Baltics Launch Europe’s First Pandemic ‘Travel Bubble’

As widely reported, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have finally opened their common borders as the Baltic region starts getting back to its regular state after the economic meltdown caused by the coronavirus issue. This has created what can be referred to as the first “travel bubble” among the countries in the European Union.

Some Estonian border officers got rid of all the signs stopping cars and other automobiles from entering into the border. Afterward, the border officers took cake and coffee together at the end of the activities.

After the first vehicles passed through the borders of Baltics, Martin Maestule said that “We have the little celebration because the border is now open again.”

So, if you want to have Baltic tours to explore Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, you can start preparing to do so now.

Baltics travel

With this new development, citizens and residents of these three Baltic countries can now enjoy movement from one nation to another without any restriction. However, any individual coming from outside will need to observe self-isolation for 14 days.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis noted that “The Baltic Travel Bubble is an opportunity for businesses to reopen, and a glimmer of hope for the people that life is getting back to normal.”

The opening of the borders of these Baltic nations came at the time when the executive of the EU is persuading its 27 member nations to open their internal borders again and allow people to travel wider with strict adherence to safety measures like putting on face masks during flights.

The infection rate of COVID-19 has slowed down in the Baltic nations as none of them reported over 12 new cases on Thursday. Besides, lockdowns have been stopped by the authorities since the end of April.

Also, the total number of deaths recorded by these nations is less than 150. This is significantly lesser than Germany, Spain, Italy, France, or other larger countries in the EU.

According to officials, about 120 vehicles passed through the border between Lithuania and Latvia within the first hours of opening it on Friday.

Also, on Friday, foreign ministers of Estonia and Lithuania went to Riga for the signing of a 3-way memorandum on the plan of the three nations to operate the travel zone collectively. The officials didn’t shake hands and maintained a distance of 2 meters between each other. During the meeting, they signed three copies of the document.

It is worthwhile to note that these three countries are the poorest members of the EU zone. It is believed that their economies will go down by 7 to 8% this year. The drop could have been 10% or more if the economies of these nations are not opened before the summer comes.

Notably, people can now travel between Poland and Lithuania as well as Finland and Estonia as the restrictions were removed recently. However, neither Finland nor Poland is in haste to be a part of the full “travel union” proposed by the Baltic nations.

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Office Cleaning

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Email Negotiations Dos and Don’ts

For a long time, email has always been a leading means of communication for individuals in the world of business. When you email a proposal, you make obvious what is to give and take between the involved parties just as if you are meeting physically. You agree on things which then bring about the confirmation of all the important details of what you have agreed to or completed.

However, it should be noted that doing negotiations through email is not a perfect process as an email can be easily misinterpreted, especially when it comes to intent and tone. Indeed, this explains why negotiation training, such as the one offered by Shapiro Negotiations that covers all forms of bargaining, whether physical or virtual.

With this in mind, we will highlight the things to and the things not to do when it comes to email negotiations.

email negotiations


  • Focus on the details and strategic signals

Many people in the business world are fond of drafting and sending negotiation emails without putting into contemplation the strategic signals they are sending. For all it is worth, paying attention to all the necessary details and assessing the strategic signals being sent are very paramount. You do this by considering the language of your email draft and check if you’re communicating the way you intend to. Pause and check before sending it because your message should be as strategic as needed.

  • Be clear and concise

Complex proposals and data dumping through email can bring about confusion or ambiguity on the part of the recipient. This is because it’s very easy to misunderstand the content of an email message. Therefore, try to use a language that is not only clear but also concise.

Besides, try to include bullet points and executive summaries to make the message easily readable. When this is done, the recipient will have some confidence, which makes it easy for them to focus on the salient points while neglecting the less important ones.

  • Be wise with the timing

Apply wisdom to the timing of your negotiation emails. You don’t want to appear desperate to your counterpart so that they won’t take advantage of you. Therefore, before replying to any email during negotiation with another party, let it take some time so that they can understand you are not driven by desperation.

