The Latest in Shutters for Storm Protection

Shutters are window and door coverings usually made of either wood, vinyl, or hybrid, that is, a combination of vinyl and aluminum. They have various uses such as to control the amount of sunlight entering the house, security against adverse weather such as hurricanes, or for protection against intrusion. Most people tend to prefer using shutters made of wood even though they are expensive, but in situations such as hurricanes, you might want to consider the type of shutters mentioned in the list below.

shutters for storm protection

In places such as the Tropical islands, the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and so on, picking out the type of shutter used for your house is essential. One broken glass may allow debris to fly into the house, and it could cause harm to the people inside. A broken window can also cause pressure in the house, which could blow the house away.  Picking the type of shutters used to protect your home is of utmost importance.

The best shutters for storm protection to protect your home would be

Roll Gard

The Roll Gard is also called the roll-up or rolling shutters. It is popular in South Louisiana. The panel contains aluminum slat profiles, and so are very strong. A motor operator controls the Roll Gard. It can be easily rolled up or down or you can use a switch.

This type of shutters is also used for security purposes in offices, banks, pharmacies, and so on. The beauty of this type of cover serves as an added advantage. The shutters, when not in use, look beautiful.

Bahama hurricane shutters.

The Bahama hurricane shutters, as the name implies, are popular in the tropical islands and are quite stylish. The Bahama hurricane shutters are easy to install and provide ventilation, light, and privacy control. The Bahama hurricane shutters can be used as sunshades when the sun is out and folded down when there is a storm.

Accordion hurricane shutters.

The Accordion hurricane shutters are cost-effective and provide maximum security against hurricanes. This type of hurricane shutters is easy to close. This type of window and door covering has an interlocking blade system folded when not in use. They can be rolled in or out and can be pulled shut when there is a storm.

The Accordion hurricane shutters are suitable for large doors and windows. The Accordion hurricane shutters may not provide much in terms of beauty, but they are functional, and they give a clean look when not in use.

Fabric storm panels.

This type of hurricane shutters is very economical and installs quickly, and so doesn’t necessarily require an installer. The production material used is very strong synthetic and PVC coated. The fabric storm panel has the capacity to withstand category five hurricanes, and so are very strong. These panels can easily be folded up and kept when not in use. The fabric storm panels are way better than the plywood most people use to board up their windows.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters. 

The colonial hurricane shutters are used mostly for decorative purposes, but you can also purchase the storm rated options. The colonial New England homes inspired this type of shutters. The shutters don’t only provide security during storms but also serve as shade when the weather is terrible.

The Colonial hurricane shutters are hung permanently on the building. They are attached to the side of the window and will be swung shut during a storm. If you have the colonial hurricane shutters installed, there is little preparation to be done before a storm.

Temporary storm panels.

Temporary storm panels are panels put in place temporarily as protection against storms. It is produced with aluminum, steel, or polycarbonate. The temporary storm panels can be fixed quickly before a storm. There is usually other hardware in place before the storm panels are installed. It is cost-effective.

The next time you want to buy hurricane shutters, you might want to consider purchasing any of the above. The types of shutters mentioned on this list provide you with maximum protection from the storm and can serve other purposes such as; decoration and sunshade, as mentioned in the above list.

How To Make Extra Money Online?

If you are a student and reading this post then tell us, “What is that one thing which you are always short of?” Time? Of course, as you need to juggle between school, college and tuitions, but what else? Pocket money? Yes, you got it right! As a student, you might be trying to find means for increasing your pocket money. You got lot of expenses, after all! So, if you are among those who want to rip up the old rules and try something material, then this post is for you! We sleuthed out a creative way to make extra money online! Read further to explore!

sell game online

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  3. It frees up space in your room: By selling old games, not only you make extra money online but also free up some space to organize your room. Isn’t it a gift to mothers who always complain about the mess in your room?
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  6. It aids in controlling temptation: If your exams are approaching and you want to get rid of games to devote some time towards studies, this is one of the best ways! While you choose to buy the latest version after exams, it would be a great step to sell the old games and focus on grades.

We hope you don’t need more reasons to sell your old games. Visit now for the best price!

