4 Things ‘Not To Do’ For a Good Write Up

The world is stuffed with all kinds of written things — blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, journals etc. To avoid the trap of writing the same stuff as is written elsewhere and also make your work look good, it is an absolute necessity that you ensure that the rules favor you, rather than work against you. When people read a written content, they are not just reading the words on paper or in a digital format, rather they are imagining, subconsciously, the writer writing to them personally. As if whispering in their ears and converting them to his point of view.

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For these reasons, you can find the 5 tips that will make your writing flawless:


  • Don’t copy other people’s work No plagiarism

This is the very first law of writing. Never ever use other people’s work or words and pass them as your own. This is called plagiarism. And the writing industry is plagued with this since the last few decades as content has become king online.

If you want to use someone’s published material as a help in building your writing o proving your point, then you have to mention the source from where you have gathered information and mention it properly in a given format.

Plagiarism is a serious offense and can cost a writer imprisonment for not abiding by the copyright laws. Also, you may have to cough up a huge amount in damages if proven in a court of law.


2) Don’t use jargon

To impress people, some writers use words that are not used in everyday life. But this rarely works. People prefer language that is close to home and they can identify with. Unless your genre or subject requires you to use jargon for audiences in a particular field or work or study, then it’s a different matter altogether. But on the whole, write in general should be written in easy and understandable words. Most popular authors in the skin of their readers to know what do they require.


3) Don’t be satisfied with the first draft

The first draft is only a complete rough sketch of your write-up. To construe it as your final one would be a huge mistake. In a lot of cases, good writers use the first draft as a base work to build on more ideas and make the work more meaningful. Until they complete 2 to 3 drafts, professional writers or best-selling authors are seldom satisfied.


4) Don’t Hesitate To Ask for Help

Writers do not always need to be aloof and alone. This tribe revels in being individualistic and non-social. But it makes sense to go out and seek help if you want to hone your skill and be a better writer.

When I started to write, I wanted to find someone to write my paper. I was fortunate enough to come across people who helped me refine my writing style and make it ‘tighter’, instead of keeping it lose, i.e. make it more impressive.