  • Consider whether to choose to send only an email or attach documents

Sometimes, the email doesn’t convey complex ideas properly. Thus, you might want to consider the option of putting it into Word and attaching it as a document instead of drafting an unnecessarily long email.

  • Apply benchmarks

Lastly, try to support your positions with benchmarks and standards such as precedent, market value among others. It is never enough to just email your message to your counterpart without any backing authority.


  • Send when angry

Anger is a destroyer. It can mar something built for ages in just a few seconds. Therefore, endeavor that your emails are not sent in the heat of the moment, lest you use a language you will come later to regret.

  • Lie or be dishonest

Another thing you must avoid at all costs is dishonesty. Research has shown that individuals tend to lie more in emails than in physical negotiations and break down negotiations faster than dishonesty as it destroys the mutual trust already established between the involved parties.

  • Sound manipulative

Finally, you have to watch the tone of your messages carefully before sending them. This is because you need to avoid coming across as manipulative, which is usually caused by relying solely on persuasion. This is especially so when such persuasion comes from a powerful position.

Now, you know the dos and don’ts for getting the most out of your email negotiations.

Therapeutic Update: Using Lasers for Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are a very popular thing among the youth yet as they grow older many may want to have their tattoos removed, this is referred to as tattoo regret. According to many, the main reason for having the tattoos removed is because they made a naïve decision while young and now don’t feel good about the tattoos.  Many are times some request the names of their ex-lovers removed. In most cases, visible or some types of tattoos do not go well with most types of work environments. However, laser technology invention has come in handy to assist people to deal with this problem, unlike traditional surgeries.

Is it possible to remove any type of tattoo?

This is a question asked by many, the density of the tattoo, its size, and the type of ink used will greatly affect the removal process.


The majority are removable, unfortunately, some are not completely removable. Over the last 10 years, tattoo experts have upgraded their tattoo skills and because of the improved ink technology, most tattoos tend to be permanent.

How does the laser remove tattoos from the skin?

Tattoos are usually designed to last for a lifetime, however, they can be removed by the use of laser technology. Once the ink gets into the skin, the immune system immediately senses danger. The white blood cells are then released to the site to fight the intruder.

Tattoo ink is usually made of heavy metals that are not compatible with the white blood cells. They therefore immediately start fighting it and takes it towards the kidneys where they will be disposed of from the body.

However, the problem here is that the blood cells are too small compared to the tattoo ink. The blood cells will take decades upon decades trying to fight but the ink will often remain almost intact; here is where the lasers come into play.

Lasers work by producing energy which breaks up the tattoo ink under your skin into very small particles. This makes it simpler for blood cells to carry and dispose of, it requires many laser sessions for the tattoos to be fully removed from your body.

What are the factors of successful tattoo removal?

In the removal of a tattoo, many factors are considered to the level of success.
Size. The bigger the size of the tattoo, the longer the amount of time it will take to be fully removed.

Location. Tattoos in softer locations of the body are easier to remove than ones is a harder region of your body.
color. The success of tattoo removal depends on the type of color used. The black color is generally easily removed, unlike others.
Age. Older people mostly have weaker immunity, making their body healing process slower, this makes it harder to remove the tattoos permanently.
Newer tattoos are also more difficult to remove compared to older ones.
and health conditions.

Tattoo removal just hurts as much as when they are placed, even though this varies among people; it is generally uncomfortable. To reduce the pain, experts advise on having Tylenol some hours before the session begins. Anesthetic ointments are also applied to the tattoo to reduce the pain further.

The removal of tattoos by laser always takes a few minutes, this will however depend on the size and the type of tattoo. You will need many sessions for the tattoos to be removed, most are usually split between 5-8 weeks.

During a tattoo removal session, you will be required to wear eye shields to prevent the eye from coming in contact with the laser rays. The laser pulse is usually very rapid and as per the tattoo size, between 10 and 30 pulses will be required per session.


