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Fake News And How To Fight Them

What are the main sources of news in today’s world? Can they be trusted? Is there a place for them still with the advent of immediate and informal news sources? Should we leave news to crowdsourced outlets or is that not sufficient? All of these are valid questions to ask today.

Things have changed much in the last few years. We should be asking ourselves these and other important questions. We cannot just leave this kind of issue to chance. News outlets are not just there to fill us in on whatever it is that interests us. They provide a valuable service. They are also an integral part of the checks and balances system of any healthy democracy.

Today we are going to discuss this new trend of fake news. What it may mean to us and journalism. Also, we will try to find ways to stay ahead of fake news.

A world with infinite news sources

news sources

It used to be the case that news had a lot fewer sources. It was up to journalists to find news, check sources and provide the information. That is no longer the case. There are so many different ways to get news today that it is impossible for us to know if they have been checked or not.

People report on blogs, their personal websites, and podcasts. Also small news outlets, social media platforms and any other form of communication available.

No more gatekeepers

For good or for ill big broadcasting companies used to be the gatekeepers. They would make sure that by the time content was on people’s screens it was ready and checked. Their reputation was on the line.

Broadcasting today is practically free. You just need your phone and access to the internet. You could post your own content in minutes for the world to consume. This has led to a flooded market in the information and news field.

Competition and options are always great in any market. The problem is that we now have the responsibility to filter the content we consume with much more care. There are services such as cnn live that will provide live coverage from a reputable source. If you plug into a cnn live stream you will get to watch cnn live just like you would on the tv. All the weight of their brand is on that broadcast. You can trust that they have done a better check on their sources than many other unknown news outlets.

Support trustworthy publications

We as consumers need to do our part. In this case, we should try to support the outlets that go out of their way to provide professional reliable content. This is not easy to do all the time. We are all pressed for time and we can’t always go to another source when we see something pop up. As we mentioned above, if it is live coverage you are looking for you have a good option in cnn live. You can watch cnn live at any point of the day and during the cnn live stream you will get quality information.

Do not add to the noise

Maybe checking your sources is too much to ask. That could very well be the case. There is something much easier that all of us can do, though. That is to abstain from sharing things that we are not sure about. In this way, we at least do not give strength to claims that may not be well supported. This is a good option for those of us without the time to do research about everything we read or hear online.

Tattoo Removal: Type of Q-Switched Lasers and Beams

Laser treatment is a mainstay when tattoo removal is concerned. This treatment is considered to be less painful than some other methods.  Laser treatments are segmented. This means that the laser applied to remove a specific tattoo may be different from the one used to remove another type of tattoo. Some people may not know this, but there are different wavelengths that can be used to remove tattoo colours.

There is a reason why laser beams are very useful in removing tattoos. These tattoos are visible on the skin because the ink cannot be broken down easily. The laser removal tools work through the decomposition of ink in the skin. This device breaks up the ink in the skin for easier processing and disposal.

Laser Tattoo Removal

You may be living in Sydney and require help in removing your tattoo. This service can be easily offered with the highest quality at the tattoo removal services available.

The article gives you an idea of the various types of Q-switched laser beams. You will also get to see the functions of each beam on the skin during operation.

The Q-Switched laser beams are the most used in the tattoo removal market. This is because the laser beam produces the best results with little side effects. Here are some of the Q-switched laser beams currently in the market:

Q-Switched Ruby:

The Ruby produces a red beam which enhances the decomposition of very dark-coloured tattoos. This fast acting laser removes the tattoos well into the dermis. The results are mostly favourable. Also, fewer visits are required to get the skin healed depending on the size of the tattoo.

Q-Switched Frequency-Doubled YAG:

This laser produces a very direct effect on the ink in the skin. This laser produces a green beam. It is very effective in erasing tattoos that were designed with a range of bright colours. This laser is also very effective in taking off some unwanted spots in the body. The wavelength from the laser easily absorbs into the skin and breaks down the pigment in the skin. This makes it easier for the body to process the ink and pass it out.

Q-Switched YAG:

The Q-switched YAG is built with a very low light which is difficult to see with the naked eye. This laser is best for customers with dark skin. This laser has a low absorption ratio to the melanin content of the body. For those who may not know what melanin is – it’s what gives the human skin colour. This is why it is good for darker pigments.  This laser is very suitable for darker skin. It is also suitable for dark ink pigments.

Q-Switched Alexandrite:

The Q-switched Alexandrite creates a red beam and is suitable for small-sized tattoos. This laser is also very suitable for dark skin. This is because the laser is absorbed into the melanin at a slow rate. This prevents the incidence of any unwanted skin problems. This laser is popular because it has a lesser wavelength which works well on small tattoos made with dark ink.


