Good Lawyer

5 Benefits of Having a Good Lawyer

While finding a lawyer can be tedious and time taking task there are chances that if you look the right way you might find a good one. A good lawyer is a friend, a refuge and a companion who sticks by you through the thick and thin. If you are looking for a good lawyer and have found one, you better stick to him for a while. Having a good lawyer to deal with your case can have many benefits. We are going to see the 5 benefits of having a good lawyer by your side. So do not wait, contact The Law Offices of Michele Finizio right now.

Good Lawyer

  • Provides Knowledge About Law, Charges, and Penalties

The first benefit of having a good lawyer is that they are more concerned about your case than you. They make sure you know and are very well aware of the law regarding a particular case. They make you understand the charges and penalties involved in the case. In short, they give you an overview or a gist of everything and every possible outcome. They ensure that you are aware of each and every step involved in your case. This helps you think rationally and make a decision and work it out with your lawyer.

  • Helps to Procure Pieces of Evidence

The second benefit of having a good lawyer is that you don’t have to worry about much. They take care of everything and make sure they are able to procure every single piece of evidence that they might get. Good lawyers have their own ways of getting things done, they have reliable sources as well.

  • Does all the Paperwork

A good lawyer doesn’t let you go through the trouble of filing the paperwork. Filing paperwork can be very tedious and boring work and people always tend to get frustrated in such tasks. But a good lawyer makes sure that it is his responsibility to make you comfortable and keep you in comfort. Good lawyers often have assistants or secretaries who do this job for them but the burden from your shoulder is lifted.

  • Can Charge on Contingency

There are good lawyers who charge you only when you get compensated and this way you only have to pay a share from the amount that you receive as compensation. These lawyers don’t take any fees in advance and believe in winning and closing the case for you. This also makes sure that they are motivated to win your case for you. This is something that promotes the attitude of equals among the client and the lawyer and they share the same fate when the verdict comes.

  • Protects You From Being Misled

There are people out there who try to mislead you or even the person who is on the opposite side sometimes tries that. Having a good lawyer ensures that you won’t get misled ever again by anyone. They develop inside you a sense of confidence in you regarding law and order and you start to see various horizons of it and are ready to fight anyone who goes against.

Factors to consider before hiring a professional criminal lawyer in New Jersey

There are a lot of things one needs to consider while hiring a criminal lawyer in New Jersey irrespective of the reason they are trying to hire the service. Below mentioned are some of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration before an individual decides to hire a criminal offense lawyer.

  • Crime is a special section of the law

You cannot possibly expect to win the arguments for a criminal offense case in the courtroom with a divorce lawyer. The criminal offense is a separate section of the law and asks for separate specialized lawyers applicable to deal with the law. Make sure the lawyer you choose to hire is adept with handling criminal cases.

  • There is a specialized criminal lawyer for all jurisdiction

Whatever may your case be, you can find a lawyer who specializes in your case. It can be a case of abduction, murder, theft, drink and drive or any other criminal offense. Similarly, there are lawyers specific to the cases as well. A lawyer who holds expertise in drunk-drive cases cannot form the best arguments on your behalf if you are accused of murder.

  • Experience of the lawyer

Apart from knowing the field of specialization of the lawyer, you need to know about his experience as well. Even though you choose a murder case lawyer for your case, the lawyer is not right for your case if he is just starting up with his practice. The one you choose must be experienced enough about the workings of the law so that he can come up with the best arguments on your behalf, give chance to Lustberg Law Offices, LLC. They will fight for you.

  • They cannot promise you any particular verdict

No matter how much experienced may your criminal lawyer be, he or she can only assure you to try his best to turn the case your way with his arguments. It is not possible for any criminal lawyer to promise you with any particular outcome. This is because they are experienced enough to not make any promise on partial knowledge of the case with the chunk parts of information that you have provided him with.

  • Office lawyers versus experienced ones

You can come across a lot of criminal lawyers in New Jersey. If you are not really looking for a criminal trial in a courtroom, you can prefer to negotiate the terms outside the court. In that case, you are not required to hire an extremely experienced and professional criminal lawyer. Someone who is adept in terms of negotiating your particular type of criminal offense can be enough to help you solve your purpose.

  • Head versus the associates

When you hire a criminal lawyer in New Jersey, make sure to break the terms that he himself would be going to the courtrooms during your trials. It is not common for some lawyers to send their associates to follow your trial. Even though the associates are equally skilled to deal the cases, make sure you get the services you are paying for.

Premises Liability Cases

5 Things That a Lawyer Needs From You in a Premises Liability Case

Premises Liability Cases are tricky to understand for a person outside of the law, and it becomes very difficult to make out what all comes under it. But if you are trying to file a case and have already thought of hiring a lawyer. What are the things that your lawyer would want to know from you about a premises liability case that you might be willing to file? Wondering? Well, we have got you covered and here are the 5 things that your lawyer might want to know about in your case.

