How Should I Store My Boat?

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Not very many people own a boat. It is one of the luxurious properties around the world. If you own one, you definitely love fun and outdoor activities. You can never get enough of summer holidays. The sad part about boat fun is the seasonal aspect. The beginning of winter is a halt on all the enjoyment and entertainment from summer. When winter strikes, you have to get a suitable place to store your boat and wait for the next summer holidays. Finding an appropriate and trustworthy storage company for your fun companion is not easy. You do not want any excuses of damage or loss of your boat. In such cases, storage units near you are not a priority. You need to be guaranteed of safety. Am sure if you had an option you would keep it in your garage, but a storage unit is the most ideal way to store a boat considering its size. Here are tips on how to ensure your boat is well maintained on storage:

Prepare the engine

Unlike automotive where engines are checked when planning for a trip a boat should be maintained when going for long term storage. Experts advise to change engine oil before taking your boat to storage. Letting your boat sit in a storage facility for months until the next summer can damage its engine if some parts and key components like oil are not checked.

Thorough Clean

It is important to get to every corner of your boat and clean before taking it to storage. Dirt and any form of debris can remove paint or cause rusting. As such, you should clean your boat from the top to the bottom including the deck. The canvas should not be left pinned on the boat. Be sure to remove it before locking it in storage.

Check the cooling system

This is important if your boat has a raw cooling system. In such scenarios, you should use pure water to flush out any form of debris that may have accumulated over time. Besides, you should regularly check the cooling system to ensure extreme conditions in winter do not interfere with its functionality.


This is a standard maintenance practice for any gears and machinery. Ensure every moving part in your boat including hinges on the doors are properly lubricated before storage. Oil/grease not only prevents damage but also preserves the gears. Some of the key components that should not forget are; push-pull swings, wheel bearings, bow rollers, ratchet mounts, and latches.

You will appreciate the time and effort put into maintenance when the summer season is back and you pull out your boat. The shinning paint, softly moving hinges and swings will motivate you to pack and head out for a longer holiday. How you enjoy the summer is fully dependent on maintenance practices during winter. Considering storage units near you will offer you a chance to properly maintain your boat.