and imprisonment for six months.

For charges of violation or failure to obey the legal general regulations or orders, most of the defenses will focus on deficiencies in regulation. This special provision does not require the accused to have specific knowledge of the regulation or order. In this regard, attacking the regulation defects is the main area of attack.