Premises Liability Cases

  • A Quick Brief of the Incident

The lawyer would want you to brief about the whole incident. He would then want to analyze and may ask things in details. A quick brief would help him understand the things and people involved and also help him understand the situation. Once he has understood the situation, he might be able to add some legal angles to it in order to move forward. A lawyer always expects his/her clients to be truly honest about whatever they tell the lawyer. This actually works in the favor of the client only, but sometimes clients just hide a few things from the lawyer which eventually has an adverse effect on them only. If you need help then Proner & Proner can be the best choice.

  • The Severity and Nature of the Injury

A lawyer would ask and want to know about the severity of the injury and its nature in order to build upon the case. It actually helps the lawyer in presenting the case in a better way. If a lawyer is completely aware of the severity of the injury, the lawyer can easily move the members of the jury by his arguments. The arguments would also consist of the kind of loss the victim has gone through or is currently going through. It actually would also help the lawyer establish the effects of the injury on the overall family of the victim and his family income.

  • The Present State and Condition of the Victim

A lawyer would also want to know about the present state of the victim in order to be able to again establish the case in a much stronger way. The present state of the victim has a lot to do with the court and the proceedings. If the lawyer is able to bring the current condition of the victim into the arguments the lawyer would be able to turn the tables around.

  • Expectations from the Law Suit

The most important question of all the questions your lawyer would ask you is what do you want to do. If you just want compensation or do you want to just put the person responsible behind the bars. They would want to know exactly what you are looking for before the whole lawsuit in order to help you get what you want. They would make sure that you get justice in every way legally possible.

Relationships In Med School: Pros, Cons, And How To Make It Work

“So you were accepted to med school, are you going to lose the love of your life? Probably not; relationships don’t automatically get a death sentence the minute you start medical school. The relationship will definitely be put through the wringer, however.

Getting home late from studying or coming back from the hospital too exhausted to talk are certainly things that your significant other has to become very comfortable with very soon if they are to even think about sticking around. Med school is not the time for casual dating or flings, you simply don’t have the time to devote to the “getting to know” each-other phase.

How med school hurts relationships

As stated above, the amount of time and effort that is placed into medical school means that a significant other (SO) will be, by necessity, placed on the “back-burner.” This is a position that many SOs won’t be comfortable with; it’s not fun to be ignored. A wise medical student must appropriate his/her time appropriately and it can be very difficult to neglect someone you love for something that isn’t all that fun to do (lots of studying).

Tempers become shorter as weariness sets in, and this can lead to more disagreements and can potentially lead to the implosion of the relationship. Quality time becomes less and less, straining the connection you may have built upon for years. Student loans are meant to keep you afloat, without much room for entertainment so generally money is tighter; so when you have the time to do things you might not be able to afford more than Netflix or a cheap restaurant.

Your SO may feel like you’re not as good of a catch anymore, you don’t help around the house as much, you’re never home, you are always tired; you may even be more grouchy.

How relationships can hurt med school

Excelling in medical school takes focus, dedication, and a whole lot of effort. Taking time off of studying to spend with your SO may lead to less time spent studying, or even missing assignments. The extra quality time you’re spending to keep your relationship afloat may just lead to less shadowing, volunteering, etc. Disagreements and arguments are inevitable and that could lead to less study time and not being able to focus when you do get a chance. In the end you might end up with poor scores and an overall less competitive application. The kicker here is that all that might happen and your relationship still not survive.

Sounds like doom and gloom for relationships in medical school, right?

Not so much…

How relationships can help med school

Being in a steady, healthy relationship can have the opposite effect on your academic performance. A loving and caring SO may make your day easier by packing lunch for you, tidying up the apartment, taking care of errands for you, etc. Coming home and being able to unwind and de-stress with someone that loves you is invaluable. Quality time will be different but not necessarily less; If your SO is also in an academic program you may be able to spend time together studying at a Starbucks or tea-shop. If your SO isn’t studying then maybe they watch shows while you sit with them studying, either way it’s quality time.

How med school can help a relationship

In many ways the strain that med school puts on a relationship may help you either realize that relationship wasn’t meant to last or know that this person may be right for you. We’re growing up and thinking about more adult things down the road *cough*kids*cough*marriage* and spending years on a relationship that is doomed to fail is not exactly ideal. Med school will force both of you to grow up and work together, or grow up and go separate ways. When you come home and you’re exhausted but your SO is there for you with dinner and a good conversation, it can really make the difference. Overall, it can forge a stronger bond by creating a situation where you were there for each other during tough times.

Long distance relationships

This is a very real possibility for many people out there who will be accepted to a university on the other side of the state or even the other side of the country. This can be tough, and should especially be considered before starting school. If there is any thought that either of you will be unfaithful given this situation, then just end the relationship now, because that sort of stress will not fly in this environment. Even the strongest relationship will be in jeopardy if you’re separated for 4 years with only Skype and the occasional flight to connect you two. Making it work in this situation will require a lot of trust, patience, and communication.

