How Many Baby Clothes Should You Buy?

There are many things that go through the minds of a couple who just had their first baby. One of the things which would definitely be on your mind as a new parent knowing how many baby clothes to buy the first time around. There are a lot of opinions and advice flying around the internet about the number of clothes you should get for your baby. Here are some tips on the number of clothes to buy depending on the age of the baby. We know that being a new parent also means that you might be strapped for cash. Having a new baby is no joke! The bills add up quickly and the need for new things constantly can be well, daunting at times. Let’s take a look through the different stages of growth and how you should carefully select your babies new clothes without going overboard.

baby clothes


This is the point in the baby’s life after delivery where people advise against getting a lot of baby clothes for them as they would easily outgrow the dress and those dresses would be useless. However, it does not hurt to get some dress or clothes for your baby during this period. However, you should not overbuy. Going for two warm sweaters, 4 sweatpants, 4 one-piece outfits and 6 long sleeved outfits would be good. This period is usually the period where your child is most vulnerable. So good clothing can serve as added protection.


This period is complex and may vary from one baby to another. This is due to the fact you just may not be able to tell the growth rate of your child. However, you should ensure that you have the essentials all ready for the future. The essentials may include crochet suits and footed pyjamas. You should bear in mind that any dress which you get during this period would be used by your child throughout the first year to the second year.

It is also important to remember to get the necessary clothing for tough seasons such as the winter period. For example, getting a fleece bunting and a car seat cover in addition to other winter clothes are ways in which you can keep your baby warm during this period especially when you have to step out.

It is also important to remember to get adequate socks for your child during the first three months. While socks can give a tough time especially with keeping them on, they are necessary to keep them warm.

One difficult thing to be aware of is sizing and finding online baby boutiques that have correct sizing charts for baby clothes like Bitsy Bug Boutique. Having a clear sizing chart and hints on what items typically run large or small when buying will save yourself a ton of wasted time. Your baby grows quickly so take the time to properly order the right sizes with the expectation that your baby clothes will be outgrown within a month.


While this point of your baby’s life may seem a bit confusing, it is possible to get just the right number of clothes that your child would need. This would contribute to sticking to your budget and keeping your child warm at all times.