The Most Convincing Reasons To Outsource Web Development

Outsourcing is changing business in the new world. A large number of big companies also prefer outsourcing rather than hiring full-time staff to achieve their project-related goals. Outsourcing is helpful for the growth of the business in several different ways. Outsourcing also promises a reduced cost on work. The outsourcing can give you approachable access to many skilled professionals which you do not have in your company. The reasons to outsource web development can be viewed as:

  1. Relatively cost-effective

One of the most important reasons to outsource web development is that it costs you a lower level of expenditures. To hire a team of web developers in your company at home for the design and development of your website is comparatively expensive and time taking process. If for instance, you have hired a team to design your web in your office, you will also require providing them with different kinds of training with the emerging trends of the market that will, in turn, cost another huge amount. On the other side, to outsource web development is possible at low costs. By outsourcing web development an expert and professional company will see your project at lower charges. A successful businessman adopts cost-effective processes to earn extraordinary benefits.

web development

  1. Save your time

Outsourcing web development saves you time. It is because a professional web development company takes your project to complete and you will be able to pay your attention and invest your time in other important tasks of your business regarding marketing, advertisement, customer services, etc. In this way, you will be more able to invest your saved time to prepare the market for the launch of your business right after its completion.

  1. Responsibility shift

When you outsource web development it is the responsibility of the company to accomplish the project with precision. The web development companies are more liable to the responsibility of the project than the staff in your office. It is because of the success of your project and your satisfaction will bring more clients to them or else they will be at loss. They are responsible to work according to the agreements and they are also responsible for the correction of mistakes as well, but on the other side you have hired a team in your staff then it is your responsibility to see it at higher costs.

  1. A multidisciplinary team

When you are outsourcing web development it is quite handy to make a perfect team of multidisciplinary people who are experts in their fields. For example, if you want to outsource mobile development to India you do not need to hire a full in house team. You just have to search for the right web development companies and experts to build your team. In this way, the team of experts can help you with your project.

  1. Flexible schedule and Agile communication

Another reason to outsource web development is that you can work with flexible timings of work. You can choose your hours to work on the project according to your feasibility. The outsourcing can give you access to experts who are working at different geographical locations and following different time zones. By outsourcing web development you can be able to come in frequent talks with experts with the aid of technologically developed communication software. The flexible work hour and agile communication increase the quality of your project.

  1. No concession on design

There is another reason to outsource and hire another company for web development is that it is acceptable to compromise on the design. By outsourcing web development you can get the newest and trendy web designs that attract the clients. They can be more user-friendly with optimized user experience and more responsive. The design of your web is, in fact, your brand identity. It is therefore suggested to not give any concession on your web design which is only possible when you outsource web development.

  1. Multiple Resources as one unit

Outsourcing web development enables you to reach multiple resources offered as one unit by the web development company. It is because web development requires many experts at a time like logo designer, content writer, web developer and web designer which should not necessarily hire in-house. Rather the outsource web development with the help of web development companies is cheaper and time-saving. The web development companies which you can outsource have multitasking teams and experts with them. Therefore when they take your project, they finish it with complete accuracy by employing multiple resources.

6 Popular Ways to Do Intermittent Fasting

In recent years, intermittent fasting has gained popularity due to the various health benefits it offers. It is claimed to improve weight loss, and metabolic health along with other myriad of health benefits.

Read on to know what intermittent fasting is and what are the various ways to do it.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is not a diet plan but in fact a pattern of eating. It’s a way of scheduling the meals such that you restrict the intake of foods and sweetened beverages for a specific period of time everyday (usually 10-16 hours) and eating only during the remaining hours. People can pick any window to eat that works for them. During the fasting time only unsweetened, non-caloric beverages like water, green tea, black tea and black coffee can be taken, but nothing that requires digestion.

How does intermittent fasting works?

The theory behind intermittent fasting is that it deprives the body of calories for an extended period of time and forces the body into a temporary state of starvation, in which, it burns that fat cells to provide energy to the body. The result is improved weight loss and decreased body-fat ratio.


Source: Medical News Today

The benefits of intermittent fasting

Dietitians and experts recommend 12 to 14 hours of intermittent fasting for most people, as it helps to break the pattern of mindless eating and encourages intake of balanced meals. According to dietitian Amy Shapiro, the founder of Real Nutrition Intermittent fasting allows for proper digestion of food and better sleep. Moreover, intermittent fasting is great to regulate the hormonal balance of the body. Experts agree that in general, this style of fasting is safer and more in line with the natural way of eating. Not only is it beneficial for health, but it is a mode of eating that can be safely carried for a longer period of time.

There are many schedules of intermittent fasting that can be followed for beneficial weight loss. You can pick any one and try to make it work with your lifestyle.

