Things that Make Istanbul Unique

Sitting on a peninsula between the Asian and the European continents, Istanbul, is an iconic city exuding opulence with a rich history and culture. For at least two millennia, the Turkish city has acted both as a link between the two continents and a barrier against invaders. Popularly known as the Walled City, Istanbul was the most sought-after territory by the ancient powers. Almost every ruler who conquered the city gave it a new name. Some of the previous names of the current Istanbul city include Byzantium, New Rome, and Constantinopolis.


Besides the history and culture, the city’s cinematic landscape, bravura structures, and other beauties make it a global tourist attraction site. One of the defining features of the Turkish metropolitan is the marvel of Byzantine Hagia Sophia that was built in the sixth century. Istanbul also serves as the business hub of the region. These features plus many more account the millions of visitors who flock into the city per year. Some of the outlandish items you will discover as you explore the city are not found elsewhere worldwide.

For shoppers, Turkey, in general, will never disappoint. Shops, bazaars, and online stores all offer a variety of exotic products that suit any buyer. Specifically, Istanbul hosts the world’s best Turkish online store, which can give a taste of the country’s best even without visiting in person. We give you a glimpse into the magnificence of Istanbul by discussing some of its unique features.

Byzantine Hagia Sophia

The Turkish city is known for its monuments, but the chief of them is the massive 6th-century Hagia Sophia. Built in the 537 AD, its striking design and architecture make it a world-famous museum that receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The city has suffered religious battles, and this glamorous seemed to have been caught in the mix. For more than nine centuries, it was used as a church but was later converted into a mosque. In the mid-1930s, the monument was turned into a museum following the order of Ataturk and Council of Minister. Hagia Sophia is the primary attraction in Istanbul.

Turkish Bath

Also referred to as Hammam, Turkish Bath offers a unique Istanbul experience. You can bathe, steam, or receive an invigorating massage at the place. Besides the services, impressive marble slabs adorned with intricate artwork give the hammams breathtaking look. The practices here are associated with the ancient Ottoman Empire.

Blue Mosque

This is another ancient structure that was built during Ahmed I’s reign in the sixteenth century.  Though officially known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, it has been nicknamed the Blue Mosque because of the brilliant blue tiles that embellish its interior walls. Within it is a hospice, a madrassa, and a tomb of its founder.  Too beautiful for its age.


When you visit Istanbul, treat yourself with one of the most famous traditional delicacies of the land. Kebab’s origin is traced to Turkey, and the typical type here is Relish seek. It is made of fish, chicken, or lamb and usually served on a rod, which is either metallic or wooden. For a different taste, consider Iskender kebab, which is spicier with melted butter and tomato sauce garnishing. Iskender is made of doner meat.

Turkish kilim rug

Istanbul is known for souvenirs worldwide, and one of the best gifts you can purchase from here is the glamorous Turkish kilim rug. These items are usually woven in the Turkish villages with incredible designs that are central to their beauty. Whether machine created and hand-made, they are traditionally multi-colored. For a gift, a kilim serves perfectly.

Turkish tea

Whether you are a big fan of tea or not, the famous Turkish tea is worth tasting. As a national drink, it is always available in every part of the country. In Istanbul, you can have it whenever you want it. The tea has a pleasant fragrance and is revitalizing when taken hot. The ever-green slopes of the Black Sea are the source of this traditional drink. Samovar is the popular style of brewing used here. Purchasing a teapot from one of the numerous stores and some tea bags is a way of enjoying the Turkish drink even if you are out of the country.


Istanbul is a peculiar business and tourist center that straddles two continents. The city forms one of the country’s most extensive markets with a variety of items that you can buy from Turkey now.