How to repair a windshield?

If your car has been through a series of ordeals and has inevitably developed a chipped windshield, then you must start repairing it as soon as possible; because the more this fault is overlooked, the higher are its chances to lead to grave consequences. The outermost layer of the windshield is considered to be the toughest one and once that is penetrated, it will not take much time for the crack to spread through the rest of the screen. A damaged windshield increases the vulnerability of your vehicle making it more susceptible to accidents, increasing risks by limiting the function of the airbags and limiting visibility. Additionally, if the windshield is not repaired during the initial stages of its disfigurement, you will eventually have to replace it which is most likely to cost you a lot. In the segment below, we will note down a few ways of repairing your windshield.

repairing your windshield

  • Clean the area

First things first, before diving straight into the process of repair, prepare the chip and the surrounding area of the windshield to implement the procedure. Remember to clean the area with some alcohol and concentrate around the point that has been affected the most. Move on to thoroughly clean the area and eliminate small pecks of glass or dust particles if stuck amidst the crack. You can turn the mirror of your car towards the inside of the windshield so that you are procured with an all-round view of the windshield to cover every bit of it.

  • Seal the chip

After profusely cleaning the chip, center the bridge or tool of choice that will be used directly over it. This method is like bandaging a cut or scratches on one’s body; form a seal over the chip essentially where the glass is missing. Once you have created the seal and ensured that the entire area is covered, put a few drops of resin into the injector area.

  • Inject the chip

If you are done pouring the resin into the injector, employ it to push the liquid into the crack on the windshield; start injecting it only when you are certain that you can see the crack from all sides. Keep a track of your proceedings; you will be required to release air and re-inject the resin as per requirements for the latter to successfully settle in between the cracks. On completion, leave it alone for about 10-15 minutes to completely dry out.

  • Time to fill the missing glass

Now it is about time to fill the missing portion of the glass in the chip. Obtain your pit filler and drop a few drops of it directly into the pits of the chip (pits are the sleek gaps in the crack from where the glass is missing) on the point of impact. Once this is done, gather a plastic curing tab and cover the area that has undergone the filling. Let it rest for a few minutes in a dry atmosphere, preferably under the sun to render the entire mechanism a smooth finish.

  • Take off the excess

After the surface of the windshield has dried off, take off the excess pit filler settled in the cracks. If you want, you can use a polish to grant it its lost shine and vitality and bring back the original appeal of your vehicle’s windshield.

  • Seek professional help

Sometimes, trying to carry out this entire mechanism all by yourself can seem excruciating and time-taking; additionally, the possibility of going wrong cannot be eliminated. Therefore, to steer away from any of these probable restitutions, seek assistance from a professional like Aero Auto Glass who will identify all your needs and present customized strategies to repair the windshield.