The Q-switched lasers continue to gain prominence in the tattoo removal market. All of these beams are available at the nearest tattoo Sydney removal service you desire. With the help of a trained expert in tattoo removal, your skin will regenerate very well. It is important to note that the results you experience depend on the individual that is in charge of the removal.

Does Mock Exam Help in Preparing for Exams?

For many examinations — both online and paper-based — there are sample, practice or mock examinations that are meant to help you prepare for the real exams. Whichever name you call it, the purpose of the examinations are clear and that is why it surprising when some people still ask if they are useful. I will go straight to the answer and tell you, yes they are very helpful and I will tell you why.

Firstly, when we talk about mock exams, in this context, we are not referring to the general school exams but the “special” examinations like GMAT, GRA, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and so on. In Nigeria, examinations such as WAEC, NECO and JAMB would be perfect examples. These exams are generally used for admission into schools or as proof of proficiency of a language.

For the purpose of this article, I will use an example of how JAMB mock exam is helpful to candidates who are writing JAMB UTME. Before I proceed, I should let you know that JAMB stands for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, while UTME stands for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. The UTME is the entrance examination for admission into Nigerian universities. JAMB is the body that has the constitutional duty to conduct UTME.

How Mock Exam Help in Preparing for Exams

  1. Mock examinations like that by JAMB helps candidates familiarise themselves with the examination. Mock exams present the rare opportunity for candidates to write an exam that is closest to what they will face in the real examination. These include knowing the format of the exam, the time set for completion and so on.
  2. Examinations like these also help candidates to acquaint themselves with the examination conditions. For examples, I have met candidates who cannot sit through a four-hour long test, therefore, they become restless after sitting through a couple of hours of test. Taking a practice test will help them realise what they signed up for and working towards an endurance level that would take them through such exams.
  3. Lastly, mock exams help candidates to know their standing (i.e. level of preparedness) and give them an idea of the task they have ahead. For example, if a candidates scores low in a mock exam, it is an indication that they might not do well in the real examination.

For candidates who want to write JAMB, they need to register for JAMB UTME, then register for the UTME mock exam before writing the final exam. This has helped many candidates achieve success in the exam.

In conclusion, even though I have used a relatively unfamiliar examination as an example, the reasons I gave in favour of mock exams are applicable to other exams such as GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Wishing you the very best as you prepare for your forthcoming examinations.

Can CBD Be Beneficial to College Students?

From the past few years, CBD or Cannabinoid is gaining huge popularity around the world for its amazing health benefits. It has become an essential part of adult life due to its incredible abilities to treat symptoms and stress and anxiety. Many experienced medical health experts even prefer to prescribe CBD to treat depression among college students.

There is no doubt to say that college time creates the most exciting experience for life. But at the same time, this duration can be too demanding as well. Students have to undergo a variety of troubles, including social anxiety, parental expectations, fear of career and exams as well. Sometimes these matters even become uncontrollable, and students start facing depression and stress.

Although many medications have been developed earlier to treat depression in adults; but not all of them are equally reliable. The true fact is that most of these medicals cause serious side effects. In such situations, CBD appears the best solution to deal with the troublesome symptoms of depression. Moreover, college students find it easier to consume as this natural compound these days is available in several forms.

In order to know more about how CBD can be beneficial for college students, it is good to go through the details below.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most popular natural occurring compounds with ultimate health benefits. It is extracted from cannabis plants such as marijuana or hemp and is further processed to create several products. You can find CBD in the form of edibles, oils, tinctures, creams, capsules and many more. These forms of CBD are easier to consume and ensure efficient therapeutic and medical health benefits.

CBD works by interacting with the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body. Note that, ECS has primarily two types of receptors, and they are located in the entire body, including the central nervous system. The major use of these receptors is to regulate mood, treat inflammation, pain response and manage sleep levels. CBD improves the production of these receptors to promote healthy functionality of the human body. With this, college students can enjoy better concentration levels and stay active all the time.

The biggest reason to use CBD for college students is that it doesn’t get high like THC compounds. CBD is basically a non-psychoactive substance, and it cannot cause addiction among students. However, its natural anti-inflammatory properties can enhance the sensory response and consciousness by a great extent.

Benefits of CBD for college students:

As already discussed, CBD leaves several positive impacts on the human body. However, if you are interested to know how it can be useful for college students, it is good to check a few points listed below:

  • Treat social anxiety:

A wide range of college students suffers from social anxiety. It can be related to public speaking or even about approaching their crush. CBD can help them to obtain a peaceful and calm state of mind. CBD Education Online can help you understand its amazing health benefits.

