Why Brides Need Virtual Wedding Assistants

Of course, you need someone to help you through every step of planning for your wedding. It doesn’t have to be a traditional wedding assistant who must be there full-time. Everything gets more stressful when you think of all you need to do before your wedding. A virtual wedding assistant helps you make informed decisions that will ensure your wedding runs smoothly. Wedding assistants know the value of the services they provide.

All the wedding-related tasks from performing vendor research, negotiating contracts, to organizing wedding activities can be overwhelming. They require a full-time commitment to getting them done! If you have a full-time job, this could be even more difficult. This is why you need a virtual wedding assistant you can rely on. http://www.weddingassistant.co.uk would be able to help you in any way you need.

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If you think you can manage it all on your own, you need to read the reasons why hiring a virtual wedding assistant.

1.      It Is Convenient

Imagine having a full-time job plus your social responsibilities and you still have to spare more time to handle wedding tasks. It is stressful and you may not even enjoy your day as you planned. Planning your wedding on your schedule can make life simpler. With a virtual wedding assistant, you can do this without stress. You can always plan for your wedding together with your virtual wedding assistant through texts, emails, or skyping. Thanks to technology which has availed planning tools online. You can create weekly tasks and manage your wedding preparation online while carrying out your daily duties with ease.

2.      You Don’t Have to Hire A Local Wedding Assistant

The location of your wedding assistant has no impact on the capability of making your day special. They don’t have to be there physically to manage wedding tasks, advice, or help you save cash. What is most important is their knowledge, experience, and whether you can trust their services.

3.      Vendor Research

Booking vendors is overwhelming. You need to call, email, or text the vendors you know to confirm their availability. You will also discuss with them about pricing and packages before hiring any. Then you now compare their prices and services. This will take you time especially if you are confused about what to inquire from the vendors. Do you see why need a virtual wedding assistant to this tedious work for you?

A virtual wedding assistant will contact the vendors you prefer wit a list of services they provide plus their pricing. Your assistant will submit this for you to review. You will only need to decide based on what you see.

4.      It Will Help You in Cutting Wedding Cost

Cost is one of those major reasons why most brides choose to plan for their weddings without a wedding assistant. You will need to direct more funds to big things such as wedding venue, photography, entertainment, and catering. Investing money in someone your guests won’t even see is a waste of money. Work with a virtual wedding assistant and save all the money.

5.      You Get the Exact Level of Assistance You Need

Traditional wedding assistants provide full-time wedding services or step in when you are close to making your big day special. Do you know what this means? You will either get more help than you need or not get the level of assistance you needed. A virtual wedding assistant gives you exactly what you need.

6.      Writing Timeline

If you want your wedding to run smoothly, then you need a well-written timeline. You have to make time for certain activities. Have you set time for the arrival of guests and departure? How about doing makeup, transportation, speeches, and meals? A virtual wedding assistant will help you develop a perfect timeline that will match your wedding vision.

What Is the Difference Between Virtual Wedding Assistant and Traditional Wedding Assistant?

Depending on the services you want to be covered, a traditional wedding assistant will be there from day one to the last. On the other hand, virtual wedding assistants offer similar services although they cut costs. You can save thousands of dollars by hiring a virtual wedding assistant rather than a traditional one.


Hiring a virtual wedding assistant is the best thing you can ever think of. After all, you don’t want to spend so much money on your wedding when you can save some. Virtual wedding assistants provide wedding planning services you can easily afford. Although the virtual assistant services vary depending on the company, all the time-consuming tasks such as vendor research, budgeting, and timeline writing are usually covered.