Legitimate Data Entry Jobs Home Freelancers or Jobs

Several data entry jobs may require you to work in the office; however, many of them can be handled from remote locations with ease. It doesn’t require you to do an extensive training or certification course, you can easily find some options that suit your existing skillset and experience.

Those who are skilled enough to work on the computer and have a stable internet connection at home can find the best data entry jobs with ease to generate a steady stream of income. You can start with typing work, advanced data entry, or medical coding jobs as per requirement.

Some of the most important skills required for data entry jobs include computer skills, typing skills, organization ability, high tolerance for repetition, software skills, and good communication. In order to complete tasks assigned in the data entry jobs, you may need a numeric keypad, high-speed internet access, home computer, and access to essential data processing programs such as Microsoft Office. Even if you start as a beginner, it is possible to get a legitimate salary offer or project-based contracts


Here we have listed some of the most popular data entry job opportunities that you can handle as a freelancer or office employee:

AccuTran Global:

AccuTran is primarily focused on hiring transcriptionists instead of typical data entry professionals. The company can hire you even if you have lesser past experience; all that matters is how well you score for the assessment. The AccuTran Global platform pays its data entry experts on a per word basis; however, you can also grab some additional bonuses for accomplishing difficult tasks. 

Axion Data Entry Services

These professionals hire independent contractors on several long-term positions, which means they do not have much turnover. In order to be eligible for a certain position, you have to get registered with the company. It is better to provide clear information about your previous jobs and experiences. Axion is always interested to hire professionals with at least 2 to 3 years of past experience along with typing rate of around 50 words per minute. 

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

The crowdsourcing department of Amazon doesn’t follow the model of traditional data entry jobs. Instead, the Mechanical Turk Marketplace involves the selection of data entry jobs where workers can get paid for completing certain tasks. Although this work appears low-paying options, it can be a great choice for people who do not have any previous experience. 

Capital Typing

If you are interested to find some legitimate data entry jobs home, Capital Typing can serve your needs better. This South Carolina-based outsourcing company operates through a virtual office while giving better work from home opportunities to skilled individuals. You can work for secretarial services, translation, market research, online customer support, and transcription solutions. The home-based jobs are provided in terms of independent contractors.

Birch Creek Communications

This company is interested to find an extensive range of protections that can handle data entry jobs. It looks for some independent contractors that can work from home and help them meet deadlines with ease. The pay can vary depending upon your previous experience and performance at work. People with near-perfect accuracy can easily achieve the uppermost range in salary. The best thing to know about these jobs is that you can work as per the schedule that you find most convenient. However, most of these jobs are available with the Monday to Friday corporate schedule.


Clickworker allows people to sign up to join a pool of experts where the main goal is to complete a specific range of tasks to serve Clickworker clients. These data entry jobs include web research, copy editing, surveys, and proofreading. Once you sign up for the profile, you will find a list of assignments depending upon your skills and abilities. The earnings and profits will increase as you perform and the payments are transferred weekly or monthly via PayPal.