YouTube engagement

4 Quick Wins to Increase Your YouTube Engagement

YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest and most visited video hosting platform in the world. With billions of videos every day, this platform is where tons of activities happen for a wide range of individuals and businesses.

As a result of a large number of channels on this platform, the competition is usually high for YouTubers to get enough viewers. So, if you want to increase your YouTube engagement, you should understand that the activities involved in achieving your task are tasking but not impossible.

Don’t get worked up because we have the 4 quick wins that can help you increase your YouTube engagement.

YouTube engagement


  • Know your audience


As long as getting more YouTube engagement is concerned, it is important for you to satisfy your audience. However, there is no way to satisfy the audience if you don’t know them. Therefore, you should start by understanding your audience.

Foremost, define your audience and learn about the things they want to see in your videos. Also, you should know the duration of videos they like watching and find out how you can keep them entertained through the video.

You can check out the videos in your niche that are getting lots of engagement. Such videos should give you a clear idea of what your audience wants. If possible, you can get a few target viewers and conduct a survey.


  • Post videos consistently


Your audiences are only going to engage your YouTube video and channel when you post content regularly. So, you must make it a duty to post content from time to time. As you post regularly, your target audiences will likely keep coming back to check your content. However, if you don’t post regularly, they will likely forget about you and not engage your YouTube channel or content.


  • Encourage your audiences to like and comment on your videos


Although some viewers can engage your YouTube content naturally, others are waiting for you to tell them to do so. So, use call-to-action words or phrases to make your audience comment on your content or like it. 

For instance, as you are ending your video, you can say “if this video has been helpful to you, please, feel free to share, comment, or share it.” Otherwise, you can suggest engagement by saying “to get more quality content like this, please subscribe to my channel now.”


  • Engage your audience


Another tested and proven method for increasing the engagement on your YouTube content is engaging your audience. Make sure that your conversation with the audience is simple and understandable. Handle online conversations like a real-life conversation. Highlight tips and steps that are easy for your audience to remember.

Also, when people comment on your videos, try as much as possible to reply or like those comments. This shows that you value their opinion; thus, encouraging your audience to engage your content the next time you post.

In conclusion, you can also encourage your audience to use a YouTube video downloader to download and keep your video on their devices. Each time they see such a video they will likely remember you and may want to hear more from you.