A Top 10 list of What Not to Do on an African Safari

An African Safari trip is a life long dream of lots of people around the globe. Connecting with Mother Nature, seeing majestic views, knowing more about the wildlife, and being away from the havoc of the world for some time. Who doesn’t want that? All you need is to travel Safely. No matter the location, the African Safari trip always pays off with some breathtaking experiences. To make sure your responsible travel and that you get most out of your trip, here are the top 10 things not to do on an African Safari.

African Safari

  1. Acceccive Cell Phone Usage

While you travel across continents to get a chance to see the wildlife with your own eyes, make sure you don’t spoil once in a lifetime chance to see nature from so close. Be responsible, keep yourself away from any unimportant external contact or work. Only use your phone as a camera.

  1. Being Too Loud

A very common mistake by people going on African Safari. While you travel through the wild, don’t make loud sounds or shout towards animals as it may scare them away or maybe trigger an attack in the case of large animals(elephants mostly) and prevent you from amazing sightseeing.

  1. Not Listening to your Guide

Your guide is the most important person to ensure your best experience. Listen to his/her instructions very carefully and do accordingly. To get an eyeshot of all the animals, you have to be patient and silent. The instructions are given to you so that your behavior doesn’t make the animals uncomfortable and you can see them more closely.

  1. Unwise Packing

The weather change plays a vital role in responsible traveling. It can be very tricky in Africa as the most area is desert and the nights are quite cold in some parts. Keep a blend of clothes for both climates. Going on a Safari trip doesn’t mean you have to pack your whole closet, be wise, and pack accordingly so that you don’t have any distractions during the trip.

  1. Disrespecting Locals

As a traveler to another continent, you are a guest their so make sure you leave a good impression. Africa is full of different and colorful local cultures. Treat the locals politely and respect their traditions. Do not offend them in any way and try to greet them in their language. It is not whether you speak their language correctly but the effort you make matters. Your good gesture will be reflected by the locals in many ways and will make your travel even more fascinating.

  1. Not Keeping Distance

You are on a safari trip and there is no doubt you are excited. But don’t let that excitement compromise your safety. Some animals may seem very calm and polite but you never know when they might get triggered and attack you. The behavior of wild animals is very unpredictable so always keep your distance from them and don’t pet them or else your life long dream might turn into a regrettable nightmare.

  1. Not Preparing

Before your travel, make sure you do some research on the places you want to specifically visit. Choose your clothes according to the climate and make sure they are comfortable as the visit can be very tiring. If you are on medication, make sure you do bring some extra just in case. Do prepare yourself well as such trips are once in a lifetime experiences.

  1. Driving Off-Road

You may be an adventurer or a daring human but a Wildlife Safari is not a place to showcase such talents. Don’t go off-road as there are very rare chances of you not getting lost. Many animals get threatened very easily when you enter their territory. Especially elephants as they may directly charge on your vehicle when they see you on their territory or approaching one of their young ones.

  1. Exiting your Vehicle

This is probably the most unresponsible thing to do which can get you in lots of danger. No matter how strong or quick you are, remember you are in the wild and the animals have the advantage here. So never leave your vehicle.

  1. Not Staying Alert

Look carefully around you and don’t miss any breathtaking scene of Mother Nature. Keep your eyes and ears attentive in all directions. The wilderness is all around, you just have to look for it.


An African Safari trip is something not most people get. So make sure you avoid doing the above-listed things and be alert so that you can get the most out of your travel.