The nine states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington have legalized cannabis or marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Twenty other states have legalized the substance for medical purposes only, whilst across the Atlantic the Netherlands which was one of the first to completely legalize it was followed by other European nations.

This means that twenty nine states in the United States have completely legalized cannabis and marijuana which is more than half of the union.

Norway, Portugal and a few other countries have followed suit and are in the process of shedding the antisocial element in cannabis and thinking more prudently.

This spreading phenomenon did not digest well with the new United States, Attorney General Jeff Sessions who decided to overturn this new trend.

In a memo dated January 4, 2018 he instructed Federal prosecutors to come down hard cannabis and marijuana offenses and bring offenders before the law irrespective of what the state laws would be.

This has brought a sense of defiance and arrogance from the states concerned and what the final outcome would be is anybody’s guess.

This anomaly would be interesting to see, when it unfolds in the near future and when the issue heats up it would be similar to the soaps we see on television.

Which heads would roll would be interesting to observe but it could be a foregone conclusion that the people would prevail as the United States Attorney General is not an elected official.

In the meantime the states where cannabis and marijuana are legal, it is possible to purchase marijuana seeds and grow them for any citizen’s personal usage.

On the other hand, if a marijuana plant is found in any citizen’s backyard the federal authorities could prosecute such persons.

Oblivious to the rumblings in Washington DC, the respective states are rolling on and it would not be too long when the rest of the states in the union follow the others by legalizing cannabis or marijuana.

The cannabis plant is identified in two species, cannabis indica and cannabis sativa from which different strains are developed with a variety of properties.

The purple kush seeds that you would procure and plant, are rich in the psychoactive compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

It is rich taste and has a sweet berry flavor which lingers on you for a long time and purple kush seeds are a hybrid developed from Black Domina and Purple Kush.