  • Manage test anxiety:

Many students feel nervous during exam time. Even after studying books for several hours, they get a feeling of forgetting everything right before the exam. It happens just because of stress and nervousness. CBD can help to promote consciousness and clearer state of mind. Prefer to find best CBD for tendonitis.

  • Improve sleep quality:

Millions of college students around the world are suffering from sleep problems. It has a direct impact on their routines, including class activity, studies, and extracurricular work. CBD can help students to develop a positive and healthy mindset by avoiding sleepless nights. At the same time, it improves their mental health as well.

  • Relieve physical pain:

Last but not the least amazing health benefit of CBD is its ability to relieve acute as well as chronic pain. The potential anti-inflammatory properties of this natural compound can improve joint pain and muscle health with ease.

The Heavy Impact Of Vat On The Technology Sector In Costa Rica

The Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics … 

Are some of the advances that have been made in recent years with the aim of simplifying various tasks of our daily lives.

But if there is something that even science and technology, no matter how advanced, have been saved from: Compliance with the tax laws of the country they operate in.

There is no company that escapes its obligations to the State, regardless of its level of technology.

Companies established in Costa Rica, have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT), according to the new law No. 9635 – “Act Strengthening Public Finance”. This law came into effect on July 1, 2019.

Now, a few months in … how has VAT affected the industry? What is its economic effect? What changes have been made?
These are some of the key questions for the sector that we will address in this article about the impact of VAT on the technology sector of Costa Rica.

Taxed Technology

To start, a little background info: Before July 1 2019, what existed was the General Sales Tax (IGV – Impuesto General de Ventas), which was 13% and only applied for the purchase of products.

The new law not only came to replace the IGV with the Value Added Tax (VAT) but also to extend it to previously untaxed services.

With some exceptions, we now pay 13%, 4% or 2% for conultations, medical services, design, education, remodeling of properties, aesthetics, recreational services and others.

Regarding the purchase of technological products and services in the country and abroad – antivirus, licenses, software, computer programs, entertainment platforms – the maximum rate of 13% applies.

It also covers equipment maintenance services, custom software development, application development and network maintenance.

Blow to Competitiveness

Although the objective of the law is positive in trying to alleviate the fragile situation of public finances, it is doing so at the cost of the profitability and competitiveness of many companies, including technology.

When previously small companies only needed to hire accountants on an occasional basis, today they permanently require their services in order to fulfill the process in a timely manner; every month.

This translates into a minimum of three hours of work, which, according to the College of Private Accountants of Costa Rica, means a monthly outlay of about ¢ 72,500 (the professional time is set at ¢ 24,163). This equeals to about 130USD.

Another point to take into account is that the one who assumes the payment of VAT is the customer and the supplier is only limited to collecting the tax, generating a considerable increase in the price of services.

Let’s look at the impact of VAT on the technology industry, reflected in a hypothetical case. Suppose you have a small software company dedicated to the sale of licenses inside and outside of the country. Although for exports it will not involve any change – the tax is territorial and therefore does not apply to consumption abroad -, in relation to local sales, which are subject to VAT with a maximum of 13%.

In practical terms, this means that, if before July 1, you sold a license for $ 200, after that date you must add the $ 26 tax, for a total of $ 226 (more than ¢ 15,000 difference from at the original price).

Faced with this scenario, the provider faces two equally complicated scenarios. One is to absorb the cost of VAT and the other is to lower the service fee so that the customer continues to pay the same or a portion of the tax is transferred.
In both cases, it would be sacrificing profitability and competitiveness in exchange for not affecting the customer’s ability to consume.

A little Extra on Top – Electronic Invoices

One of the steps prior to the implementation of VAT in order to reduce tax evasion was the adoption of the mandatory electronic invoice, since 2018.

With all of this and the benefits that this entails for the taxpayer, such as greater security and integration of operations, it is still an additional investment.
Although the Hacienda’s free platform exists, there are those who prefer to hire one of the 26 suppliers authorized to provide the service, the cost of which can be up to ¢ 50,000 for the issuance of 1,000 documents. (About 90USD)

So far, we have ¢ 72,500 (130USD) monthly accountant fees, plus ¢ 50,000 (90USD) of the electronic billing package, for a total of ¢ 920,000 (1630USD) per year.
And if we add to this the training of personnel and the eventual implementation of ERP-type business management systems, the sum could become much higher.

Does this mean that the new Fiscal Plan is bad? Do we return then to the previous Sales Tax and paper bills?

Neither one nor the other. This article simply limits itself to showing the reality as it is, without ignoring the sacrifices and investments that all change demands for those involved.

What other effects does the new law have on technology companies?

What is the best strategy to face them without compromising future stability and solvency?

Tell us in the comments and we continue discussing the impact of VAT on the technology sector in Costa Rica.

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