If your SO has a career of their own (read: not just a job) or a professional degree of their own that they are working on, then this can help tremendously. If one person has nothing but time to sit around and think about how much different the relationship is while the other is slaving away in a rigorous program, it spells trouble. Each of you having a common goal (surviving your respective program) then it fosters a camaraderie that can strengthen a relationship at a crucial time. If your SO has plenty of free time then encourage them to enjoy a hobby or something so they don’t feel so bored. Think long and hard about this one if this is your situation.

Marriage and kids in med school

Being married and starting medical school happens quite frequently, but it of course will take a strong marriage to get through it. These relationships are typically already long term and have already been through the trials and tribulations that end weaker relationships. Sometimes marriages fail in med school but it is certainly not as likely as a short relationship. Surviving here takes the same thing as any other relationship.

Kids are another story altogether. Having a child born during med school or having a very young child upon entering med school can be a nightmare. This will commonly result in academic troubles for the student and relationship troubles for the couple. Best-case scenario is that the student stays afloat and the relationship stays together. This scenario will make it very difficult for a student to achieve high scores consistently enough to be on the top of the class, because no matter how smart a person is they’re still human. Raising a child takes so much time and energy that it is almost impossible to be there 100% for the child and be there 100% for your med school studies. It can be done of course, but with great difficulty and low likelihood. If you’re in this situation think twice about committing yourself to a highly competitive residency like orthopedics or dermatology.

My experience

So why do I feel qualified to talk to you about this? I’ve seen or experienced every bit of what I’ve mentioned above.

I’ve seen relationships fail and I’ve seen friends get married. I’ve seen a new parent have to repeat a year and I’ve seen people with kids endure. I was in a medium term (2+ years) relationship when I started medical school. The relationship was strained for sure, and we came out on the other side together. My first year was very difficult for us. The adjustment was astounding. We went through rough patches where we argued a lot, and other times where we just didn’t communicate much. We worked through it and now we have a much different relationship, which is very conducive to both our long-term success and my performance in medical school. She takes care of me and I’m eternally grateful for it. My lunch is packed with coffee ready to go in the morning, clothes ironed, apartment cleaned. When I do get a break from studying or in-between classes I spend with her as much as I can, trying to repay the favor as much as possible. I’ll catch up on chores around the house and take care of things that I didn’t have the time to do. We spend quality time together in different ways now, studying while watching sports, or studying all day and rewarding ourselves with a trip to the theatre or restaurant. We argue less and my grades are high, the best of both worlds. I can safely say my relationship is stronger and more mature than when I entered med school, and she has kept me going when med school was overwhelming.

How to handle the situation

So what do you do with all of this information? That will vary from person to person, but make sure that choice is yours. Don’t break up just because you heard that’s what you have to do, and don’t stay together just because you guys kind of like each other right now. Now is the time to start thinking long-term. What are your goals in medicine? What are your goals with this relationship? Have an open dialogue with your SO now, and you’ll thank me later.”

Divorce Lawyer

Factors to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in New Jersey

When you’ve been arrested, you have so many thoughts running in your mind. So many worries about what will happen to you and for how long you will be in this mess. However, there is no need for you to be worried if you hire a good lawyer who is willing to help you through every process. What are some of the factors that you should put into consideration for positive results? The divorce lawyers at Cordry Hartman, LLC understand how difficult this time can be for you and your family and will work tirelessly to make sure the process isn’t drugging out longer than it needs to be. Contact their office today for a consultation.

Divorce Lawyer

Ensure familiarity with the court processes of New Jersey

Consider working with a lawyer who is trained and qualified on the court processes of New Jersey to ensure that you will have all the clarification of what the court requires. That means that you get someone who is well updated on the New Jersey DWI and DWI laws. You can decide to ask him/her to show you some of his legal documents, to ascertain that he/she is a citizen of the New Jersey state by birth. Even if the majority of DWI and DUI cases are resolved without the necessity for a trial, you still need an aggressive lawyer to make the processes easier for you.


For a criminal case, you don’t want to be both freshmen, one a new graduate and the other one, you who has no clue about court procedures. Someone who has been in the filed for a much longer time has good experience on how to conduct himself in the court in order to win you the case. You may be able to know an experienced lawyer by just the way he/she makes the first impression when you meet. His/her arguments are precise and give you that feeling of everything is going to be fine.


How often is the lawyer available not only in court but also for discussions with you? Is he/she fond of sending representatives on their behalf? You should know that it is good to work with one lawyer for a specific case until it’s closed. The representatives that he/she may be sending are freshmen trying to gain experience before they can fully start working on more serious cases. Also how to open a discussion would be with your consistent lawyer might be totally different from a discussion with a representative.

When hiring a lawyer, finance should it be in your mind because all we need is your freedom first. And actually, some lawyers in New Jersey offer free consultation services. If you consider going for a less experienced lawyer when dealing with criminal cases, then know that you are weighing your chances, the answer is that you may or may not get your freedom back. I believe that if you follow these simple steps, you will not be weighing your chances of being free. After getting a good lawyer and you win the case, make sure that you do not repeat the mistake because penalties for subsequent New Jersey DWIs and DUIs grow exponentially.