There are many ways of removing tattoos but most of them often leave scars in place of the tattoos. The laser has proven to be the best method of removing tattoos, it has very minimal side effects and is also highly effective.

Laser technology has helped to easily remove tattoos and without leaving any traces of the tattoos or injuries. This has unlike traditional ways increased the efficiency together with the amount of period that the tattoo takes to disappear.

A Top 10 list of What Not to Do on an African Safari

An African Safari trip is a life long dream of lots of people around the globe. Connecting with Mother Nature, seeing majestic views, knowing more about the wildlife, and being away from the havoc of the world for some time. Who doesn’t want that? All you need is to travel Safely. No matter the location, the African Safari trip always pays off with some breathtaking experiences. To make sure your responsible travel and that you get most out of your trip, here are the top 10 things not to do on an African Safari.

African Safari

  1. Acceccive Cell Phone Usage

While you travel across continents to get a chance to see the wildlife with your own eyes, make sure you don’t spoil once in a lifetime chance to see nature from so close. Be responsible, keep yourself away from any unimportant external contact or work. Only use your phone as a camera.

  1. Being Too Loud

A very common mistake by people going on African Safari. While you travel through the wild, don’t make loud sounds or shout towards animals as it may scare them away or maybe trigger an attack in the case of large animals(elephants mostly) and prevent you from amazing sightseeing.

  1. Not Listening to your Guide

Your guide is the most important person to ensure your best experience. Listen to his/her instructions very carefully and do accordingly. To get an eyeshot of all the animals, you have to be patient and silent. The instructions are given to you so that your behavior doesn’t make the animals uncomfortable and you can see them more closely.

  1. Unwise Packing

The weather change plays a vital role in responsible traveling. It can be very tricky in Africa as the most area is desert and the nights are quite cold in some parts. Keep a blend of clothes for both climates. Going on a Safari trip doesn’t mean you have to pack your whole closet, be wise, and pack accordingly so that you don’t have any distractions during the trip.

  1. Disrespecting Locals

As a traveler to another continent, you are a guest their so make sure you leave a good impression. Africa is full of different and colorful local cultures. Treat the locals politely and respect their traditions. Do not offend them in any way and try to greet them in their language. It is not whether you speak their language correctly but the effort you make matters. Your good gesture will be reflected by the locals in many ways and will make your travel even more fascinating.

  1. Not Keeping Distance

You are on a safari trip and there is no doubt you are excited. But don’t let that excitement compromise your safety. Some animals may seem very calm and polite but you never know when they might get triggered and attack you. The behavior of wild animals is very unpredictable so always keep your distance from them and don’t pet them or else your life long dream might turn into a regrettable nightmare.

  1. Not Preparing

Before your travel, make sure you do some research on the places you want to specifically visit. Choose your clothes according to the climate and make sure they are comfortable as the visit can be very tiring. If you are on medication, make sure you do bring some extra just in case. Do prepare yourself well as such trips are once in a lifetime experiences.

  1. Driving Off-Road

You may be an adventurer or a daring human but a Wildlife Safari is not a place to showcase such talents. Don’t go off-road as there are very rare chances of you not getting lost. Many animals get threatened very easily when you enter their territory. Especially elephants as they may directly charge on your vehicle when they see you on their territory or approaching one of their young ones.

  1. Exiting your Vehicle

This is probably the most unresponsible thing to do which can get you in lots of danger. No matter how strong or quick you are, remember you are in the wild and the animals have the advantage here. So never leave your vehicle.

  1. Not Staying Alert

Look carefully around you and don’t miss any breathtaking scene of Mother Nature. Keep your eyes and ears attentive in all directions. The wilderness is all around, you just have to look for it.


An African Safari trip is something not most people get. So make sure you avoid doing the above-listed things and be alert so that you can get the most out of your travel.