  1. The 16:8 method—fast for 16 hours per day: this method is also known as the Leangains Diet. Fasting for 16 hours a day leaves an 8-hour window to eat. This method may be helpful for someone who has tried the 12-hour method but did not benefit from it. If the sleep time is incorporated into the fast time, then one can finish the evening meal by 8pm and then eat the next day at noon.

An animal study found that limiting the feeding time to 8 hours provided protection from obesity, diabetes, inflammation and liver diseases in comparison to animals that ate whatever they wished.

  1. The 5:2 method—fast for 2 days per week: with this method, people eat standard amount of healthy food for five days and reduce caloric intake for two days per week. During the low calorie days, the intake should be 500-600 calories. There should not be consecutive fasting days, for instance, one can fast on Monday and Wednesday, but not Monday and Tuesday.

This method of fasting has been found to improve insulin sensitivity and improved weight loss.

  1. Alternate day fasting: this method involves fasting every other day. Some people take no solid food during the fasting days, while others restrict the caloric intake to 500 calories. On feeding days, however, people choose to eat as much as they want. Research shows that this method of fasting improves heart health in both healthy and overweight adults and is very effective for weight loss. However, this form of fasting is not beginner friendly, and might be difficult to maintain in the long run. It is recommended to start this form of intermittent fasting after consulting a healthcare provider.
  2. Weekly 24-hour fast: this method is also known as the eat-stop-eat method. It involves eating no food for 24-hours at a time, while they can have water, tea and other unsweetened, calorie-free beverages. On non-fasting days, people can return to normal eating patterns.
  3. The 14:10 method—fasting for 14 hours per day: this method of fasting is similar to the 16:8 one, but involves a 14-hour fasting window. It is slightly easier to stick to than the 16 hour fast, however, the caloric deficit is less in this window and weight loss is slightly less effective.
  4. Fasting for 12 hours per day: this method inculcates adhering to a 12-hour fasting window every day. This method is relatively beginner friendly as the fasting window is smaller, and much of the fasting occurs during sleep. The easiest way to follow this method is to include the period of sleep in the fasting window, for instance, a person could fast from 7pm to 7am, with no dinner after 7pm and breakfast at 7am.

For a long and sustainable weight loss, add lifestyle modifications in addition to dietary ones, only then can weight loss be sustainable. Seek professional help for your diet instead of relying on self-help.

The Best Ways To Decorate Your Student Room

Dorm rooms are one of the most important places for students. It is where you would ordinarily spend most of your time. Your room is not just the place you sleep; you also receive visitors and study in it. By giving some thought to the design of your room, you could really enhance your overall student experience. And it need not break the bank to create a beautiful and classy space that could make you feel at home. Here are some ways to beautify your room:

Student Room

Light it up

The importance of lighting when it comes to decorating your room cannot be overemphasized. The wrong lighting can lead to an ugly and poor-looking room. However, by using the right lighting, you can create a cozy, warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are creative ways to use different lighting sources that are affordable. You could use cheap and readily available fairy lights. Try putting them around a mirror or the bed. Better still, you could take it a step further by covering an entire wall with them.

Use the right color

Color is fundamental, so you need to get it right. Your room will most likely be basic, boring and bland, and you could try brightening it up with colorful bed linen, cushions and throws. Express yourself through the colors you use and let it blend with your personality. You could also put some random patterns together or use them to design a creative look. No doubt, this is one of the most effective ways to decorate your dorm room as a student.

Customize your bookshelf

If you are really creative, you could even attempt to customize your bookshelf. For example, if there is a plain back panel, it could be personalized by inserting photos into the empty spaces behind the books.

Paint your rug

A lot of people would agree that customizing your room is an awesome and fun thing to do. Another idea of personalizing your room is by customizing your rug and let it complement the overall color tone. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by painting one. There are many cheap rugs available to use. However, you will get the best results by using one that has a low pile.

Include some greenery

There are almost no rooms that would not be improved by the addition of some greenery and a student room is no exception. You might be surprised but greenery in the room can offer many health benefits such as helping you to study better and making the air cleaner. Things like Aloe vera, rubber trees, and jade plants are easy to take care of so you could start with one or two of those.

Use personalized wallpaper

Another way to spice up the appearance of your student room is by using wallpaper. You could even make a temporary one by using sheets of fabric and liquid starch. You could do this by incorporating a lot of crazy but nice ideas into the look of your room. As an alternative, consider transforming your phone pics into aesthetically pleasing walls of art that will add life to the overall mood of your room, by using Mixtiles.

In a nutshell, these are just a few of the ideas – among a wide array of other concepts – that you could use to decorate and enhance the look of your student room.